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The Omniscienstone is a gemstone which allows the user to glimpse the future. 


The Omniscienstone was presumably created by Merlin to see the future, although imperfectly. 

Later, when Deya the Deliverer journeyed to Merlin's Cave in order to seek answers, she spotted the stone lying on the ground. Picking it up, she inserted it into her amulet and saw a variety of visions- the creation of the amulet, Jim fighting Gumm-Gumms, Blinky's death, Jim as a human-troll hybrid, Draal as the Trollhunter and finally the human bones of a Trollhunter.

Deya then threw the stone away, overwhelmed by the enormity of the visions.


The Omniscienstone is a small indigo-blue gem.


The Omniscienstone gives the user the ability to glimpse the future, both actual and alternate. However, its predictions are not absolute and it only shows what may or may not happen. Unfortunately Merlin also says that to use it without preparation could is akin to courting madness.


  • In Troll lore, indigo-blue gems are said to have foretelling properties.