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Shadow Mephits are vicious shadow lizard-like creatures.


Not much is known about their civilization. They seem to hunt in giant packs, and attack anyone who harms one of them, suggesting that they have a strong sense of comradeship. They are carnivorous, but can also scavenge if the situation calls for it.

Douxie first encounters a Shadow Mephit while running through the alleys of Arcadia. He traps it in a magical prison, but it soon escapes and he banishes it into Limbo. He then goes to Merlin's hideout after Merlin calls for him, but he unwittingly led a whole pack of Mephits there.

The Mephits, enraged by the treatment of their comrade, attack the hideout. Merlin and Douxie manage to kill several with their fire-based magicks. Merlin retreats them to a flying Camelot, just after Douxie notices a group of Mephits being absorbed into a mysterious warrior clad in green armor, staring at him and called him "boy".

At Camelot, they are attacked by the Arcane Order, who unleashes several Mephits on them. The gang fights them off, however, they are left weakened and must flee.


Mephits are black in color and have accents of glowing yellow, like a yellow tongue. They can be distinguished from umber imps by the fact that they have three mandibles. They have three eyes with yellow sclerae, orange irises and black pupils. Their bodies are long and sinuous and lizard-like in appearance, with a long tail. They also have red markings that go over their eyes.


Shadow Mephits are extremely nimble and agile. They also have a large amount of strength and can phase through solid objects and magical traps, shown when a Mephit easily broke out of Douxie's magic-made trap. When hunting in packs, their ferocity and efficacy increases tenfold and they can bring down large enemies with ease.


As stated by Archie, Shadow Mephits are vulnerable to fire.

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