Polymorphs (alternatively spelled Polymorfs) are rare Changelings that can shapeshift into anyone without a familiar.

So far, the only member is Otto Scaarbach.


Like changelings, polymorphs can live among people while in human form.

Physical Description 

While polymorphs are mostly similar to ordinary Changelings, expect that unlike them, polymorphs are able to take any other shapes rather than just their familiars. They are never seen in their true forms (or if they even have one).

Powers & Abilities

Polymorphs are able to change their forms into anyone of their choosing, human and troll alike, rather than just their human familiars.


Known Polymorphs


Appearances in the Trilogy


Part One

Part Two

Part Three


Part One


  • Otto stated that being a Polymorph is one of the perks of being the Grand Commandant, indicating this is may an ability granted to high-ranked enough changelings, rather than an actual different species.
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