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My patience grows thin, mortals. Don't you realize you've already lost? Merlin is dead at the hands of his greatest champion, and we've turned his Trollhunter against you.
―Skrael to the captured Guardians of Arcadia[src]

Skrael is one of the main antagonists of the Tales of Arcadia franchise, serving as an unseen antagonist in Trollhunters and 3Below, the co-main antagonist of Wizards (alongside Bellroc) and the secondary antagonist of the Trollhunters film Rise of the Titans.

He is the second-in-command of the Arcane Order and the sibling of Bellroc and Nari.



Skrael and his brethren, Nari and Bellroc, have been alive for countless millennium, watching over magic and mortals since the stars were young. Together, the three of them formed the Arcane Order and made it their goal to maintain the balance between the realms of magic and mortals. However, Skrael became bitter as humanity in particular began to turn on magic and tip the balance out of control through their cruel actions.

During the original timeline, Skrael and the Order were desperate to protect the balance but unwilling to intervene directly. To work around this, they resurrected Morgana and declared her their Champion, granting her the immense powers she needed to combat Merlin and bring about the Eternal Night with Gunmar. Unfortunately, their plans backfired when Morgana was overpowered by Merlin and sealed under Arcadia Oak's Heartstone during the Battle of Killahead Bridge; on the other hand, Deya the Deliverer trapped Gunmar and his Gumm-Gumm army into the Darklands, ending the War for the Surface Lands and permanently tipping the balance to humanity's favor. With a reluctant Nari, the Order gave up their neutrality and began to make violent rebuttals of their own in an attempt to regain the balance. Their efforts resulted in little to no success as again Merlin stepped up to protect humanity from their wraith, solidifying the antagonism between Merlin and the Order.

The balance lost, Skrael and Bellroc came to the conclusion that humanity is beyond their correction. They decided to search for the Genesis Seals and hoped that by unlocking them, they could use its raw magic to trigger a 'Summoning' and remake the world into their own image. Their new apocalyptic ambitions became the final straw in Nari's decision to defect from the Order and seek Merlin for protection in Camelot. Her defection prompted Skrael and Bellroc to resurrect King Arthur as the Green Knight, who would assist them in their search for Nari and the Genesis Seals.


The Arcane Order stalks Camelot in their Fortress before launching a nighttime surprise attack. Skrael initiates the battle by aiming a freezing spell at a deployed lookout; Galahad, the knight onboard, was able to alert the castle's inhabitants of their arrival before being frozen in place by Skrael's ice. Alongside Bellroc, Skrael attacks Camelot again and while his spell is briefly blocked by Merlin's counterattack, Skrael's magic overwhelms Merlin to the point where the latter drops his staff and is left defenseless. The Fortress and Camelot bombard each other with their cannons and when they eventually crash into each other, Skrael takes advantage of their close proximity to create ice bridges that link the ships together.

Skrael creates more ice bridges at multiple locations in the Fortress to trap Camelot in place and to allow a large pack of Shadow Mephits to board Camelot and attack those onboard. Eventually, Skrael confronts Merlin on a bridge and smugly demands that Merlin surrender, likely in reference to Nari. Before he can board Camelot, Galahad breaks out of Skrael's ice and crashes his lookout through Skrael's ice bridges, freeing Camelot and forcing Skrael to retreat back to the Fortress.

Once Skrael is united with Bellroc and the unveiled Green Knight, the three of them combine their magic together to create massive bursts of magic that bestow irreversible damage unto Camelot. One of those blasts destroys the Heart of Avalon, closing the portal to the past that was created by Douxie and trapping Douxie, Claire, Steve, and a crystalized Jim in the past. Their attacks are eventually ceased by Merlin who, now reunited with his staff, uses a powerful spell to knock the Arcane Order's Fortress out of the sky and temporarily placate them.

Rise of the Titans


Physical Description

Skrael is a demigod with the build of a young teenager. He has glittery, pale light-blue skin and pale blue eyes with black sclera and white eyelashes. There are small, transparent horns on either side of his forehead that stick out asymmetrically; he's bald with no eyebrows and has tattoos on the back of his head and neck. He is short, hardly reaching to Bellroc's waist, with a small torso and long legs. His fingertips and toe-tips are frostbitten black. There are black lines tattooed around his ankles, wrists, and fingertips, as well as a black line running from the underside of his lip to his chin. After awakening the ice titan, Skrael's eyes glow icy blue.

Skrael wears a black, hooded cloak that loosely covers his entire body; it is old and frayed with torn ribbons of cloth making up the hem. The skull of a long-horned animal is worn over his hooded head. Brown leather lacing is wound over the horns, which stretch out horizontally with bone that twist upwards at both ends. He wears a dark, teal-gray tunic underneath the cloak; the tunic is styled with a wide neckline that stretches from shoulder to shoulder and wide, loose sleeves. Its hem starts mid-thigh and meets above his knees in a V-shape. Both the sleeve and hem trim are made from white thread; a simple snowflake design is also embroidered across the upper front and back of the tunic. A black sash is layered around his waist and he wears plain black underwear.

