Now, we get ready to give Angor Rot the fight of his life!
―Jim to the citizens of Trollmarket

Something Rotten This Way Comes is the twenty-sixth episode of Trollhunters and the season finale of Part One.

Official Synopsis

The heroes brace for Angor Rot's inevitable invasion and prepare for the fight of their lives. Jim locates the last Triumbric Stone.


Jim is dealt an emotional blow in his final fight with Angor Rot and must decide if his team is finally ready to cross over into the Darklands.




  • This is the first time one of the protagonists dies (in this case, AAARRRGGHH!!!).
  • Jim has successfully collected all three Triumbric Stones in this episode, thus unlocking the Eclipse Blade. He also enters the Darklands by himself.
  • This is the first episode of Trollhunters (and the entire franchise) where the setting does not take place in Arcadia Oaks. The setting of this episode takes place solely in Heartstone Trollmarket and, by the end of the episode, the Darklands. The second being the Part Two episode "Mistrial and Error".
    • Although, Angor has been seen in the sewers of Arcadia while making his animus totems just before he attacks Trollmarket, but is still underground either way.
  • Title: The title is based off of either/both the 1962 dark fantasy novel Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury, or the 1983 American dark fantasy film of the same name. "Rotten" is substituted for "Wicked" as it relates more with Angor Rot.


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