"Sorry to disappoint, but this baby ain't going quietly."

"Your whole body is like an old sausage left on the grill too long."

"When I heard you changed, I didn't know it was into a fat, balding, hot fudge sundae."

"Hey, tons-of-fun! What are you doing all the way up there?"

"Let's crank this party up!"

"Really? The scruff again?!"

"Claire, I'm back! I've forgotten me—... Eh, I'm not dealing with this."

"I'm not an it!"

"A tisket, a tasket, a socky in a basket. What color you got for me?"

"Nobody grabs me scruff!"

"Definitely not childproof."

"Never before have I heard words of such poetry and passion."

"Let's go save some babies."

"I told you that would work."

"You did go raising him, doll. Here's a thousand new babies to raise."

"Have fun with that, you two."


"Oi, occupied! Close the door!"

"I'm done, fridge is all yours."

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