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Parental Guidance is the sixth episode of Part Three of Trollhunters and the forty-fifth episode overall.

Official Synopsis

When Barbara's art obsession leads to an "aha!" moment, she demands Jim tell her the truth. Dictatious reveals Gunmar's plans to resurrect Angor Rot.


Barbara's memory of the Troll World has suddenly returned, which means that the kids have a lot of explaining to do to their folks. When they can't think of any more lies and Barbara becomes fed up, Jim is forced to admit the truth.

Meanwhile, Dictatious has finally reunited with his brother, but earning his trust is a completely different task altogether. When Dictatious accidentally leads a group of goblins right to Jim's house, Dictatious has even more explaining to do. The Trollhunters and their parents fight off the goblins, showing each other their worth as a Trollhunter or protective parent.


The episode starts off with Barbara in her basement, painting a picture of Jim in his armor. That's when her memories start to surface.

The Trollhunters are biking home from school, talking about their grades on their Spanish test. They arrive at Jim's house to see Barbara, Mr. and Mrs. Nunez, and Mrs. Domzalski in the living room, with Barbara saying they needed to talk.

Bagdwella is searching through a dumpster in an alleyway, when Dictatious goes over to her in a hood, saying that she needs to take him to Blinkous Galadrigal and that the fate of the world depended on it.

Usurna is walking through the Troll Pub, where goblins were. She went to one goblin and told it to take his friends to find Dictatious and kill him.

Barbara was trying to get the Trollhunters to tell the parents about their Trollhunting, which they were denying. Jim saw Blinky standing by the basement door and Claire distracted the parents by saying they were LARPers. Jim goes to the basement and sees Blinky and Dictatious: Dictatious with his hands bound together. Dictatious tells them about Morgana resurrecting Angor Rot and AAARRRGGHH!!!'s capture. They hear Barbara walking into the basement and the two trolls hide behind the paintings. Barbara convinces Jim to tell the parents about the Trollhunting, and he does so. After the Trollhunters tell the parents the truth, goblins start attacking the home.

While they were fighting the goblins, Mrs. Domzalski was feeding the goblins cookies, thinking they were kitties. A goblin dragged Dictatious into the kitchen and almost kills him, but Jim jumps on top of him before he could. He throws the goblin toward Barbara, who caught him in a blender and blended him. After showing the other goblin his remains, they all scurry out of the house. They all convince Mrs. Nunez to not call the mayor about the trolls and they all promise to keep a secret.

Claire tells her friends that she had visions of Angor Rot and found a way to Merlin's tomb. She told Jim that to find Merlin's tomb, he was going to have to destroy his amulet.



  • Barbara's memory of the Trollhunters officially returns.
    • Additionally, Toby's nana and Claire's folks find out their kids are Trollhunters as well.
  • It is revealed that Claire's parents' names are Javier and Ophelia.
  • This is one of the first episodes where AAARRRGGHH!!! does not appear, but has been mentioned.
  • The music playing in the background while Barbara is painting prior to her regaining her memories is “Morning Mood” by Edvard Grieg.
  • Anton Yelchin is once again included in the credits, as scenes from "A Night to Remember" play in the first few minutes of the episode.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar:
    • When Barbara tries to explain to everyone's parents that their children are in trouble, Claire's father directly asks if they are on drugs.
    • Later, when Jim says their parents deserve to know what they do at night, Mr. Nuñez immediately yells, "What do you do at night with my daughter?!"
      • This is pushed further when Javier states "Well at least that's better than the alternative," after Jim reveals that he, Claire and Toby fight trolls.


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