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Sergeant Costas is Colonel Kubritz's former comrade and a recurring character in Part Two of 3Below.


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3Below (Part Two)

Physical Appearance


Unlike Kubritz, Costas is more well-meaning, supportive, and deeply cares for the lives and safety of his soldiers at Area 49-B, as well as protecting Earth. As a close acquaintance, he was concerned about Kubritz's intentions and alliances with some of the worst aliens in the galaxy (Morando being the prime example). In "Asteroid Rage", he was genuinely surprised that Kubritz went back on her word she made with Aja, Krel, and the rest of the team. He also tries to express his doubts to his commanding officer that her alliance with Morando was more like a "deal with the devil", which she waves aside every time he mentions it.

He is deeply reluctant to follow Kubritz’s wrong waves and even displays an ounce of empathy for Tronos Madu. He is also deeply shocked when Morando kills Tronos.

Not wanting to take anymore of Kubritz's insanity and corruption, Costas switches sides and aids the Akiridions and the people in Arcadia in their struggle against the god-induced Morando and a power-hungry Kubritz. He also tries to help people to the best of his aid, being a hard-working person.

Powers & Abilities


  • Combatant: As a sergeant of Area 49-B, Costas is fairly knowledgable with hand-to-hand combat, although not as great as Kubritz.
  • Marksman: Costas can fire his neurometer blaster with great aim.
  • Electrician: Like Stuart, Costas is familiar about how to work electronics and machines, which helps Stuart properly create a new Seklos' cannon.


  • Mortality: As a human, Costas possesses a mortal soul, thus is highly vulnerable to injuries, sicknesses, old-age, and even death.


  • Neurometer Blaster: Like the other soldiers of Area 49-B, Costas wields a blaster as his primary weapon.


Colonel Kubritz

Costas is Colonel Kubritz's second-in-command of Area 49-B. At first, they had a good professional relationship with each other.

However, after seeing Colonel Kubritz traveling further and further down the road of insanity, he couldn't take it anymore and turned on her after realizing that she has gone mad and was completely obsessed with eliminating every alien on Earth.

General Morando

Costas was instantly skeptic and fearful of Kubritz's alliance with Morando. He even believes that their alliance is like a "deal with the devil".

Aja, Krel, and Varvatos

In "Asteroid Rage", he genuinely appreciated the Akiridions' hard work of saving the country from a giant asteroid. He was even surprised with Kubritz went back on her deal with them.

After failing to try and help Kubritz see the error of her ways, Costas turns to the Akiridions, despite knowing of their reluctance of trusting him after everything Kubritz put them through.

However, they gain his trust when he warns them of Kubritz and Morando's plans. He even helps them build Seklos' cannon and fight the Omen Blanks.

Toby Domzalski

Toby and Costas barely interact with each other, but Costas was suspicious of Toby when he catches him sneaking towards the Mothership in his armor.

Later on, after Costas switches to the side of good, he saves Toby from an Omen Blank and both try to get the people of Arcadia to safety when Morando attacks.


After presumably resigning his position at Area 49-B, Costas becomes Stuart's employee after he helps him build Seklos' cannon.


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  • It's currently unknown what Costas's first name is.
  • Costas is the second henchman to defect to the side of good, the first being Dictatious.
    • However, unlike Dictatious (who reformed merely out of fear for his life), Costas did out of genuine morality when he finally believed that Kubritz has completely lost her mind and made a "deal with the devil". He officially sides with the protectors of Arcadia and explains Kubritz's plan of making Morando an unstoppable god. He even helps everyone to safety and participated in fighting against Morando.


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