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Remember when I told you that magic is mastery over life? Nine hundred years you've guarded this realm. You've disrupted time, freed ancient beasts, fought to save one life at the risk of countless others because you believed every life was precious. And still... despite such relentless hardships, you managed to protect those dearest to you. My, Hisirdoux, what a life you've lived. What a wizard you've become.
―Merlin's spirit to Douxie on the border of the afterlife

Our Final Act is the tenth episode and series finale of Wizards.

Official Synopsis[]

The Arcane Order pushes Douxie to make an impossible choice: save his friends... or save the planet. Which will he pick? Only time will tell.


The Arcane Order approaches. They want Nari, but the others refuse to let them take her. They all prepare to fight.

Two Hours Later

Douxie leaves the ship with the Genesis Seals and finds ruin outside the shop. He runs inside in a panic and finds Krel partially encased in stone. Krel tells him they couldn't stop the Order and they took Nari. He says Dadblank can show Douxie himself. Douxie watches the short video feed. Douxie looks over the book for something to help, but Archie just reminds him what Merlin said. They have Nari, so they can't let the Order get the Seals or it's the end of the world. Douxie doesn't want to leave his friends to die either. He has to decide to save his friends or save the world.

All of the allies are entombed partially aboard the Order's fortress to prevent their escape. They want Douxie's location. Claire makes a plea to Jim, but he's under the Order's control. Douxie's ethereal form appears with the Seals. He tells them to come get them if they want them. He'll be at the cafe. Bellroc and Skrael leave Jim and The Green Knight in charge of the others.

Krel has built something for Douxie he believes will work. Archie says it might be a mistake, but Douxie knows a wizard doesn't make mistakes.

Bellroc and Skrael enter the cafe. He's set up a shell game and challenges them to find the Seals. They choose a bowl, but inside is a trap which catches them in an energy field. It's a miniature Heart of Avalon, Douxie explains. As he summons his guitar and microphone, he christen his invention: Hisirdoux's Eternal Time Trap. The Order are offended that he would mess with the forces of time, declaring he lacks the power to control such an instrument. Douxie remarks that people such as Arthur, Merlin and the Order have always said that about him, and he believed it, so he never tried. It was only through the help of friends does Douxie realize his inner strength. With each stroke of his guitar, he declares himself successor to Merlin and protector of the Earth. With a swing of the guitar, he opens a time portal and throws the Seals into it, forcing the Order to dive in after them. When they emerge on the other side, as Bellroc scrambles to get their hands on the Seals, Skrael realizes they're trapped in a time loop. Suddenly, Nimue emerges from the water, declaring them unworthy as she kicks them through time right into Ojos del Salado. Gatto believes they've come to steal his treasure and briefly chomps them in his mouth before they are thrown into the Darklands. Next thing they know, the Order is run over by the Team Trollhunters' Gyre before being attacked by a Nyarlagroth.

Arthur leaves Jim in charge of the others while he goes to secure Nari. After he's gone, Claire make another appeal to Jim. Archie then appears and breaks AAARRRGGHH!!! out of his restraint, then the others. AAARRRGGHH!!! fights with Jim, trying to snap him out of his trance. Douxie comes in and knocks Jim back, saving AAARRRGGHH!!! Douxie is surprised to see Morgana there, but she says she's there to deal with her brother. Claire tells him that they took Nari somewhere. Everyone but Douxie boards the airship. Douxie stays behind to get Nari and finish his plan.

Morgana goes to Arthur and they fight. Arthur gains the lead onto when Morgana pushes him out the window and they start to fall. o Jim wakes up on the ship and starts attacking them. He damages the ship, sending them spiraling to the ground.

Back at the cafe, Douxie's device begins to weaken, thus releasing Bellroc and Skrael. Collecting the Seals once again, they realize Douxie is absent and conclude that he's after Nari. They soon rocket out of the cafe towards their fortress with a fiery vengeance.

Douxie frees Nari. Archie warns him that the Order has broken free. As they flee, Bellroc and Skrael appear behind them. Douxie sends Nari and Archie out and traps the Order with an infinite corridor. Annoyed at being delayed by beginners' magic, Bellroc casts a fireball at Douxie only for it to pass through the portal and strike them in the back. Infuriated by his continued insolence, Bellroc says he'll die for that, but that was Douxie's plan all along, so his friends and Nari could get away.

AAARRRGGHH!!! and Jim are fighting again. Jim doesn't respond to his pleas, so Claire steps in. He attacks her instead.

Douxie battles the Order while Archie gets Nari to safety.

Claire tells Jim to fight it. She casts dark magic against him. He says his soul belongs to the king.

