They thought Killahead could stop me. This cage has only hardened me. When I bring forth the Eternal Night, trolls will take back the surfacelands, and claim what is rightfully ours!
―Gunmar to Dictatious

Skullcrusher is the twenty-eighth episode of Trollhunters and the second episode of Part Two.

Official Synopsis

Claire recruits NotEnrique for a secret mission, while bully Steve stirs up trouble at school. In the Darklands, Jim meets "The Skullcrusher."


Dictatious takes Jim to Gunmar, who beats him in battle and imprisons him until his friends arrive, thereby giving him the chance to escape the Darklands. Back in Arcadia, Toby, Claire, Blinky, and NotEnrique try to rebuild the Killahead Bridge to rescue Jim before its remains are dumped into the ocean. However, Steve is onto them after a bogus claim about Jim's whereabouts.




  • Jim and Gunmar finally meet face-to-face for the first time in this episode
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: At the end of the episode, Steve is found blathering about the weird things he's seen to Officer Brennan. Brennan's reaction makes it pretty clear he thinks Steve's been taking drugs of some kind, and drags him off to call his parents.
  • Goof: At the very end of the previous episode, we get a shot seen from Jim's perspective in which he is seemingly knocked out by Dictatious before being dragged off to imprisonment. At the very beginning of this episode, Jim is conscious.


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