And so, the battle begins.
―Skrael, at the Battle of Killahead Bridge[src]

Skrael is one of the primary antagonists in the Tales of Arcadia franchise, serving as the co-main antagonist of Wizards and the upcoming Trollhunters film, Rise of the Titans (alongside Bellroc).

He is the co-leader of the Arcane Order and the sibling of Bellroc and Nari.



Wizards (Part One)

Rise of the Titans

Physical Description

Skrael has the build of a young teenage boy, despite his considerably deep voice. He wears the skull of a horned animal with long, horizontal antlers that twist upward at the ends as a mask that covers the top of his head. His skin color is a very pale blue and he has pale blue eyes with black sclera. A black line runs from the underside of his lip to his chin and two small horns, one bigger than the other, poke out in place of eyebrows on both sides of his face. He wears a black, cloak-like garment over a grey tunic with a snowflake design on the top half and a wide black cloth around his waist. His fingertips and toe tips are frostbitten black with two black bands, a thick one below a much thinner one, around his ankles and wrists.

Skrael constantly carries his staff and uses it to levitate. He is rarely seen walking, but with his feet on the ground, he is much shorter than his fellow member of the Arcane Order, and his own sibling, Bellroc, not even reaching their shoulders.


A ruthless being, Skrael originally sought to maintain the balance between mortal and the magical, but in time became corrupted with depravity and a hunger for power. He came to view humanity as corrupt and a plague upon the world and magic, and so agreed with his sibling Bellroc that they had to wipe the slate clean... by destroying humanity.

As sadistic as he is, Skrael takes amusement and pleasure in inflicting pain and even humiliation, as he playfully tortured Steve Palchuk to the point that Bellroc berated him for his childishness and interrupting them, also showing the somewhat childish side to Skrael's nature.

However, Skrael is also intelligent and will notice way before his companion if certain circumstances appear awry. During the Arcane Order's search of Merlin's base of operations, Skrael was the one who called out Morgana on her aloof behavior unprovoked. He called her naive and watched her reaction as she yearnfully looked at a portrait of her with Merlin and Douxie and, when the Order couldn't find the whereabouts of the Genesis Seals, Skrael specifically asked Morgana if she knew of any other places when Merlin could have hidden them, as if she had reason to lie to them. His suspicions regarding her true loyalties were proven correct as she claimed to seek more information in the Shadow Realm when she really wanted to find her brother's soul, helping Claire look for Jim in the process and eventually joining her in fighting against Skrael and the Order.

Powers & Abilities


  • Magic: Being a sort of demigod, Skrael is among one of the most powerful sorcerers in existence, rivaled only by his siblings, Bellroc and Nari, as well as Merlin and Morgana.
    • Cryomancy: Skrael is a master of ice magic that grants them power over ice and cold, able to manifest it in extremely low temperatures, such as using ice to temporarily trap Camelot, and even move ice with their will, seen when they playfully tortured Steve Palchuk.
    • Levitation: Skrael has the power to levitate and float through the air as he is rarely seen walking.
    • Resurrection: Skrael possesses the power to resurrect the dead and bring them back to life.
    • Teleportation: Skrael also seems to use their staff to create circular portals beneath them which have a snow/ice looking border.
    • Immortality: As a sort of demigod, Skrael has existed in the universe since the beginning of time.


  • Observation: Skrael has proven himself to be quite observant in different circumstances. After bringing Morgana back from the Shadow Realm (through the Green Knight's insistence), he could tell the witch was reflecting on her past actions and even tried to talk to Arthur about how he remorselessly killed Merlin (the very master she previously despised). Skrael's suspicions regarding Morgana's new loyalties were proven correct as she claimed to seek more information in the Shadow Realm when she really wanted to find her brother's soul, help Claire look for Jim in the process, and eventually joined her with the Guardians of Arcadia in fighting against the Order.



  • Staff: Their staff helps them in manipulating ice and possibly their teleportation.


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Episode Appearances


Wizards Part 1
"History in the Making"
"Witch Hunt"
"Lady of the Lake"
"Battle Royale"
"Killahead, Part One"
"Killahead, Part Two"
"Wizard Underground"
"Dragon's Den"
"Our Final Act"


  • Skrael is named after Skraeling, which is a nickname use by Norse (Vikings) to call people who lived in North America and Greenland.
  • Skrael's model seems to be the same one used for certain Akiridions


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