I promise that nothing bad will happen to our little one.
―Toby trying to reassure Darci in Just Add Water.

Sir Isaac Gluten was a bag of flour assigned to Darci and Toby in their heath class about parenting.

Physical Appearance

Isaac was a brown bag with a drawn on red face with two eyes, one had a pencil shoved through because of Steve. He had a band-aid covering his injured eye. He also wore a diper.


During health class, bags of flour were assigned to groups of two. Darci and Toby were paired together as flour parents. Toby designed his face and Darci cared for him like a mother.


  • Sir Isaac Gluten was the only bag of flour to survive, since Petunia was blown up along with Flip, and Dwight D. Eisenflour turned into mush.
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