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Queen Guinevere is a posthumous character of Wizards.

She was the queen of Camelot, the late wife of King Arthur, and the sister-in-law/childhood friend of Morgana.


Guinevere was betrothed to Arthur Pendragon when they were both children. They and Arthur's sister, Morgana, were all close friends and often played together in the Wild Wood outside Camelot, to where they'd go to play as well as escape their troubles and royal responsibilities.

Gwen and Morgana were enamored of the magical creatures living there, and one day met Nari. But Arthur saw magical creatures as dangerous and wouldn't let Gwen near them.

Despite this difference of opinion, Guinevere and Arthur grew up, fell in love, and wedded, making them the King and Queen of Camelot. When Morgana developed a talent for magic and became the apprentice of Merlin, the Court Wizard, Gwen loved her friend's gifts.

Gwen and Morgana remained best friends and it was for that reason Gwen took Morgana to the forest to play that fateful day. Alas, Gwen accidentally stumbled into the nest of a stalkling. Morgana heard Gwen in peril, but was too late to save her beloved friend and sister-in-law.

Guinevere's death had long lasting repercussions as Arthur became overcome with paranoia and hatred towards magical creatures that he led a campaign against all magical creatures, especially Trolls.

Gwen was remembered painfully by both her husband and her sister-in-law, the former of whom actually blamed the latter for her death. Unlike Arthur, Morgana choose to try and accept her dearly departed sister-in-law's death, allowing her spirit to rest in peace.

Physical Description[]

Guinevere was a slender young woman with an innocent face and a bright smile. She had long hair which she kept tied up in a bun.


Given how fondly and painfully she is remembered by her husband and sister-in-law, Guinevere was a kind and beautiful soul and was very much beloved by those around her. Unlike Arthur, Guinevere saw the beauty and wonder in magical creatures such as Nari, an opinion she shared with her best friend/sister-in-law, Morgana, whom she loved and trusted, for she had loved magic as Morgana did.

Of course, even though Gwen genuinely loved her husband, she had standards when concerning his twisted sense of morality. She partially feared his prejudice, as evident as how horrified and disturbed she was when he barbarically shooed Nari away and threatening to kill her.



King Arthur[]

Guinevere genuinely loved her husband as they ruled Camelot together through peace and prosperity. After Arthur loses his wife at the claws of a Stalkling, he became a ruthless tyrant, persistently imprisoning and executing any magical creature he could get his hands on, and taking their homelands for himself.

Unlike her husband, however, Gwen saw the wonders and beauty of magic, and was visibly disturbed when Arthur (who was still a child) prejudicially scared off Nari unprovoked.

Arthur has never gotten over Gwen's death (unlike his sister), even when he became the Green Knight and even refuses to rest in peace as he's made too many sinful acts. After his second death, he never gets to see his betrothed again in the afterlife as he died as the ruthless Green Knight, not as King Arthur


Morgana le Fay[]

Morgana is Guinevere's best friend and sister-in-law. They two were very close and enjoyed playing around in the Wild Wood together. They both even shared their fascinations with the wonders of magic. Gwen even loved Morgana's gifts and accepted her for who she was (unlike Arthur, who saw her as just another magical threat to Camelot).

Morgana was devastated when Gwen is killed by a Stalking, feeling partially responsible for not being able to help her (and Arthur never forgave her, which lead to their occasionally sibling clashes). With time, unlike Arthur, she came in terms with her death and at least tried to move forward in peace, though she admits that she still misses her friend dearly.


Gwen was fascinated by Nari and her life-based magic, until she was shooed away by the prejudicial Arthur.

Episode Appearances[]


"History in the Making"
"Witch Hunt"
"Lady of the Lake"
"Battle Royale"
"Killahead, Part One"
"Killahead, Part Two"
"Wizard Underground"
"Dragon's Den"
"Our Final Act"


  • Guinevere is based on the queen of the same name from Arthurian legend.
    • Interestingly, the Guinevere of the classic Arthurian legend was known for not being faithful towards her husband and had an affair with Sir Lancelot, whereas this version of her was completely devoted and loyal to her husband and apparently had little to no connections to the famous knight.


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