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Skarlagk was a Gumm-Gumm soldier who began plotting against Gunmar after he killed her father, Orlagk



Age of the Amulet

At the ending of an event called The Clash of the Gumm-Gumms, Skarlagk bore witness to her father Orlagk's murder under the combined attack of Gunmar and Bular. From the shadows, she watched him make his last stand, vowing to avenge her slain father at some point.

Later, after participating in the first Battle of Killahead Bridge, Skarlagk was unwillingly brought into the Darklands along with the rest of the Gumm-Gumm army. She then separated from the main group, leading her to a path that turned her into a Gumm-Gumm rebel leader.

Welcome to the Darklands

Physical Description


After she witnessed Gunmar kill her father in their battle, Skarlagk grew vengeful and spiteful towards the Skullcrusher. She's made it her life's goal to eradicate Gunmar and everything related to him.

Despite her head-strong, fierce, and somewhat violent nature, she still holds undying respect to strong warriors who also fight against Gunmar, like Jim. She also doesn't get offended when someone speaks ill about her, as she claims that "worse have been said about [her]", implying that she's used to being insulted.

However, due to her spiteful and irrational nature, she also claims that beings in the Darklands are not innocent, including the Changeling Familiars, so she had no qualms on killing innocent babies.

Luckily, it's through Jim that killing the babies will make her no better than Gunmar, making her see the error of her ways. She was willing to sacrifice herself to save Jim and tells him to find the babies and give them the childhood Gunmar stole from them as he stole from her.

Powers & Abilities





  • Spears: Skarlagk carries dozens of spears as her combat weapons.




Skarlagk appears to have had a close relationship with her father, Orlagk. She was overcome with devastation when she saw Gunmar decapitate him right in front of her. She vowed to avenge her father by leading a rebellion against the Skullcrusher's cause. In her apparent last moments, she placed her father's head over hers before facing off against Gunmar.


Jim Lake Jr.

Skarlagk seems to have a mutual respect for the human Trollhunter, most likely due to him possessing the only known weapon capable of killing Gunmar, the Eclipse Blade. She offers Jim nutrients, hydration, and a temporary place in her base until Gunmar is defeated, so he joins her cause for a bit. However, after Jim learns that Skarlagk also wants to destroy everything related to the Skullcrusher, including the Changeling Familiars (Enrique included), she loses a lot of Jim's respect and they both quarrel. Despite their clashing, she still shows some respect for him as "[his] death will not be in vain", but she planned to use the Eclipse Blade to end Gunmar herself.

It's through Jim, however, that killing the familiars will make her no better than Gunmar. She decides to save Jim's life by helping him escape with her Nyarlagroth, despite him wanting to help her. She bids him farewell and tells him to find the familiars so he can give them the childhood Gunmar stole from them, just like what Gunmar took from her when he killed her father.


Skarlagk and Rob don't interact much, but at first, she seemed to tolerate him (until she irrationally accuses him as one of Gunmar's spies when his army ambushes her base). Jim managed to convince her that he's innocent and she begrudgingly spares his life. Along with Jim, she helps Rob escape by throwing him into a Nyalagroth's mouth.



Skarlagk completely despises Gunmar, especially after she watched him kill her father right in front of her. Her hatred for the warlord extended towards anything related to him, especially the Changeling nursery (until Jim helped her realize that her path of that kind of vengeance would make her no better than Gunmar).

In her presumed last moments, she was facing against Gunmar, though the aftermath of their confrontation was never revealed, but she was most likely killed.


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  • Skarlagk's storyline seems to result in a sort of predestination paradox, also known as a causal loop. In her quest to avenge her father's death, one of Skarlagk's last known acts is to save Jim Lake Jr. in order that he may carry out her vengeance on Gunmar. But by doing so, she ensures that Jim Lake Jr. is eventually sent back in time to unwittingly assist in her father's demise, an event that sets her quest into motion.