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They thought Killahead could stop me. This cage has only hardened me. When I bring forth the Eternal Night, trolls will take back the surfacelands, and claim what is rightfully ours!
―Gunmar to Dictatious

Skullcrusher is the twenty-eighth episode of Trollhunters and the second episode of Part Two.

Official Synopsis[]

Claire recruits NotEnrique for a secret mission, while bully Steve stirs up trouble at school. In the Darklands, Jim meets "The Skullcrusher."


Jim is dragged into a cell, where Dictatious tells the goblins to strip him of his armor. They can't and he chases them out, but is trapped in the cell himself. Dictatious tells him to behave and he'll see that Jim is cared for. The Dark Underlord listens to him, he says.

Claire eavesdrops on a conversation between Usurna and Vendel. She still wants the Bridge destroyed, thrown into a hole so deep no living thing can hope to find it. Vendel doesn't agree because it'll kill Jim, but she says it's done already.

Claire's parents watch Enrique and are delighted that he's sleeping.

Claire goes to her room and looks at the picture of Jim. NotEnrique comes to her and says she's get him back. She realizes he's packed up to leave. He's stuck looking like a troll forever, so he's going to find a comfy hole to make his own. Claire gives him Suzy to take with him. Claire offers him a reason to stay, to help them get Jim back.

Blinky is studying when Toby brings in the book he asked for. Toby's not sure how the book will help, but Blinky says they can use who created the poison to and the antidote. It was created by an ancient, mysterious group. If you find a member, you'll also find quick death. It's the Janus Order. Blinky thinks it's hopeless. Vendel comes in and overhears. He reminds them they're on strict probation. He also tells them what the Tribunal decided about the Bridge. Claire comes in then and leads the other two to say they've accepted the Tribunal's decision. Vendel leaves and Claire tells them he sent NotEnrique in a crate with the pieces to have an emotional anchor. Toby realizes they can use a portal to steal the pieces back. Claire and Toby leave to go to school.

Señor Uhl goes on the intercom and says the "Save Jim" bake sale was a success and together, they'll find a cute for this rare and sudden disease. Eli is outside collecting donations when Steve knocks the cup out of his hand. Steve then goes to Toby and wants him to admit that Jim is faking it because he won Spring Fling King. Claire tells Steve to leave Toby alone because no one cares anyway. Other students nearby agree that no one cares. Steve walks off. Toby opens his bag to get Jim's homework out. Just then, Claire gets a call from NotEnrique. He doesn't now where he is, but tells her to come get him. She tells him to hold on. She and Toby run to find a secluded spot. Unbeknownst to them, Steve has overheard them.

Jim tries to get out of his cell. He thinks about the people he cares about at he works. He hears a voice telling him he's going to die there. Just then, some guards come to take him to Gunmar. As they take him away Dictatious picks a candy bar from the ground.

Toby looks through the Fetch again and still doesn't see Jim, but throws in another candy bar. They've found a spot that's secluded enough. She opens a portal and tells them they have to be quick. Toby goes to jump through, but Claire tells him to stay so he can be her emotional anchor in Arcadia. She jumps through alone.

Claire finds NotEnrique in a crate in a dark room. NotEnrique doesn't know where they are. They start moving crates through the portal. Claire realizes they're on a cargo ship and about to be dumped into the ocean. They continue to move crates as the water starts to leak in. Claire is exhausted from making multiple portals.

Steve finds Toby and Claire's bikes by the side of the road and enters the woods.

Jim has his head covered and is led to Gunmar. He removes his covering and attacks the guards who are leading him, but Gunmar's voice stops him. Gunmar sucks out the guard's soul as punishment for Jim getting a leg up on him. The guard opens a grate and jumps into it. Gunmar tries to punch Jim in the head, but a very strong helmet appears and protects him. Dictatious then notices "KIC" written on the candy bar and tells Gunmar Jim must live. He asks to speak to Gunmar alone, so Jim is dragged back to his cell. Dictatious tells Gunmar that Jim's friends are sending him coded messages, which means the bridge can still be opened, but only if Jim is alive.

Claire and NotEnrique are still working. The portal disappears and Claire doesn't have enough strength to make another. NotEnrique is angry and starts yelling at her, saying he knew she'd get them killed. The anger motivates her enough to make another portal. As holes form, they get down to the last crates.

Toby is gathering the crates as Steve comes upon him. Steve demands to see Jim. Toby goes behind a tree and puts on the mask to look him Jim. He then goes out and tells Steve he has to leave. Steve says he won't until Jim bows down and calls him King. He reluctantly does so as Steve records it. He plays it up to keep Steve distracted.

They have one more piece, but the staff isn't charging.

Steve wonders what Jim is hiding. He picks up Jim and throws him, casting the mask off and revealing Toby.

NotEnrique tries to get Claire to be able to make one more portal.

Steve is about to punch Toby and says he's worthless. Just then, the portal opens and water falls from above. Then the crate hits Steve in the head. NotEnrique isn't breathing and Toby does CPR. Finally, he coughs up water and wakes up. Toby realizes Claire got all the pieces. They have the bridge. NotEnrique asks what emotion she used. She says it was fear. She was afraid she'd lost NotEnrique. Claire wonders what they should do about Steve.

Steve is on a bench facedown with a crown on his butt. A cop comes and wakes him up. He starts talking about what he saw, but the cop doesn't believe him and leads him away.



  • Jim and Gunmar finally meet face-to-face for the first time in this episode.
  • Title: "Skullcrusher" is one of Gunmar's most used titles.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: At the end of the episode, Steve is found sleeping on a park bench (which is considered intolerable in public places) and then wakes up blathering about the weird things he's seen to Officer Brennan. Brennan's reaction makes it pretty clear he thinks Steve's been taking drugs of some kind, and drags him off to call his parents.
  • Goof:
    • At the very end of the previous episode, we get a shot seen from Jim's perspective in which he is seemingly knocked out by Dictatious before being dragged off to imprisonment. At the very beginning of this episode, Jim is conscious.
    • While talking to Vendel in the Heartstone of the Killahead Bridge pieces, Usurna's blue glowing engravings on her stone skin are missing throughout her screen time.


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