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Now, we get ready to give Angor Rot the fight of his life!
―Jim to the citizens of Trollmarket

Something Rotten This Way Comes is the twenty-sixth episode of Trollhunters and the season finale of Part One.

Official Synopsis[]

The heroes brace for Angor Rot's inevitable invasion and prepare for the fight of their lives. Jim locates the last Triumbric Stone.


Strickler wakes up in his cell. The other trolls are angry and throwing things at him. They start to lower him down and he calls for Jim.

Vendel is angry that Angor Rot has a key to Trollmarket. Jim tries to take the blame himself. They hear Jim being called and run out.

Jim comes out and tells the others to leave Strickler alone. They argue with him. Jim warns them that Angor Rot has a way to get into Trollmarket, inciting panic. Vendel stands up and talks to the trolls. He says Jim has earned his trust. Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! also stand up for him. The other Trolls relent and release Jim and Strickler. Jim says they need to prepare to give Angor Rot the fight of his life.

All of Trollmarket prepares for Angor Rot. Claire tells Toby they have to tell Jim. Jim sees Gnome Chompsky and is glad he's back. They tell Jim technically he didn't escape. Gunmar let him live to deliver a message. Gunmar knows he killed Bular. And promises to make an ocean of blood from Jim's loved ones and a throne with their bones. Claire says they just need to find the last stone and then they'll get her brother and end it once and for all. They wish they'd focused more time preparing to fight Angor Rot instead of Gunmar. Strickler comes and says they might have what they need. He suggests using Angor Rot's eye to help them.

Jim whittles down Angor Rot's eye.

Angor Rot makes totems and sweeps them into a bag.

They all practice their skills to be ready for battle.

Jim is still working on the eye.

Draal tells his father he's not afraid of death because then he'll see his father again.

Jim finishes with the eye. He puts the stone in his amulet.

Strickler asks if there's anything more he can do. Jim says the trolls don't trust him to fight with them. Neither does Jim. Strickler gives Jim Gunmar's eye. He's had it for centuries. Jim realizes that if he kills Gunmar and rescues the children, Strickler will be stuck in his troll form forever. But there's nothing left for him in the human world. Strickler wishes him luck before leaving.

They are all ready for the fight with Angor Rot as they hear knocking from outside. Jim gives everyone marching orders. Instead of Angor Rot, a golem comes through the door. Jim realizes he must be coming in another way. They run to the gyre station.

Angor Rot plants golems everywhere. The trolls spot him and race toward him. After he takes one out, the others cower. More golems spring up. Claire says for Jim to handle Angor Rot while they get the golems. Jim uses his new power from Angor Rot's eye to help him maintain command of Daylight. Even the gnomes help with the golems. NotEnrique saves Claire's life.

Angor Rot says he's going to take Jim's soul. Jim makes it clear that he's not alone as Blinky drives a car in. Angor Rot picks up the car and throws it. Then he drops more golems. Angor Rot goes after Toby, but AAARRRGGHH!!! jumps between them taking the hit for him. Toby watches AAARRRGGHH!!! turn to stone. Toby then takes the warhammer and goes after Angor Rot directly. Jim lures him away from the others, into the arena. He starts the arena while Angor Rot seals them in. Their fight continues until Angor Rot gets him trapped. He says Jim has only lived so long by letting his loved ones fall in his place. And now AAARRRGGHH!!! is dead. Angor Rot is about to slice Jim when Toby comes in from above, distracting him. Jim pushes the sword into Angor Rot, then Toby breaks his stone body apart with the hammer.

The remaining golems collapse. Vendel announces that Angor Rot is defeated and Trollmarket is protected again.

Toby kicks the pile of rubble and the souls of the Trollhunters Angor Rot killed are freed. Kanjigar thanks Jim and his friends for freeing their souls and letting them take their place in the void. But Kanjigar warns Jim that the day will come when he must finish the fight alone. Draal reaches out to his father, who apologizes for pushing him away. He says he's proud of Draal. Then he disappears.

Jim, Claire, and Toby grieve the loss of AAARRRGGHH!!! Toby is crying and Claire tells him to hold onto that anger and save it for the Darklands.

Jim repeats the legend to himself as he goes to the Killahead Bridge and adds Gunmar's eye. Then he calls for Eclipse. He is in red armor now. The others try to run to him, but he closes the door (vault) behind him, shutting them out. He says the amulet chose him and he can't lose any more of them. Jim then uses the amulet to open Killahead Bridge. He says he has to finish the fight alone and he jumps in as they enter the room.

Jim can hear his friends as he enters the Darklands alone.



  • This is the first time one of the protagonists dies (in this case, AAARRRGGHH!!!).
  • Jim has successfully collected all three Triumbric Stones in this episode, thus unlocking the Eclipse Blade. He also enters the Darklands by himself.
  • This is the first episode of Trollhunters where the setting does not take place in Arcadia Oaks. The setting of this episode takes place solely in Heartstone Trollmarket and, by the end of the episode, the Darklands. The second being the Part Two episode "Mistrial and Error".
    • Although, Angor has been seen in the sewers of Arcadia while making his animus totems just before he attacks Trollmarket, but is still underground either way.
  • Title: The title is based off of either/both the 1962 dark fantasy novel Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury, or the 1983 American dark fantasy film of the same name. "Rotten" is substituted for "Wicked" as it relates more with Angor Rot.
  • Error: When Jim is putting the eye of Gunmar into his amulet, four stones can be seen even though he only had three stones at the time (The Killstone, the Birthstone, and Angor's Eye).


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