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Return of the Trollhunter is the fourteenth episode of Trollhunters

Official Synopsis[]

Claire gets her first look at Heartstone Trollmarket, and Jim receives a ghostly summons. Elsewhere, Strickler awakens an ancient assassin.


Toby runs down the road. While running, he is nearly hit by a paper deliverer, who is shocked to see that Toby's being followed by someone who appears to be on fire. The fire spreads to the hood of the delivery car.

Toby tries to get away. Suddenly, Jim appears on a Vespa and pulls Toby onto the back. He goes to drive away, but the Vespa stalls. Jim finally gets it going, but the fire cat is chasing them. Jim can't believe Toby took the rock to his science class. Toby says he didn't know there was a flaming monster inside of it. They arrive where Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! are waiting with a trap. When Blinky sees the fire cat, he realizes he has the wrong kind of trap. AAARRRGGHH!!! steps forward and punches the cat, which causes it to split into three, worsening their problem. They need water to stop them. Toby spots a nearby hydrant, which Jim opens to put out the fire cats' flames. It's almost dawn, so Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! need to go back to Trollmarket as Jim and Toby go home.

Jim is making breakfast, but his mother says she's in a rush and pours herself a bowl of cereal.

Toby is shocked that Barbara passed up the omelet Jim made and that she's still not talking to Jim after the hospital thing. The only way to fix it is to tell her the truth, but if he does, he'll get sent to the crazy house. Toby says he made things worse by promising Claire he'd save her little brother. Steve passes them and Jim notices that they fixed Steve's tooth. Now they just need to fix his face. Steve promises that when he gets Jim alone, payback is coming.

Jim and Toby sit down in their classroom and overhear some gossip about Strickler, who has left the school. Jim tells them when asked that he has no idea where Strickler went. Then he quietly admits to Toby that he doesn't think Strickler will ever come back after what happened.

Claire asks Jim when they're going to save her brother. Jim explains that they can't just walk into the Darklands. The trolls won't be happy if they learn he wants to open Killahead Bridge. Claire says it's her brother and NotEnrique is driving her nuts. She has to change him even though he knows how to use the toilet. Jim says they'll get him back, but they can't risk releasing Gunmar. Claire thinks he's going back on his word. He insists that he isn't. Jim then consoles her by saying Blinky told him they could bring her to Trollmarket. He says they'll go after school. Coach Lawrence comes in, saying he's subbing for Strickler. Mary teases Claire for spending so much time with Jim, but Claire insists they're just friends. Lawrence starts stretching and asks the kids what happened in 1989. He's seriously asking because he doesn't remember. Steve throws something at him.

Jim asks Claire if she's ready. He also reminds her she can't tell them about the plan to save Enrique. Claire quickly draws a semi-circle and opens the entrance. The three of them enter. Claire is in awe. They get to the market and Claire says it's beautiful. She pulls Jim with her. Then she takes off on her own to look around. She runs into AAARRRGGHH!!! and Blinky. She's glad to meet them as Jim told her about them. She also reveals that she's read A Brief Recapitulation of Troll Lore Volumes 1-47, which delights Blinky. As she runs through the market, she runs into Vendel. She tries to introduce herself, but Vendel says a third human is an infestation. Claire then charms Vendel by speaking Troll to him, making him with the Amulet had chosen her instead. Jim is also impressed that she speaks Troll. She says NotEnrique has been tutoring her. Claire tells Blinky there's just one thing she really has to see in Trollmarket.

AAARRRGGHH!!! opens the doorway (vault) and the group of five enters the room where they're keeping the pieces of the Killahead Bridge, including the Eye Stone. As Claire examines the rubble, Blinky hopes it will bring her closure as she must understand why they can't allow the bridge to be opened. Toby and Jim agree they'd have to be crazy to open it. Claire rubs part of the stone and tells her brother they'll get her back and she hasn't stopped thinking about him. Then she thanks Blinky. Blinky asks Toby to finish Claire's tour so he can talk to Jim.

Toby takes Claire to Jim's training arena. She's impressed to see Draal as well. He's rebuilt the remains of his father in the arena, which also impresses Claire.

Blinky and Jim work on the Vespa and talk about Claire. Blinky knows he's planning to go to the Darklands for her. Jim tells Blinky he promised her. Blinky says if he goes in alone, he'll be killed, which is why they will answer every call. He and AAARRRGGHH!!! knew he'd go in with or without their approval, so they decided if Enrique's important to Jim, he's important to them. They're a team. Bagdwella then comes in quickly, saying their friends are about to be turned into pâté.

Jim and Blinky find they've turned the course on. Claire says she's fine for now and tells them to help Toby. Toby swears they didn't touch anything. Jim has to go hit the kill switch. He races and gets Toby to safety with AAARRRGGHH!!!, then goes to get Claire. He hits the kill switch just as Claire falls. Thankfully, the platform she's sliding down flattens out and she's safe. The center of the arena lights up and Blinky says it's calling to him at last. When Jim disappears, Blinky explains that Jim has been summoned.

Jim is surrounded by voices that don't think he's worthy. Spirits appear to him, but he swings his sword at them. One finally takes Jim's sword away. He says only a Trollhunter can wield daylight and gets told that they are Trollhunters. He's Kanjigar. Together, they're the Council of Elder Trollhunters. Jim thinks he's dead, but they tell him he's not. He's still in the Forge. He's in the void, a place between worlds. They've been watching him. They show him that they've seen everything he's done, the good and the bad. They know what he's planning with Enrique and tell him not to do it. If he brings others along with him, they'll all be in danger. To be a Trollhunter is to make sacrifices. Kanjigar had to distance himself from his own son to keep him safe. They show him the memory of Draal losing his arm. Jim suggests that maybe his friends are the reason he'll still breathing.

Blinky explains to Toby and Claire what's happening with Jim. He's under the guidance of Master Trollhunters right now. Suddenly, Jim reappears near them. Claire wonders, if trolls and ghosts are real, what else is real? Fairies? Blinky scoffs at that, saying they lost the war to Pixies centuries ago. Jim says they told him they won't stop them from going to the Darklands. They also said if they go in, the only way they get out alive is if they kill Gunmar. With Strickler gone, maybe they have a chance.

Strickler, Otto, and a Goblin walk through a forest. They finally arrive at their destination. They go inside, where Strickler finds the Inferna Copula and puts it on his finger. Strickler asks if he's alive, but Otto's not sure. Strickler sends the goblin to check. The goblin gets snatched as Angor Rot wakes up, angry at being awakened. He kills the goblin, picks up a weapon, and then attacks Strickler. He's unable to kill Strickler because of the ring. Strickler says Angor Rot is his now.



  • First appearance of this new story arc's main antagonist, Angor Rot.
  • This episode takes place one month after "The Battle of Two Bridges".
  • This episode was supposed to be the start of Part Two since it starts a new story arc, until Netflix opted to air the first 26 episodes at the same time.
  • Title: The episode's title is in reference to the film Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi.
  • Error: When Mary says "You're practically swimming in him" to Claire, Steve (off-screen) can be seen tossing a wad of paper at Eli in the background, to which Eli turns his head in the direction from which the wad came from. In the immediate next shot, however, Eli is seen staring straight ahead.


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