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Ojos del Salado is a fort within the realm of the Volcanic Trolls located in the stratovolcano Nevado Ojos del Salado below Argentina. The place is home to Gatto, a living mountain and guardian of the Gatto's Keep. It is inhabited by many Volcanic Trolls who work for Gatto collecting minerals to feed it, but he often eats one of them on "accident" when they bring him his dinner.

Gatto's Keep

 Gatto's Keep is a vault where the largest and most powerful treasures are stored, kept away from those who intend to use them because they are too dangerous. It is found inside the stomach of Gatto, surrounded by stomach acid lava. Among its treasures are Gunmar's Birthstone, the Kairosect, many jewels and gold, magic potions and ancient relics.  Gatto actually hoards it to lure treasure hunters to his den in order to feed on them.
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