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Roaming Fees May Apply is the sixteenth episode of Trollhunters.

Official Synopsis[]

The heroes launch a dangerous quest to find the first Triumbric Stone. Angor Rot concocts a charm that links Strickler and Barbara's fates.


Coach Lawrence poorly explains digestion to the class. Meanwhile, Claire and Toby ask Jim for more details about why he was late. Jim says it felt like the golem was studying him. He hasn't figure out what to do yet. Steve makes joke about Lawrence's presentation. Jim tries to get him to stop and accidentally makes a pun. Lawrence sends both of them to the principal's office.

Steve and Jim fight until Strickler comes to talk to them. Jim says he has a lot of nerve showing his face, but Strickler decided he's not finished with Jim yet. Jim says he could take Strickler out right now, but Strickler says he could do much worse. Steve watches them glare at each other and apologizes for the jokes. Strickler gives them both detention, then sends them away.

Jim regrets not pulling Daylight on Strickler right away. Claire says it's good that he didn't. Jim says he'll have to wait and get Strickler alone. Claire suddenly gasps and says she got a weird feeling. As Angor Rot watches from a distance, Toby says he gets those feelings a lot, usually after school lunch. Jim opens up a doorway to Trollmarket as Angor Rot removes his eye and sends it rolling near where they are. His eye rolls into Jim's bag and is carried into Trollmarket as they enter.

As Blinky explains the research he's been doing, Angor Rot's eye rolls out into the table. Angor can see them talking through his eye until AAARRRGGHH!!! blocks his eye with a book. Blinky found information about the Triumbric Stones and once that might be significant to Gunmar. Gunmar was born from a rotten Heartstone. The birthstone is gone. Claire realizes that the stone is hidden in a mountain. Blinky shows them Gatto's Keep, a vault of the greatest treasures untold, too powerful for the underworld to possess. Toby is excited to go on their first Trollhunters quest. Angor Rot's eye rolls back into Jim's bag.

The eye rolls out on Jim's desk in his room as he packs a flashlight. His mom comes in and asks if he's going somewhere. He tells her he's going on a camping trip. She asks when he was going to ask her and what if she said no. She tells him he can't go. When he say he has to, she grounds him. He says she can ground him when he gets back. She lets him leave. After he's outside, he says he's sorry to his mom.

Blinky leads them beyond the barriers of Trollmarket. They show him how they've packed. Toby brought tacos. They enter a new area and watch as the gyre assembles. It's their fastest form of transportation. They climb inside because Gatto's Keep is in Argentina. They set off and quickly arrive in Argentina. Toby gets out and retches. Blinky admits they haven't ever met Gatto before. It's hot and Claire realizes they're inside a volcano. Blinky steps up and requests a meeting with Gatto. They're pointed in a direction.

Strickler gets in his car and sees the eye. From the backseat, Angor Rot tells him about the trip to Gatto's Keep because they seek one of his treasures. Angor Rot doesn't think they'll return. He brought the charm Strickler asked for. Strickler knows how to use it, but asks how it works. Angor Rot says once they both drink it, his fate and the woman's will be tied together.

Strickler and Barbara are on a date. Barbara is talking about Jim. Strickler looks at the charms in his hand. He tries to reassure her. She gets a call from the hospital and looks away to answer it. While she's looking away, he moves to put the charms in her tea. He hesitates, but does it. She says she has to get back to work, but has a few more minutes. She picks up her cup and takes a sip. He does as well.

They get to where Gatto is supposed to be. They hear him talking, but don't see him. They turn around and see that he is the mountain. Jim starts to ask him, but gets nervous when he watches Gatto eat a passing troll. Jim asks for the Birthstone. He asks why he should give it to them. Jim says they're going to destroy Gunmar, but Gatto doesn't care. For it, Gatto wants the answer to a riddle. If they get it wrong, he'll eat them. Blinky doesn't want them to chance it, but Jim says they'll play. They need it to save Enrique and Claire's good at puzzles. Gatto gives them the riddle: What begins and has no end, and ends all that which begins? Blinky doesn't know. They all start to think about it. Gatto says they have ten seconds. Toby starts randomly guessing. Claire gets the answer right as time is about to warn out. The answer is death. Gatto is shocked as no one has ever answered it before and lived to tell about it. Some guards come toward them with weapons. Blinky knows they've been tricked. He opens his mouth, but Jim activates the amulet. He starts attacking the guards as Toby and Blinky are pushed into Gatto's mouth. AAARRRGGHH!!! starts punching at Gatto's mouth. Claire says they could still be alive, as digestion takes time. Gattos mouth opens again and Claire sticks an axe into his tongue.

