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Her name is Petunia. Because she's a flour. Get it? Like "flower"? Okay, maybe it's not the best name.
―Claire to Jim in Just Add Water

Petunia was a bag of flour assigned to Claire and Jim in their heath class about parenting.

Physical Appearance[]

Petunia was a brown bag wearing a diaper. Her facial features were drawn in black ink, and she had black hair held in place with colored pins, just like her mother.


During health class, bags of flour were assigned to groups of two. Claire and Jim were paired up and they seemed to be happy together as flour parents. Claire seemed to be more protective over Petunia than Jim. She scolded Jim for not giving their "daughter" a helmet while on his vespa and when Petunia was blown up, she was mildly heartbroken.

Trivia []

  • Petunia did not die in vain as she was the key to finding the Gruesome's weak spot.
  • Petunia is the only known female flour baby. At first Jim thought that she was a boy but Claire corrected him
  • Petunia is said to have a nose similar to her father, Jim. She is also the only flour baby with a nose.


Appearances in the Trilogy


Trollhunters (Part Two)[]