I know, right? This guy doesn't even look anything like me.
Toby Domzalski in "The Shattered King"

The Shattered King (real name: unknown) is one-time unseen character in the Trollhunters episode "The Shattered King".



Little is known about the Shattered King's own backstory, except that he was the original leader of the Quagawumps, who presumably ruled over his people with peace and kindness.  

The Shattered king was Gunmar's first victim, which resulted in the creation of the second Triumbric Stone: the Killstone.  

Following his demise at some point, a Quagawump named Blungo took part as a "pretend king".  

Physical Appearance

Although the Shattered King never made an exact appearance whatsoever, there is a giant statue of himself within the Quagawumps' Swamplands.

He distinctively bared somewhat of a close resemblance to Toby Domzalski, but had two fangs located at his lower jaw and pointy ears.

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