Skrael is barefoot and mostly levitates above the ground. He always carries his staff unless it has been knocked away from him.


A ruthless being, Skrael originally sought to maintain the balance between mortal and the magical, but in time became corrupted with depravity and a hunger for power. He came to view humanity as corrupt and a plague upon the world and magic, and so agreed with his sibling Bellroc that they had to wipe the slate clean by destroying humanity. It turns out that he and Bellroc have waited and gathered for a thousand years to erase the universe from existence, and that after Morgana failed to fulfill her role as part of the Arcane Order, he and Bellroc changed their ultimate plan from restoring the balance to using the Genesis Seals to destroy the universe and remake the world.

As sadistic as he is, Skrael takes amusement and pleasure in inflicting pain and even humiliation, as he playfully tortured Steve Palchuk to the point that Bellroc berated him for his childishness and interrupting them, also showing the somewhat childish side to Skrael's nature (somewhat similar to Nari's).

However, Skrael is also intelligent and will notice before his companion if certain circumstances appear awry. During the Arcane Order's search of Merlin's base of operations, Skrael was the one who called out Morgana on her aloof behavior unprovoked. He called her naïve and watched her reaction as she yearnfully looked at a portrait of her with Merlin and Douxie and, when the Order couldn't find the whereabouts of the Genesis Seals, Skrael specifically asked Morgana if she knew of any other places when Merlin could have hidden them, as if she had reason to lie to them. His suspicions regarding her true loyalties were proven correct as she claimed to seek more information in the Shadow Realm when she really wanted to find her brother's soul, helping Claire look for Jim in the process and eventually joining her in fighting against Skrael and the Order.

Powers & Abilities


  • Magic: Being a sort of demigod, Skrael is among one of the most powerful sorcerers in existence, rivaled only by his siblings, Bellroc and Nari, as well as Merlin and Morgana.
    • Cryomancy: As the demigod of the North Wind, Skrael is a master of ice magic that grants them power over ice and cold, able to manifest it in extremely low temperatures, such as using ice to temporarily trap Camelot.
      • Cryo-Telekinesis: Skrael can move his ice with their will, seen when they playfully tortured Steve Palchuk.
      • Ice Stasis: Skrael is able to use his magic to trap his prisoners, not even AAARRRGGHH!!! can break free of.
      • Cryoportation: Skrael is able to use their staff to create circular portals beneath them which have a snow/ice looking border.
      • Ice Shield: Skrael can manifest a barrier made of ice.
      • Ice/Cold Immunity: Skrael is immune to the affects of cold and even ice (including his own magic).
    • Frigomancy: Along with his ice magic, Skrael can also control snow and strong winds.
      • Blizzard Creation: Skrael can create blizzards and can control/summon snow to his command.
        • Frigokinesis: Along with their control over ice, Skrael can also manipulate snow.
        • Aerokinesis: Skrael's winds are strong enough to send a horde of knights flying off their feet.
    • Flight/Levitation: Skrael has the power to levitate and float through the air as he is rarely seen walking. Later on, it is shown that they can fly at great speeds when enraged.
    • Resurrection: With Bellroc and Nari, Skrael possesses the power to resurrect the dead and bring them back to life.
    • Immortality: As a sort of demigod, Skrael has existed in the universe since the beginning of time.


  • Combatant: Like Bellroc, Skrael is noticeably formidable in combat. In Rise of the Titans, he's shown blocking Douxie's attacks without even looking, all while shielding himself from Claire's magic simultaneously.
  • Observation: Skrael has proven himself to be quite observant in different circumstances. After bringing Morgana back from the Shadow Realm (through the Green Knight's insistence), he could tell the witch was reflecting on her past actions and watched as she even tried to talk to Arthur about how he remorselessly killed Merlin (the very master she previously despised). Skrael's suspicions regarding Morgana's new loyalties were proven correct as she claimed to seek more information in the Shadow Realm when she really wanted to find her brother's soul, helped Claire look for Jim in the process, and eventually joined her with the Guardians of Arcadia in fighting against the Order.


  • Trifurcate Radiation: When blasted by Krel's trifurcate blaster, Skrael's magic is rendered completely nullified, leaving them powerless.


  • Staff: Skrael's staff helps him in directing his magic, manipulating ice, and possibly his teleportation.


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  • Skrael was named after Skrælings, which were indigenous, North American people encountered in the 11th century by Norse Vikings from Greenland. In Old Norse, the word "skrælings" meant "foreigner" or "barbarian".
  • Skrael's model seems to be the same one used for certain Akiridions.
  • As explained by Aaron Waltke on Discord, Skrael's greatest fear is feeling the very same suffering that he inflicted on others instead of taking sadistic delight in it.


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