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The Shadow Realm is a mysterious space between worlds, a plane of chaos, devoid of light or reason.

During the Eternal Night War, Claire Nuñez banishes Morgana into the Shadow Realm after destroying her Shadow Staff to end her reign of chaos once and for all (until the Arcane Order freed her).



The Shadow Realm has existed since time immemorial. The dark witch, Morgana, was the first to find a way into the Realm when she created the Shadow Staff.

Trollhunters (Part One)[]

The Shadow Realm is first seen when Claire wrestles Angor Rot for the Killstone, only to take his Shadow Staff instead and makes it her own.

Trollhunters (Part Three)[]

When Morgana took over Claire's body, Claire' soul was sent to the Shadow Realm. Jim and Toby, along with Suzy Snooze, entered the Realm, with Strickler manning the Shadow Staff. They then used the Soul-Seeking Spell, causing Suzy to lead them right to the Nuñez House. When they reached, they found Claire completely unaware of her surroundings and her present condition. After a lot of effort, the two managed to wake her up. Jim then forgot the Returning Spell, and as a result, had to go back manually.

In the meantime, Morgana had forced Strickler to relinquish his control over the Staff and threw it into the portal. Claire spotted the Staff whizzing around and tried to catch it. Morgana sensed this and battled Claire for control of the Staff. This battle, however, ended with Claire gaining absolute control over the Staff and using it to teleport them to the real world.


While learning to control her magic to enter Nimue's lake, Claire opens a portal that unexpectedly swallows her into the Shadow Realm, where she have a vision about Morgana and the Arcane Order. Following Douxie's advise to not fall to her fear, Claire manages to come back.

Claire later returns to the Shadow Realm along Archie where they finds out that they can spy on people in the physical realm, seeing Jim with the other trolls and Morgana plotting an attack against Camelot. However, the Pale Lady is able to perceive Claire and pursues her in the Shadow Realm, forcing her to flee back to Camelot.

When Jim is turned into a minion of the Arcane Order, Claire goes to the Shadow Realm with the hope of rescuing his soul. There, she meets a reformed and desperate Morgana, who was in search of Arthur's soul. Both find the souls trapped in their inner pain, but are unable to free them (due to Arthur's corruption overpowering Jim, and Arthur too tainted by darkness to accept "true" redemption). As such, after his death at the hands of his sister, King Arthur's darkened soul is doomed to be trapped within the Shadow Realm for all eternity, unable to make amends with his family and former allies, nor see his beloved queen again.


The Shadow Realm is a plain of darkness and mystery, devoid of light and reason. It is said to be the very personification of chaos and the shadows themselves. Rocks and other debris float around aimlessly in the realm. The entrance (and exit) to the Realm is characterized by a pinprick of light.

It can be accessed using the Shadow Staff, and acts as the intermediary between the original location of the user and the intended destination when a Shadow Portal is created. Another unique trait is that a person can access the memories of another person whose soul has been trapped in the Realm. These memories may manifest as visions.


Nuñez House (Claire Nuñez)[]

A replica of the Nuñez house resided within the Shadow Realm. Jim and Toby were directed to the location by using Suzy Snooze as a beacon to Claire's spirit.

According to Morgana, Claire's house in the Shadow Realm was a physical manifestation that binded her soul with her inner torment, which allowed the witch to gain control over the girl's body in the first place.

Killahead Bridge (Jim Lake Jr.)[]

Claire finds Jim's spirit wandering across Killahead, which binds his human soul with his inner torment as a physical manifestation. Claire manages to wake Jim's soul up, yet he is still trying to fight against the Green Knight's spell. Claire is forced to flee, yet she is now well aware that underneath his beastly troll form, her boyfriend is still in there, fighting for control and begging his friends to help him, so there was hope that Jim can still be saved.

Jim's soul is later restored by Claire's undying love for him (alongside Arthur losing Excalibur and defeated by the hands of his dying sister).

Wild Wood (Arthur Pendragon)[]

Morgana finds King Arthur's spirit trapped in his pain for Guinevere's death, manifested in a vision of the Wild Wood where she was killed by a Stalkling. Morgana tries to reason with the spirit of her brother, just to find out that the Green Knight has taken him over completely.

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  • The Shadow Realm (more preferably the alternate dark version of Claire's house) is presumably a nod to the Upside Down from the Stranger Things franchise.
  • The Shadow Realm could also be based on the concept of the same name from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! anime and manga, where victims had their souls trapped in the Shadow Realm if they lost a duel.