Spellbound is the first episode of Wizards.

Official Synopsis

After pushing a broom for centuries, Merlin's apprentice, Douxie, springs into action when the great sorcerer asks him to find the Guardians of Arcadia.



Late 12th Century Camelot

Archie the cat flies for a while before landing outside a window.

Inside, Douxie is sweeping the floor when he knocks the head off a suit of armor. The suit of armor angrily takes it back and puts it on his head. Douxie then enchants the broom so it sweeps on its own and plays his instrument until Merlin interrupts, chastising him for using magic as a shortcut. Douxie says he’s capable of more than just pushing a broom. Just then, the broom starts attacking him as he begs Merlin to teach him to be a proper sorcerer. Merlin tells him magic can’t be a crutch. Douxie says he wants to be a wizards like Merlin, with a staff and everything. Merlin says staffs are for those with mastery over magic. He must first learn how to live. After learning that lesson, his days of pushing brooms will be over.

Nine Centuries Later

Douxie is still pushing a broom around. He contemplates enchanting the broom, but remembers Merlin’s words to him. Another guy thanks him for cleaning up and says good night. As he leaves, Douxie says it’s time for the real work and asks Archie if he's ready.

Archie slinks around alleys, but is followed. When a creature attacks him, Douxie jumps out and protects him, capturing the creature in a bubble. Douxie believes this explains the missing pets. Archie says the creature is a Shadow Mephit and chastises Douxie for not correctly identifying it himself. As Douxie brags about doing good magic, the Shadow Mephit breaks out of the bubble and attacks him. Archie tells him he could use a couple centuries more practice. Douxie tries another trap, but just gets pulled along as it runs away. It finally stops and turns around to attack him. While he looks for another option, Archie comes in and blows fire at him. Douxie then opens a portal to suck him down into limbo. Archie warns Douxie that where there’s one mephit, there’s usually more. Merlin appears to Douxie, who interrupts him several times before allowing him to say that he needs Douxie to bring him the Guardians of Arcadia immediately. Douxie is disappointed.

Steve, Toby, and AAARRRGGHH!!! celebrate their victory and express disappointment that the rest of summer will be boring in comparison. Archie appears to them and warns them they’re in grave danger. He tells them to come with him or the worst will come to past. The world as they know it is about to end.

Toby is trying to process what they've just heard when they meet Douxie. They're surprised it’s him. He tells them there’s a lot about him they don’t know as he uses magic to open the door to a bookstore. Inside, objects are flying around, which impresses Toby. They hear Merlin’s voice. He had hoped for more help, but Douxie says he couldn’t find the changelings or the aliens. Most of them left the planet. Toby reminds Merlin of who he is and then remembers Jim and Claire were with him and wonders where they are. He promises that answers are forthcoming, but they need to make preparations for a journey ahead. Douxie doesn’t think Toby and Steve are ready. Douxie insists that he is ready. Merlin orders silence when he hears a rumbling. Something wicked is coming. A group of Shadow Mephits appear. Douxie first denies and then admits to leading them there. Marlin says they need to get out of there. He sends his things out with Toby and sends the rest of them to safety. Douxie refuses to leave and fights off the Mephits with Merlin. He makes an error and Merlin corrects him. Douxie starts a fire. Merlin’s not happy about it. Merlin conjured a large ship and they all climb aboard and escape. Down on the ground, Douxie sees an armored figure and all the mephits jump into it. He disappears as the ship flies away.

Toby and Steve are delighted to be flying. They spot a castle up ahead which Merlin identifies as Camelot. It’s floating to the Heart of Avalon. Sir Galahad tells Merlin as they approach that the skies are quiet and Merlin tells him to keep his eyes on the horizon. They enter the castle and step out of the ship. Douxie hasn’t been there in 900 years and says it hasn’t changed a bit. Steve thinks he’s joking. Toby asks about the grave danger, but is interrupted with the arrival of Claire and Blinky. Blinky is injured. Toby asks them where Jim is.

Claire and Blinky take the others to where Jim is encased in stone with a shard in his chest. They were ambushed by some ancient, dark warrior, an unstoppable knight clad in green, who struck Jim down. Merlin confirms it’s the same knight they saw in the bookstore. The onyx shard in Jim’s chest is working its way toward his heart. He’s in stasis to stall is progress. Toby wants to attack the Green Knight. Merlin doesn’t know who he is, but recalls that he said the name Morgana. He doesn’t appear to know they banished her to the Shadow Realm and he bore the emblem of Camelot.

Merlin leads them to another area. King Arthur sought to wipe out magic, but Merlin put a few spell casters under his protection to save them, including Douxie and Morgana. She was the finest student he ever taught until she tried to kill him. He created the amulet and imprisoned her at the Battle of Killahead Bridge. The Green Knight was born of dark magic, but Merlin has no memory of him or his connection to Morgana.

On the roof, Sir Galahad sounds the alarm when he sees something in the sky. A spell hits the castle, breaking some of it and turning it and Galahad to ice.

Merlin leads the others into battle. He realizes quickly that the Arcane Order has found them. He orders everyone to safety as he faces off with someone from the other side. He loses his staff, but Archie is able to retrieve it for a moment before dropping it himself. The Arcane order begins firing on Camelot and Camelot fires back. The two floating islands then collide and the Arcane Order begins to board them. Jim’s stasis chamber begins to slide off, so Blinky goes to stop it and nearly ends up falling himself. Both of them are saved by AAARRRGGHH!!! Merlin says the Arcade Order’s powers are beyond them. Nari comes out and says it’s all her fault. Merlin says he’ll take them to the past, but she has to help them.

Shadow Mephits swarm as Claire says they must protect Jim so she doesn’t lose him again.

Archie searches for Merlin’s staff while the others fight the mephits.

The Arcane Order’s leader comes toward Camelot and tells Merlin to surrender, which he refuses. Galahad tells Merlin to get everyone to safety and then sacrifices himself to break the connection between the two floating islands. Douxie activates something, even though Archie says they don’t have enough power for the jump. Nari adds her own power, which is enough to open up a time rift. They go to steer Camelot through it.

The Green Knight appears to Merlin and combines his power with that of two others to fire on Camelot, seriously damaging it. Jim’s stasis chamber falls into the time rift, then Douxie pulls Claire down with him while Steve follows. The rift closes behind them. Merlin casts a spell that does critical damage to the Arcane Order’s ship. Archie tells Merlin, Toby, Blinky, and AAARRRGGHH!!! what happened.

Douxie cushions the fall as the whole group lands. Jim’s stasis chamber gets a crack in it from the fall. Suddenly, knights surround them. Douxie says they’re lost in time.



  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: When Merlin conjures and enlarges a ship for him and Steve, Toby, AAARRRGGHH!!!, Douxie, and Archie to escape the shadow mephrit horde, Steve exclaims "Ship just got real!"


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