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Party Monster is the twenty-first episode of Trollhunters.

Official Synopsis[]

The Changeling posing as Claire's little brother throws a house party for the trolls of Arcadia. Jim and Toby look for a way to take Strickler's ring.


Jim, Toby, and Claire make a plan to get the ring while Strickler is sleeping. Toby questions if changelings even sleep, so Jim says they need to make a new plan, spiking his coffee with cold medicine. Claire wonders if his office is guarded, like last time. Toby questions what if the ring doesn't come off easily. Claire suggests cutting off Strickler's hand. Jim is about to when Toby reminds him that if he cuts of Strickler's hand, his mom's hand also gets cut off. Jim says they're not ready. There's too much risk. But they have Trollmarket to help.

Claire sees Jim and Toby off, saying Mary and Darci are coming over for girls' night since her parents are out of town. Claire finds NotEnrique in the kitchen making a mess. She says her parents being gone doesn't give him free reign. She's still his big sister. He says he's a few centuries older. Ever since he arrived, Claire's been taking the blame for everything he's done. He reminds her he's putting his life on the line to side with them instead of Gunmar. She takes him back to his crib because her friends are coming over. After she goes downstairs, he calls Bagdwella and tells her to invite everyone.

Toby and Jim go to Rot and Gut's to ask for a ring remover spell. Rot finds one, but Gut says it's ringworm remover. Blinky tells them they need to know exactly what they're looking for to get it from Rot and Gut. Blinky knows the place to find it.

Blinky has brought them to the library to read and find the solution. Blinky says his brother spent centuries curating their kind's most exotic collection of scrolls, tomes, and tests. If there's a solution, it's in those books. The books are all he has left of his brother. Blinky is surprised to see AAARRGGHH!!! in the library. AAARRRGGHH!!! is secretly reading about his condition. He makes excuses and leaves. Toby's noticed him acting weird recently, but Blinky doesn't think it's concerning. They all start reading.

Claire tells herself to enjoy her time with the girls. NotEnrique starts playing loud music and asks Claire how to make it louder. She orders him to baby up and get in his crib. The doorbell rings, so she goes to answer it, but finds no one there. NotEnrique tells her he's got it and opens the back door to reveal trolls. Claire tells him he's not having a party. Claire calls Mary, who apologizes for being late and says they just picked up a pizza. Claire tells them not to come over, but they overhear the background noise and ask about it. Claire hangs up on them.

Jim is upset that they haven't found anything yet. Blinky has fallen asleep and startles awake. He says reading makes his two eyes very tired very quickly. They learn that Blinky has not been sleeping enough as he thought he only needed 8 minutes. Toby's not sure how much more he can ready. Toby grabs a book and Jim thinks he's found something. Jim reads about a draught of Elixlore, which allows you to consume knowledge at a voracious pace.

They go back to Rot and Gut's and ask for Elixlore. Toby takes the bottle and drinks. Jim says he was only supposed to drink a drop. His belly starts gurgling. Words float off the pages and enter Toby's mouth. He now has that knowledge. Jim brings him another book and he does it again.

Claire tries to order the trolls out of her house, but they refuse to listen. She goes to NotEnrique and tries to get him to stop the party. AAARRRGGHH!!! arrives and Claire's excited to see him, but he's not there to help her. Claire's concerned about him, but NotEnrique says AAARRRGGHH!!! just needs to blow off some steam.

Darci and Mary pull up outside and think Claire's having a party. They wonder why she didn't invite them.

Claire finds that it's snowing in her room. She starts screaming. She hears a car outside and sees Mary and Darci coming toward her front door. They're upset with Claire. But Claire says she's not having a party. Darci asks if it's college kids and they beg to be let in. Mary tries to climb the house, followed by Darci. Claire goes back inside and tells NotEnrique that Mary's going to tell everyone. If she posts about it, there will be news vans and NotEnrique will end up on a dissection table. She tells him to shut it down. NotEnrique looks down at a picture of Claire and Enrique that has fallen and broken.

Jim tries to wake Blinky, but can't. Jim picks up his phone and it's Claire. They each need each other to come where they are. Toby screams for more knowledge. Jim says he can't come to Claire and says she can figure it out. Toby refuses to stop and tells Jim to do something impossible, you have to change what's possible. Then he tells Jim the Kairosect will give them all they need to get the ring. They must return to Gatto's Keep. Jim tries to get Toby to stop, but he insists he must know everything.

Darci asks Claire for her wifi password and asks why her floor is all wet. Claire asks her where Mary is.

Mary is flirting with a troll in the dark, unable to tell what he is. Claire interrupts and pulls Mary away.

Toby starts to gurgle more and then starts throwing up the words he's consumed. Blinky wakes up in a pile of books and smells the Elixlore. Toby's back to normal, but the library is in disarray.

Mary is upset with Claire, who tells both her and Darci they need to leave. Darci and Mary are upset that Claire doesn't spend time with them anymore. They think it's because she has a college boyfriend and is keeping it secret to spare Jim's feelings. Suddenly police come outside and break up the party. Darci and Mary go out the window and leave. Claire goes to open the door and finds NotEnrique. He apologizes for having the party and says she can see her brother through him anytime she asks. They call a truce. NotEnrique says she can go to sleep and he'll clean up the rest. Claire picks up the picture of her and Enrique and puts it back on the wall.



  • "Me and My Crew" from the All Hail King Julien soundtrack plays in this episode.
  • It is revealed that Blinky "had" a brother, Dictatious, and keeps his books in his library as a keepsake. Little would he know for the future... he's not as dead as he believes.
  • This is the first and only episode of Trollhunters where Jim is never seen in his Trollhunter Armor. However, he still uses his amulet to translate Blinky's books in the library and the Sword of Daylight is seen in the trio's imaginary planning montage.
  • In Claire's bedroom, there is a cameo of Guillermo del Toro in the family portrait.
  • Title: It likely refers to the 2003 film of the same name.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: The second instance of the word "crap" is used in this episode. When it's revealed by Toby that Jim needs to retrieve the Kairosect from Gatto's Keep, Jim responds "Gatto!? Oh great, aren't you already on his crap list!?"


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