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Skeltegs are an alien species of insects native to Akiridion-5.


Aja says that Skelteg fighting is an easy way to make money as shown in "Terra Incognita Part One". Bounty hunters were known to engage in the sport.

The creatures return in the episode "Beetle Mania". Aja unknowingly brought them to the planet while Krel then unknowingly brought them to school. They had sneaked into the back of the boombox that Krel was carrying without anyone noticing. When a hoard of Skeltegs began to take over the school, Krel, Aja, Steve and Mary defend the school with ordinary objects, until they discover that music kills them. They then amplified the sound of the boombox, causing the bugs to explode.

Physical Description[]

They aren't very big and they are either purple or blue in color. They have many legs and have four tentacles coming out their snouts. They have glowing abdomens.

Powers & Abilities[]

Skeltegs can reproduce themselves by eating technology. They are also quite strong, as shown when one lifted Steve up several feet into the air.


Skeltegs are apparently vulnerable to high frequencies of Earth's music and explode when in close contact with the source of music.


Appearances in the Trilogy


Part One[]

Part Two[]


  • Skelteg fighting is a popular form of entertainment across the galaxy, especially on Akiridion-5.
  • Skeltegs reproduce through fragmentation (eating technology).