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Ojos del Salado is a fort within the realm of the Volcanic Trolls below Argentina.

The place is home to Gatto, a Mountain Troll and guardian of Gatto's Keep. It is inhabited by many Volcanic Trolls who work for Gatto collecting minerals to feed him, but he often eats one of them by "accident" when they bring him his dinner.


Ojos del Salado was formed a long time ago, either by natural causes or by Gatto to serve as a residence for him.

Jim and his friends journeyed to Ojos del Salado to retrieve the Birthstone. Upon arrival, they were confronted by Gatto, who demanded that they solve a riddle if to get the Birthstone, otherwise he will eat them. Claire successfully solved the riddle, but Gatto swallowed Blinky and Toby anyway. Inside Gatto's stomach, Blinky and Toby retrieved the Birthstone, and then Blinky dropped one of Toby's spicy tacos into Gatto's stomach lava. This caused Gatto to have a major stomach upset, and the two came out of the "other exit". They then joined Jim and the others and went back to Trollmarket.

Jim and the others then repeated this stunt when they went back to get the Kairosect.

Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! went to Ojos del Salado to recruit Gatto as an ally. However, Gatto refused to join them, citing Jim's misbehaviour and Gatto's alliance to Gunmar, as per tradition as the reason.


It is a dark, dimly-lit place hewn from solidified lava, but there are many rivers of molten lava. There are several wooden ramps used for transportation and a few torches placed here and there provide the only light. In the centre of the cave stands Gatto. The place teems with several masked Volcanic Trolls who serve Gatto.

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Gatto's Keep[]

 Gatto's Keep is a vault where the largest and most powerful treasures are stored, kept away from those who intend to use them because they are too dangerous. It is found inside the stomach of Gatto, surrounded by stomach acid lava. Among its treasures are Gunmar's Birthstone, the Kairosect, many jewels and gold, magic potions and ancient relics.  Gatto actually hoards it to lure treasure hunters to his den in order to feed on them.

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  • It is located in the stratovolcano, Nevado Ojos del Salado, in Argentina of South America.