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PyroBligst is a Troll sport, which is first shown in the Trollhunters episode, "Wingmen".


PyroBligst is a full contact sport, played within an arena. Typically, the teams are made up as duo's and there are two teams. The aim of the game is to score points, 5 points is required for a win. The goal is the SoothScryer, during the episode Wingmen..

The arena used for the game of PyroBligst during Wingmen, also doubles up as The Hero's Forge, which is first introduced during "Wherefore Art Thou, Trollhunter?".

Through-out the game-time, the arena environment changes, with the obstacles used during the Trollhunter's training becoming active.

During "Wingmen", we bare witness to the floor raising in 3-tiers, the bottom tier is split into eight sections, and these can move up and down independently. The middle tier is also split into Eight sections, although smaller, these can spin, although slowly, they move from a horizontal position to a vertical one. The top tier is where the goal comes out of and there is no change in its positioning. The arena also features its own weaponry, this is primarily used during the Trollhunter training, but due to the nature of PyroBligst being a full contact sport, with the mention of killing being allowed, these weapons are used during the game. There are four different weapons shown: swinging axes, giant blades; these along with the axes, either chop downwards or swing between the gaps in the different sections, mentioned above, there are also flame turrets, which pop up and spurt out fire from two exhaust points, and lastly there is occasional volleys of arrows.

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