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Serrators are a type of technological weapon Akiridions use for fighting offensively and defensively.


It's unknown who first originally invented the serrator, only that they were built to protect Akiridions from danger.

Physical Appearance

Unactivated, it looks like an ordinary blue protractor, which was lampshaded once by Steve.

While in use, it's a deadly weapon, if used by the wrong person, it can cause serious damage. It can turn into a holographic sword, blade, blaster, two-pronged spear and shield made of ionic energy.


It can easily form into a nearly impenetrable shield, a blaster, a blade, and a two-pronged spear for combat.

In Part Two, Krel upgraded Aja's, Varvatos's, and his own serrator so that can be able to switch between their Akiridion and human forms at will. He's also made Aja's serrator stronger so it can help her defeat more powerful foes. For example, it can blast them back as it shoots a very powerful shot and shots can come back to the blaster.


Because it's an ionic energy weapon, it's easily defeated by Area 49-B's high tech blasters. However, as of Part Two, it appears that Krel improved the serrators so they could withstand multiple neurometer blasts with little to no problem.



  • During "Lightning in a Bottle", Aja's serrator passes through the possession of Steve Palchuk, Señor Uhl, Gnome Chompsky and Stuart before returning to her. Both Steve and Gnome Chompsky accidentally activate the weapon.
  • While inactivate, the serrators look to humans like an ordinary blue protractor if they're unfamiliar with it.
  • The different weapon modes seem to have different affects when used to kill an organic target. When the blaster function was used to kill Zeron Beta, his corpse was still intact. When the sword function was used to kill Zeron Alpha and Tronos, their bodies disintegrated. The blaster apparently totally destroys mechanical creatures, however.
    • Halcon was vaporized with just one shot.
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