Arthur and Morgana fight. He injures her with an onyx shard, which began to slowly kill her. Morgana saids Arthur failed to destroy the world and she failed to save it. So maybe the Guardians of Arcadia will fare better.

Realizing that the Arthur she knew no longer exists and is beyond redemption, Morgana tells him that he's no longer worthy to wield Excalibur. She casts a spell to strip him of his right to wield it, casting it into a stone.

Jim picks up Claire by throat, who begs him to be Jim again.

As Douxie takes cover behind a column, Bellroc and Skrael taunt him, saying the "summoning" is nigh. Breaking cover, Douxie casts a powerful spell, which is matched by the Order's.

Morgana crawls away as Arthur tells her she's a disgrace to Camelot's memory. She brings what remains of Camelot down on top of him.

As Arthur is crushed, Jim protects Claire from the impact as golden magic washes over him. As the dust settles, Claire realizes Jim's spell is broken upon seeing his blue eyes when suddenly, he turns to stone. The others grieve his loss. When one of Claire's tears touches him, the stone breaks apart, revealing Jim. He's miraculously restored to his original human form (with a couple scars on his face) and looks up at the girl of his dreams. Claire cries in joy and gratefully embraces him in relief to have him back.

Back aboard the Arcane Order's fortress, feeling it's the end, Douxie bids his friends farewell as he release the magical energy, causing a massive explosion that throws himself and Bellroc and Skrael to the ground. Douxie's friends spot his fall and Nari chases after him as he hits the ground.

Douxie wakes up in Merlin's workshop. He's delighted to see Merlin there. Merlin questions why Douxie is there, but knew Douxie didn't follow his instructions, but Douxie has no regrets. He celebrates Douxie's life and accomplishments. Morgana is there as well, saying that Merlin has good taste in apprentices. It's time for Merlin and Morgana to rest in peace as the Age of Wizardry comes to an end, but they tell Douxie to remain behind to carry on the wizards' legacy in the Age of Man and protect Nari no matter what.

The others are surprised when Douxie wakes up. He sees Jim back as a human and learns Arthur is dead. Excalibur needs a new master.

Toby tries to pull Excalibur from the ground, but fails. Jim tries next and also fails. Jim wonders if he's still the Trollhunter without the amulet. Douxie says his strength didn't come from the amulet but from his friends. Douxie says he has to take Nari and leave before the Order catches up. They leave, but Douxie says he'll see his friends soon enough.

After Douxie leaves, Jim hugs Claire again, ready to resume his life back in Arcadia... yet he glances at Excalibur awaiting its new master.

In Metro City, a man stands on a street corner saying the world's going to end. Douxie, Nari, and Archie approach, all in disguises. Douxie throws some money into the man's cup and says the end won't come on his watch.

Bellroc is watching from a nearby rooftop.



  • This is the very last episode in the entire Tales of Arcadia trilogy (excluding the movie).
  • Douxie becomes Nari's new protector and leaves with her and Archie out of Arcadia to hide from the Arcane Order, but he promises to return to see his friends soon.
  • The first appearance of Metro City, which will be one of the major settings in Rise of the Titans.
  • After realizing what a despicable monster Arthur has become, Morgana uses the last of her magic to strip him of his right to wield Excalibur before sacrificing herself to put an end to her undead brother once and for all. This act of redemption allowed Morgana's spirit to join Merlin in the Light Realm and make amends with her old master.
  • Jim is freed from Arthur's corruption and restored back into his human form, but no longer possesses the Amulet of Daylight.
    • This episode marks the first time Jim is seen as a human since the 3Below episode, "Lightning in a Bottle".
    • In a moment of foreshadowing when Jim turns to stone, he does so in the same pose as AAARRRGGHH!!! in "Something Rotten This Way Comes" and Draal in "Unbecoming", neither of which were permanent deaths (though Draal's first one was from an alternate reality).
    • It is heavily implied at the end of the episode that Jim will become worthy enough to wield Excalibur, which will be a major plot point for Rise of the Titans. This was likely foreshadowed in the very first episode of the trilogy "Becoming: Part 1" when Jim pulls Daylight out of stone the first time he summoned his armor.
  • While dueling Arthur and striping him of Excalibur, Morgana is in a stance similar as Scarlet Witch while she holds against Thanos' blades in Avengers: Endgame.
  • Continuity:
    • When Bellroc and Skrael are trapped in a time loop and sent to the Darklands, they are run over by a gyre piloted by Draal while Toby warns him about the Order up ahead. This particular time loop takes place during the Trollhunters' escape in the events of "Homecoming".
    • Jim knocks out Steve's tooth a second time, the first time being "Wherefore Art Thou, Trollhunter?"


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