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The Age of O.M.E.N. has begun!
General Morando[src]

O.M.E.N. (Ocular Mechanically Engineered Neutralizers) were advanced modified blank robots designed to serve General Morando and eradicate the royals and innocents who praise them.


Desperate to destroy the Resistance on Akiridion-5 (and, by extension, House Tarron), Morando creates and activates an advanced blank robot called the Ocular Mechanically Engineered Neutralizer (or Omen), which is designed to eradicate and harm those who oppose Morando himself, even if they are completely innocent and/or harmless.

The Omens were programmed by Morando himself to eliminate any Akiridion citizen who praises House Tarron, no matter if they were children or not. They was also programmed to exterminate House Tarron, even using their own mothership and blank robots against them.

Physical Description[]

The Omens look almost identical to a blank robot, but are higher tech and significantly more durable. They stand taller than a normal Blank, and emit a red glow from their black body.

Powers & Abilities[]

The Omens are much more powerful than a common blankbot.

Like others blanks, the Omens' limbs are connected by some type of energy similar to a magnetic union, that permit them to disconnect their bodies for attack or to avoid direct damage. They can launch their arms to catch enemies and attack from a distance and they are the only blank robots who can restore their own limbs. They have incorporated a scanner with some special function to search and identify their main objectives. They were able to identify Zadra as a Resistance agent due to her wearing the ring that symbolized her true allegiance to House Tarron. They could also reprogram and hijack House Tarron's Mothership and use the ship's own blank robots to force them to attack the royals. Omens can receive and send audio and image for General Morando in real time from Earth to Akiridion-5. They are also serrator proof.

In their main bodies, they have storage spaces to carry things, like the king and queen's life cores. Each of Omen's arms has a blade capable of changing length. Omen can fire a powerful, continuous laser beam from his chest capable of great damage.


Being blank robots, the Omens are still vulnerable to being hacked and incapacitated as Krel was able to do when he briefly regained control of the mothership. They are also not indestructible, as massive amounts of energy- far exceeding the output of a serrator, such as the energy core of a ship- can destroy them.


Appearances in the Trilogy


Part One[]

Part Two[]


  • Omen is the second antagonist to be killed off by the last episode of a Part One. The first is Angor Rot, who was killed at the end of the second half of Part One in Trollhunters (in spite of being resurrected in Part Three and was then killed off in the end again).
    • However, in Part Two, Morando has created an entire army of Omens.


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