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Listen, I know this sounds crazy, I know this goes against every parental instinct, but we have to trust them; to protect not only us, but the fate of the world.
―Barbara to Ophelia

Parental Guidance is the forty-fifth episode of Trollhunters and the sixth episode of Part Three.

Official Synopsis[]

When Barbara's art obsession leads to an "aha!" moment, she demands Jim tell her the truth. Dictatious reveals Gunmar's plans to resurrect Angor Rot.


In the basement of the Lake house, Barbara is painting a drawing of her son, Jim, in his armor. When she examines it more closely, a forgotten memory suddenly hits her as she looks at her other paintings: from Blinky, Strickler, Vendel, the trolls of Trollmarket, and finally to Jim. Barbara finally remembers about the world of trolls, yet is fearful of what her son has gotten himself involved in.

Meanwhile, Jim, Toby, and Claire ride their bikes to Jim's house after a long day of school. When they arrive they find Claire's parents and Toby's nana in the living room. They also find a very crossed Barbara waiting for them, wanting to have a little talk with them, to the kids' worry.

Bagdwella is searching through a dumpster when a sound startles her. Dictatious approaches her and begs to be taken to his brother, saying the fate of the world depends on it.

Many goblins are partying when Usurna comes in. She asks who of them is in charge and gets directed to Fragwa, who is playing with the letter toy. She wants the goblins to track down Dictatious and kill him. They agree to.

Claire's parents are worried for her, while Nana doesn't believe Toby would ever be in trouble. Barbara leaves it to the kids to explain. The kids all declare they don't know what she's talking about. Claire's father thinks it's drugs, but Barbara says it's actually trolls. The others think she means internet trolls and laugh when she says she means real ones. She starts sharing what she's remembered, but the other adults don't believe her. Barbara asks Jim to back her up, but he just says the hospital asked her to take time off. Barbara, angry, takes the kids' backpacks and tosses them to their parents to get checked. She pulls the amulet out of Jim's and throws it on the table. Nana finds Toby's Warhammer while Claire's father pulls out a protractor. Claire's mother then pulls out her Staff. However, she thinks Jim stole them from the museum. While they argue with Barbara over that, Blinky calls to Jim from another room. Claire suddenly confesses that they're LARPers and play a fantasy game during lunch. Barbara is upset because she knows that's not the truth. While they talk, Jim slips away.

In the basement, Blinky tells Jim he may know why AAARRRGGHH!!! has disappeared, but isn't sure he can trust the source. Just then, Dictatious comes out, with his hands bound, and says Gunmar is planning to use AAARRRGGHH!!! to resurrect Angor Rot. There's only one being with the power to resurrect him and it's Morgana. Jim doesn't think they should believe Dictatious, but Blinky thinks they should. Barbara starts to come downstairs, forcing them to hide quickly. Jim says he was just looking at her paintings. She's upset that Jim made her look crazy. He looks at her and then starts to tell her the truth. He says he didn't want to drag her into it, but she wants to know when he's in trouble. He says he's not in trouble. He's in real danger. She remembers that he saved her life. She says she doesn't want to stop him. She wants to help him. Blinky then reveals himself and she remembers him, but not Dictatious. Barbara says she just wants to help support Jim.

The goblins are tracking Dictatious.

Claire's parents and Toby's nana are fighting when Jim comes back and starts to tell the adults the truth. They don't believe him until they show their parents.

Blinky is listening to what's happening upstairs. As he argues with Dictatious, goblins come into the house and start to swarm. Blinky fights them off. Dictatious denies having brought them and says Usurnna must have sent them to kill him.

Claire's father is impressed by Jim's armor while her mother decides to call the mayor. She's stopped when Blinky and Dictatious come out of the basement, followed by goblins.

The kids start fighting the goblins while Nana tries feeding them cookies. Claire opens a portal to send the parents out, but they refuse to leave the kids alone. The adults join in the fight. Jim still thinks Dictatious is at fault, but Blinky defends him. Suddenly, a couple goblins start to drag Dictatious away. Fragwa finally gets Blinky pinned and aims a crossbow at him. Barbara sees and stops him from killing Dictatious. Jim then steps in and takes him on himself. Back in the living room, Claire opens another portal to send goblins through and accidentally goes through herself.

Claire is tormented with voices and memories as she looks up toward the light.

Jim pushes Fragwa back and into the blender Barbara is holding, which she uses to blend him.

In the living room, Barbara threatens the other goblins with the blender and they run away. Claire's parents are sad and scared for her. Just then, a portal opens and Claire comes back through. Claire's mother makes another phone call, but Claire tells her she can't tell anyone. Jim backs that up. Finally, Barbara speaks to her directly about trusting and supporting their kids. Claire's mom hangs up the phone. Claire then tells Jim that in the Shadow Realm, she felt like she was seeing memories of Morgana. She says she saw an amulet and a staff with a green gem. Blinky says that's the Staff of Avalon. Legend says it's in Merlin's tomb. She says she also saw Angor Rot. He's back and he's after Jim. She also found a way to Merlin's Tomb, but to find it, Jim will have to destroy his amulet.



  • Barbara's memory of the Trollhunters officially returns.
    • Additionally, Toby's nana and Claire's folks find out their kids are Trollhunters as well.
    • It is also revealed that Claire's parents' names are Javier and Ophelia.
  • Blinky, Claire, Toby, and Jim finally learn (from Dictatious and Claire herself) that Angor Rot is back and is after Jim. They also learn that Gunmar is after the Staff of Avalon, which is hidden in Merlin's Tomb.
  • This is one of the first episodes since Part Two where AAARRRGGHH!!! does not appear, but has been mentioned.
  • The music playing in the background while Barbara is painting prior to her regaining her memories is “Morning Mood” by Edvard Grieg.
  • Anton Yelchin is once again included in the credits, as scenes from "A Night to Remember" play in the first few minutes of the episode.
  • Title: The episode's title is likely a reference to the Motion Picture Association's film rating system, where the PG Rating includes the phrase "Parental Guidance Suggested."
  • Continuity: Javier remarks that there's "no furniture" in his house anymore, courtesy of Morgana trying to trap Jim in the Shadow Realm after she possessed Claire.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar:
    • When Barbara tries to explain to everyone's parents that their children are in trouble, Claire's father directly asks if they are on drugs.
    • Later, when Jim says their parents deserve to know what they do at night, Mr. Nuñez immediately yells, "What do you do at night with my daughter?!"
      • This is pushed further when Javier states "Well, at least that's better than... the alternative" after Jim reveals that he, Claire and Toby are Trollhunters.
  • Error: In the Shadow Realm, when Claire has her visions and sees Angor Rot, he has both his eyes
    • Plausibility: Since Claire saw Angor Rot with both his eyes most of the time, it's possible that the visions were affected by both her and Morgana's memories of what he looked like prior to Jim keeping his eye.


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