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Recipe for Disaster is the eleventh episode of Trollhunters.

Official Synopsis[]

As Claire grows increasingly suspicious, Jim's mom invites Strickler over for dinner, where the tension is so thick, you could cut it with a knife.


Strickler is teaching his class about Napoleon. The students are falling asleep. In the back of the room, Toby and Jim are not pleased. Jim wants to end Strickler now. As the class ends, Strickler asks Jim for a word before he leaves. Toby leaves after telling Jim to wait until after Strickler tells them where the bridge is.

As they leave the classroom, Darci teases Claire for liking Jim. Claire reminds Darci about the letter Jim wrote. Claire says she plans to find out if he's crazy or not.

Once they're alone, Strickler says Jim's mother has invited him over for dinner and he's accepted. He wonders if that'll make things awkward. Jim says it won't. It's just dinner. Strickler says he'll see Jim this evening.

In the locker room, Claire eavesdrops as Jim and Toby talk about Strickler coming over for dinner. Jim says it could be good. While Strickler's busy with him, Toby and the others can break into Strickler's office, see if he's hiding anything.

Draal does not approve of Jim's plan because it doesn't involve killing Strickler. Jim says they can't do that until they find the bridge and find out what Strickler wants with him. They can't torture him because Jim's mom likes him. Jim says he'll stomp twice if there's trouble, and once if he's okay. Jim hears the doorbell and tells Draal to stay in the basement.

Upstairs, Strickler has brought a bottle of pinot noir. Outside, Claire is spying on the house.

Strickler and Barbara talk over wine while Jim finishes cooking. Jim lets Toby know that Strickler is at his house.

Toby is in a locker in the locker room. NotEnrique comes to get a sock in exchange for his help. Toby needs his help to find Strickler's secrets. Toby and NotEnrique let Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! into the school. They're all surprised to hear someone coming. Señor Uhl stops to fix the banner AAARRRGGHH!!! knocked down while the others disguise themselves as part of a mural.

Claire is surprised to see Strickler at Jim's house. She sneaks into the basement through the window, catching Draal's attention.

Jim pushes his food around the plate as Strickler tells a story that makes Barbara laugh. Barbara has to step away when the hospital calls. With her gone, they have a tense conversation about what each of them knows.

Downstairs, Claire overhears and wonders what they're talking about. She gets a call from Mary, but tells her she can't talk. Mary knows Claire's at Jim's house.

The tense conversation continues. Strickler says Bular called him Young Atlas to force them to have this very conversation. Bular wants Strickler to kill Jim, which he will if he has to. Jim is feeling the same way. He asks Strickler where the bridge is. They reach a standstill.

They search Strickler's office, but haven't found anything. Toby opens up a pen and realizes it's a key. He searches and finds a key hole. The key doesn't work because they need a changeling to do it. They all look at NotEnrique. NotEnrique opens the lock, revealing a secret room behind the office. In the room, they look through The Book of Ga-Huel, where Toby sees pictures that look like AAARRRGGHH!!!. He's surprised that AAARRRGGHH!!! used to eat people, but has since taken an oath of peace.

Back at the Lake house, they've finished their meals. While Barbara goes to get dessert, Jim and Strickler wield their knives. Strickler knows the others are breaking into his office as well. Jim asks if he knows Draal is in the basement. He stomps twice to let Draal know to come up.

Draal, who is hiding behind Claire, is confused by the repeated stomping. When Claire sneezes, he blesses her and she turns out to see him. She screams and knocks herself out, but her scream is unheard upstairs because of the blender.

The fight between Jim and Strickler continues. Strickler says that while Jim has Draal in his basement, he has an Antramonstrum in his office. Strickler becomes irritated at Jim and shows his troll form. He looks for Jim's amulet, but Jim has it and uses it. He asks how to stop the antramonstrum, but Strickler won't tell. Barbara peeks back in to ask who wants coffee and sees them peacefully sitting at the table. Once she's gone, the fight continues.

They're still looking in Strickler's secret room. Toby finds a fetch, which Blinky tells him is very powerful. He uses it to peek into the Darklands. While he's distracted, NotEnrique leaves the room, leaving them with the Antramonstrum.

Toby hears a mysterious voice in the Darklands, which scares him.

Back at the school, they flee from the Antramonstrum. Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! try to lure it away from Toby, but it doesn't work. They then realize NotEnrique has disappeared.

Barbara tries to cover the burnt pie with whipped cream while the fight continues in the other room. As Jim holds Strickler and demands to know the location of the bridge, Barbara comes back in the room and is shocked. They quickly pretend to be looking for a contact lens. Strickler pretends to find it and uses that to replace Jim's amulet with a fake.

Toby and NotEnrique hide from the Antramonstrum. It oozes through the sides of the door and NotEnrique leaves Toby on his own at the bottom of the rope climb. Toby then starts climbing and is surprised when he's able to make it to the top. He rings the bell and then jumps into the vent and follows NotEnrique. They both fall and then watch as Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! use the fetch to send the Antramonstrum to the Darklands.

Jim and Barbara send the rest of the roof home with Strickler. He takes it and says it'll be interesting to see Jim at school now that they've gotten to know each other so well.

Barbara thinks it went well, though Jim thinks Strickler is two-faced. As Barbara talks, Draal appears behind her, holding Claire, who is still unconscious. Jim gestures for Draal to leave as he tells his mother that Strickler's not the guy he says he is. He doesn't want her to see Strickler again. Barbara just says she expected more from him.

NotEnrique explains himself to Strickler, whose arm is in a sling. Strickler shows NotEnrique that he has the amulet.



  • Jim's neighbor is heard to call his children, Zack and Carina, for dinner.
  • Claire finally witnesses a troll, which is Draal, inside Jim's basement, although she immediately gets knocked out cold.
  • Strickler's true form is shown for the first time.
  • NotEnrique makes a reference to the 2015 Trollhunters book when he calls Toby, "Tubby", which is his nickname in the (non-canon) original book.
  • It is revealed that AAARRRGGHH!!! was not only a Gumm-Gumm, but the general of Gunmar's army, and he became a pacifist to renounce his human-eating ways.
  • Title: The title likely refers to "recipe for dinner".
  • Continuity: Strickler tells Barbara a story about the end of "Gnome Your Enemy", about the time Bular chased the security guard, only in a more appropriate approach by saying, "So, I said to my co-worker, 'I brought you a midnight snack.' Too bad for him, he had indigestion for days. Well, that's the problem with eating Italian."
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar:
    • NotEnrique mentions that he has a 9:00 PM feeding that he "don't wanna miss."
    • Toby accidentally finds Strickler's fetch (a miniature portal to the Darklands). When asked about what he found, Toby incorrectly thinks that it is a donut cushion (which is oftentimes used by those affected by hemorrhoids).
      • This is lampshaded by Toby himself, when, asked by Blinky what he discovered, he responds, "Strickler's got hemorrhoids?"


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