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RotGut's Apothecary was a shop in Heartstone Trollmarket that provided magical artifacts, charms, totems, and spells. Its proprietors were Rot and Gut.


The shop is first seen in the episode "To Catch a Changeling", when Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! went to their shop to obtain a Gaggletack

It is seen again in the same episode when Blinky had to go and get another Gaggletack because Jim lost the first one.

Jim and Toby go to RotGut's again to obtain something to help them get the Inferna Copula off Strickler's finger. However, they did not have any such object.

After reading about Elix-Lore in a book, Jim and Toby again go to RotGut's to get a bottle.

It was later abandoned during the Gumm-Gumm invasion of Trollmarket and presumably destroyed during the Eternal Night War.


The entrance of the shop was an ornate metal door with several carvings and engravings on it. It had also had two eye-holes at different levels for Rot and Gut.


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