The Shadow Realm is a space between worlds, a plane of chaos, devoid of light or reason.

During the Eternal Night War, Claire Nuñez banishes Morgana into the Shadow Realm after destroying her Shadow Staff to end her reign of chaos once and for all.


It is a realm of power and darkness, its ancient energies wielded by the Skathe-Hrün (aka the Shadow Staff, which was created by the Mistress of Shadows, Morgan le Fay), and a place between the place you want to open the portal to and the place where you currently are as the staff is connected to the realm.


Nuñez House

A replica of the Nuñez house resided within the Shadow Realm. Jim and Toby were directed to the location by using Suzy Snooze as a beacon to Claire's spirit.

Known Inhabitants


Appearances in the Trilogy


Part One

Part Three


  • The Shadow Realm (more preferably the alternate dark version of Claire's house) is presumably a nod to the Upside Down from the Stranger Things franchise.
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