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Royals are a high race of Akiridions who have ruled over Akiridion-5 for many generations.


The royals reside on Akiridion-5, ruling it and protecting their people. They belong to House Tarron, except for Seklos, an ancient royal who sacrificed her life core to power a canon and defeat the mighty and greedy Gaylen.

Physical Description[]

While Royals may appear mostly similar to a common Akiridion, they possess an extra set of arms (which is implied by Varvatos to be a sign of a royalty) and five fingers.

Powers & Abilities[]

Royal Akiridions are stronger, faster, durable, agile, intelligent, and have better reflexes than an average human, especially common Akiridions. Also, being inorganic life forms, they have little need of food or drink for substance, and it is assumed that they have a level of hypermetabolism, as shown when Aja ate an entire Diablo Maximus burrito with no digestive problems. They also have vacuum adaption as they don't require oxygen to survive in space and, much like Trolls, can live longer than an average human without physically aging. Royals are also naturally skilled with combat and intelligence.

Additionally, the royals are the only ones who can power Seklos’ Cannon, the only weapon that can disintegrate and damage Gaylen's Core.


In addition for being energy-based beings, despite their enhanced durability, royals can lose their physical bodies if they suffer too much damage. However, they don't truly die as long as their life cores remain intact. If the core is active blue, they can be placed in stasis and the Akiridion's body can regenerate for an undetermined amount of time (unless crushed into bits). But if the cores are dead gray, then stasis is not possible and the Akiridion is completely dead.

Known Royals[]


Appearances in the Trilogy


Part Three[]



  • Every known deceased royal has died sacrificing their life core to power Seklos’ Cannon, an ancient and primitive weapon that can rupture Gaylen's Core.
  • Every known royal (with the exception of Seklos) to appear in the series is part of House Tarron.
  • According to Aaron Waltke, alien politics don't completely align with the Earth notions of a monarchy. Thus, had both Aja and Krel accepted the mantle, they would be co-rulers on equal terms.[1]


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