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Spar the Spiteful was once one of the Trollhunters.


Spar was the first Troll to meet an Akiridion. He helped the alien get back to her ship and head back to their planet. Years later, Spar tracked Gunmar to Sumer and followed him into a pyramid where he found drawings of Troll civilization and one of Merlin. Here he encountered Bodus who was tasked by Orlagk to create the Book of Ga-Huel to predict the future and discover any traitors within his Gumm-Gumm ranks. When Spar told Bodus of Gunmar being in Sumer, he panicked as he knew the Skullcrusher would come for him. Gunmar arrived shortly with Bular and attacked the two.

Spar looked into the Book of Ga-Huel to find the events of the battle however he did not listen to Bodus' warning of looking into the book: A special defense once something new has been written in it the ink Bodus used would blind anyone who looks at it if it hasn't dried yet, and the only way to bypass it was to wear special glasses that Bodus created. Bodus fled once the Gumm-Gumms turned their attention to Spar. Bodus quickly fled and Gunmar gave Bular the honor of killing the now blind Spar.

Physical Description[]

Spar looked like a typical troll. He had light green skin, a dark green nose, and blue eyes. One of his most unique features is his horns which are made of tree branches.


Powers & Abilities[]







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  • Spar was one of the earliest Trollhunters to be chosen, during the time when mankind were just primitive cave people.