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Skrael's Staff was a magical staff wielded by Skrael of the North Wind.



The staff was created a very long time ago, presumably by Skrael himself, to symbolize his mastery over magic. He is frequently seen holding his staff, even when not in battle.

Wizards Part One[]

Skrael's staff is first seen with Skrael when he and the Arcane Order attack Camelot in the present, hoping to draw Nari out of hiding. In the past, Skrael used his staff to gift Morgana her armor. Back in the present, Skrael used his staff to imprison various Guardians within ice and to attack Douxie with spells during their climactic confrontation in the Arcane Order's Fortress.

Rise Of The Titans[]

The staff is first seen when Skrael makes his appearance on the train. He freezes the train doors and combats Douxie, easily subduing him. After the train crashes, Skrael creates icy prisons to trap AAARRGGHH!!!, Toby and Claire and whisks away Nari along with Bellroc. The three then undertake the ritual to unlock the Genesis Seals and create the Titans. The staff is presumable destroyed after Skrael is killed by Nari. After Jim resets time, the staff is probably restored again.


It is a blunt spear-shaped glowing blue staff. The shaft is black in color and the bottom of the blue stone on top is covered with black tendrils originating from the shaft.


Skrael's staff can cast extremely potent ice-based spells that can freeze anything it's aimed at. Its main uses lie in capturing its victims in a block of ice or attacking them with extreme cold. The staff will manipulate existing ice as well.



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