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Seklos was an ancient royal Akiridion mentioned in 3Below.


According to the legend, after Gaylen created Akiridion-5 with the god-like powers of his core, his power and his greed grew to be fearsome. Only Seklos found the courage to stop him, sacrificing all the life force within her own core to create a cannon that pierced Gaylen's.

In the present day, Akiridions often now say her name with using exclaims like "Thank Seklos" and "Seklos and Gaylen!"


  • Presumably, the Royals (and, by extension, the members of House Tarron, including Fialkov, Coranda, Aja, and Krel) are descendants of Seklos herself. There are a few hints:
    • It takes two ROYAL life cores to power the second Seklos' Cannon.
    • Seklos also had four arms, which is a sign of royalty.
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