Glowing inside amber hives are colonies of mystical creatures known as pixies. When unleashed, they can wreak havoc on the mind by causing vivid hallucinations.
The Art of Trollhunters

Pixies are minuscule, glowing creatures that are commonly used as a diversion to cloud the minds of an enemy.


According to Blinky, the pixies fought a war against the fairies centuries ago and were successful.

In "Where Is My Mind?", Angor Rot tried to use his own pixies to fool around with Strickler, making him see a hallucination of Bular and forcing him to remove the Inferna Copula. However, Strickler could see through the deception when a girl walked through the Bular illusion. Then, Angor Rot releases a swarm of them in Arcadia Oaks High to make a diversion and confront the Trollhunter.

After exchanging a deal with Jim, he summons the pixies back into his amber hive, freeing all of the students from their hallucinations. Of course, while he walks underneath the sewers, a pixie escapes his hive and enters his head, causing him to see his shadow crumpling away as he dies empty. He expunges the pixie and crushes the little pest in annoyance.

Physical Description

Pixies are minuscule, yellow glowing balls that leave a yellow trail behind while they fly around, usually seen as zig-zags.

They are mostly heard giggling high-pitched, and they shriek whenever they're crushed.

Powers & Abilities

Pixies are capable of entering the heads (either through their ears or noses) of other beings and make them suffer from hallucinations, most of which are their greatest fears.


Pixies can be easily expunged from their victim with a simple slap to the head.


Appearances in the Trilogy


Part One


  • According to Toby when a pixie entered his head, he felt strange sensations and his heart rate began rising before his mind would give into the pixie's influence.
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