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Party Crashers is the eighth episode of 3Below.

Official Synopsis[]

An incoming message from Akiridion-5 alarms Vex. Meanwhile, the arrival of bounty hunters ruins the royals' outing in the woods with friends.


Alpha sends Beta to go hunt.

Varvatos talks to the king and queen's life cores, telling them they'd be proud of Aja. Mother tries to tell him about an incoming invader, but he dismisses it.

Outside, Beta, in the form of a cat, tries to enter, but gets knocked back by a force field.

Varvatos talks about Krel next. Mother asks if she can vaporize the invader, but he says he'll do it himself.

Beta tries to breech the perimeter, but can't. Varvatos goes to check, but just sees a cat on the fence. Varvatos then hears Zadra's voice calling to Aja and Krel. He picks up the communication device and answers her. She starts to talk about the traitor, but starts breaking up.

Omega says the shields are too strong, so they need another means of attack.

Varvatos looks outside again, but still just sees a cat. he hears Zadra say she knows the identity of the traitor.

Steve asks Aja to go to the bonfire with him. She asks if she can bring Krel. He says no and she realizes he's asking her on a date. They both pretend to be playing on their phones as they walk away from each other.

Aja tells Krel about her date with Steve.

Eli tells Steve about wanting to go into the woods to hunt something he saw on the internet.

In class, Eli asks Krel to hang out. Miss Janeth tells Krel he has another perfect test. Seamus is angry with Krel because Miss Janeth only gives one A and it used to be his.

Ricky and Lucy take pictures and see Aja off for her date. Mother also reminds them if they're not him in time, their human forms will wear off. Steve approaches and Mother identifies him as an invader. Ricky and Lucy meet Steve.

Stuart examines the communication device Zadra used and says she was taking a risk using it because anyone can track the signal. Varvatos says the information she has must warrant such a risk. He thinks it's the identity of the traitor who lowered the force fields, enabling the attack. Stuart wonders how anyone could betray them and Varvatos says he could have a perfectly legitimate reason. Stuart doesn't believe there would be a good reason. Stuart wants to help attack the traitor.

Shannon sings around the bonfire. Steve and Aja arrive. Aja is entranced by the fire. When Steve goes to get supplies to make s'mores, Mary and Darci question Aja about Steve. Aja says she's not really having a good time. Mary asks Darci where Toby is and she says he went with Claire and Jim to visit Jim's "Uncle Marlin" or something.

A quick clip of Jim diverting the water to allow them to escape plays.

Steve starts to tell a scary story about the Billycraggle.

Krel and Eli walk through the woods. They hear a roar in the woods and Eli steps forward to check it out. He comes face-to-face with Beta, who growls at him. Eli runs way, leaving Krel to fight. Krel fights it off and goes with Eli to run away. They come upon the other kids and Eli tells them to run because the Billycraggle is coming. Krel asks where Aja is. Mary says she's with Steve and believes they're kissing.

Steve leads Aja to see a tree. She loves it. They don't have trees at home, but she loves it. She climbs the tree. Steve tries to follow, but falls. She lifts him up into the tree with her. At the top of the tree, she tells Steve about Zadra telling them stories about the universe when she was young. Steve points out some stars to her. She leans in to kiss him, but realizes she's started to turn back into her normal form and runs away. Steve picks up her serrator, which she has left behind. As she runs, Aja runs into Krel, who turns back as well. Krel tells her the Zerons are after them and Aja realizes her serrator is missing.

Stuart is nearly done with his work. Varvatos receives a call and learns the kids haven't returned home yet and they're in true form. Varvatos hears a voice coming through and tries to talk to Zadra again. He takes the device and goes to help the royals.

A fight starts between the royals and the zeros.

The other kids see the flashes and believe it's the Billycraggle. He sees Steve and says they need to get the Billycraggle because it's not like their friends.

Aja and Krel climb into the trees to escape from the zerons. While they're in a tree, the zerons knock it down. Aja ends up trapped under the trunk and can't see Krel. Luug suddenly appears, along with Krel. They are able to free Aja, but suddenly, the zerons are all staring at them. Just then, Varvatos appears and tackles them. Aja and Krel join him to help fight. Varvatos defeats Beta and they run away, leaving Alpha and Omega to grieve.

Aja is texting Steve.

Steve gets home and he's happy to get a text from Aja. Just then, he accidentally activates Aja's serrated.

Varvatos finally gets to talk to Zadra. He tells her the heirs are safe. She says he's a traitor.

Varvatos remembers his last time talking to the king. The king said he knew it was Varvatos and tells him to protect the children.

Varvatos tries to explain, but Zadra won't listen. She tells him she's coming for him. Varvatos watches the children through the window sadly.

Izita has tracked the royal heirs to Earth. Zadra tells her they'll need a ship and then they'll kill the traitor.



  • This is the second episode to directly feature the Trollhunters, albeit with a brief, non-speaking role (a scene from "For the Glory of Merlin").
  • This episode marks the first official date between Aja and Steve. Although cut short, Aja is really starting to develop feelings for Steve throughout this episode.
  • In this episode, with the continuous teasing from Mary and Krel to Aja, Mary created the name "Staja", and Krel made it a ship between Steve and Aja officially.
  • Zeron Beta is killed by Varvatos Vex in this episode.
  • Steve briefly lampshades Eli's change in voice (an inside reference to Cole Sand's aging). 


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