Toby and Blinky fall for a while and then come to a stop. They look around and Blinky realizes they're in Gatto's Keep. The Birthstone is there somewhere. He tells Toby to let Jim know what they've learned and that they're okay.

Jim tells the others Blinky and Toby are okay. They arrange to meet at the Gyre when they're done.

Toby's excited to see a bunch of gold, but Blinky warns him to keep his hands to himself as objects can be in disguise. The lava starts to rise, so they try to get out, but can't. Toby says it'll be unpleasant, but there must be a back door. If they upset his stomach, they may have a chance to be passed through. They start pushing things into the lava. Toby spots the Birthstone and digs it out.

AAARRRGGHH!!!, Claire, and Jim struggle to evade death.

Toby and Blinky can't push anything else into the lava. Toby starts stress-eating the tacos. Blinky realizes they can use those and throws them into the lava. His stomach starts grumbling. They start sliding down Gatto's digestive tract.

Toby and Blinky are out and AAARRRGGHH!!!, Claire, and Jim race to start the gyre so they can leave. They all get in and leave just as the lava follows them.

They look down at the Birthstone as they celebrate getting it. Claire says they still have to find two more stones and the others might not be as easy. Toby doesn't think this was easy.

Barbara watches Strickler leave for the night. Jim's waiting in his car. Jim threatens Strickler to stay away from his mother. Strickler tells Jim about Angor Rot following him. Strickler says he entwined his fate with Jim's mother's. Anything done to him will be done to Jim's mother. To prove this, he runs his finger along the sword blade. Inside the house, Barbara cries out in pain. Jim shakes with anger, but lets Strickler go.

Blinky continues to study and cries out when he discovers something.



  • First appearance of Gatto.
  • Jim and his friends acquire the first Triumbric Stone (the Birthstone) from Gatto's Keep.
  • Strickler uses Angor Rot's totems to place a binding spell on himself and Barbara Lake, meaning if Strickler gets hurt, Barbara will feel the same pain. He uses this spell to threaten and prevent Jim from ever harming him.
  • Title: "Roaming fees" are legitimate fees that consumers are contractually obligated to pay, especially when they travel and leave home.
    • This is referenced by Toby when the gang travels to Argentina as he complains about his mobile plans. When he and Blinky are eaten by Gatto, Blinky tells Toby he can help cover his charges when he asks him to contact Jim.
  • The famed stock sound effect The Wilhelm Scream can be heard once when AAARRRGGHH!!! tosses over one of the Volcanic Trolls attempting to reach him, Jim, and Claire by climbing down a ladder.
    • Error: In the following scene when Jim texts Toby, the ladder is right back behind him.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar:
    • While Jim and Steve are waiting for Strickler in the principal's office, Steve can be heard asking Jim "You think you can out-poop pun me, Lake?" to which Jim responds "How can I do that, when you are the biggest piece––" before he is cut off with Strickler's arrival, in an instance of a curse cut short.
    • While they are standing before Gatto and Jim demands what he wants in exchange for the birthstone, Gatto demands they answer a riddle. Toby laughs and points to Claire saying "That's all? Whew! I thought Claire was a goner!", much to the latter's chagrin. This most likely alludes to the myth popular in Hollywood that volcano gods are only appeased by a virgin sacrifice.
    • As discovered by Toby, the only known way to escape Gatto's Keep alive is to upset his stomach enough to give him the "runs" and ride out the "backdoor". Blinky is utterly disturbed by the experience and constantly prevents Toby from finishing his sentences of describing the subject.


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