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Quagawumps are a race of small green Trolls that live in the swamps of Florida. They live in a tribal society ruled by the Wumpa King. They are extremely hostile to foreigners, especially humans.

Physical Description

Quagawumps are distinguished by their short, stout and green appearance. They have spiky hairs that greatly resemble grass on their heads, arms, and backs. Several Quagawumps often carry spears.


Their old king, the Shattered King, was killed by Gunmar a long time ago. Coincidentally, he looked a lot like Toby Domzalski, which is why they are lead to believe that Toby is the reincarnation of the Shattered King. After the death of the pretend king, Blungo, Wumpa takes over as the new queen of the Quagawumps. 

Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! later approached the Quagawumps for their aid in defeating Gunmar, but Wumpa had already made a deal with Queen Usurna and betrayed the two Trollhunters to her. The Quagawumps soon watched in terror as Usurna brutalized AAARRRGGHH!!!. Ultimately, when the Kruberas turn on Usurna after learning how she betrayed AAARRRGGHH!!! to the Gumm-Gumms, Wumpa reaffirmed the Quagawumps commitment to the Trollhunters' cause.

The Quagawumps subsequently joined the defenders of Arcadia in the final battle against Gunmar and his allies.

Powers & Abilities

Quagawumps basically have the same natural strength as any other trolls. They are also very musical and enjoy dancing.


Quagawumps also have a troll's natural weakness to sunlight. Some are also quite obtuse as they were quick to believe that Toby was their new king reincarnated as a human (even Wumpa believed that Jim killed Vendel, even though she was with the Tribunal the whole time).

Known Quagawumps


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