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NotEnrique is a supporting character in the Tales of Arcadia franchise (sans Wizards).

He is a Changeling who briefly took the place of baby Enrique Nuñez, close friends with Gnome Chompsky, the foster son of Javier and Ophelia Nuñez, and the foster brother of Claire Nuñez and his familiar, Enrique.

Official Biography[]

"NotEnrique is the self-serving, foul-mouthed Changeling who takes Baby Enrique's place. His size and appearance resemble a toddler, even in Troll form. Always out for his own self-interest, he will play both sides against each other for his personal gain, and to save his own hide."



NotEnrique is a Changeling who used to live in the Darklands and was born hundreds years ago.

Trollhunters (Part One)[]

Replacing Enrique[]

After Gladysgro was slain by Jim, Gunmar decides to send a new Changeling into Arcadia, sending the message to his subordinates through a Fetch. After this, a Goblin kidnaps Enrique Nuñez and takes him to the Darklands, allowing NotEnrique to take his place. Jim can witness the abduction and comes to the conclusion of his identity, becoming his babysitter to discover it. It is revealed that Bular is working with someone else.

Jim and the group decides to leave him where he is, to avoid alarming the family. They frequently take him to Trollmarket to prove Vendel the presence of Changelings in Arcadia. While covertly meeting with Strickler, who informed him that his co-conspirators were meeting later tonight to activate the Eye Stone and speak with Gunmar, though NotEnrique is excluded for being exposed to the Trollhunter. When reminded how Bular would be upset, NotEnrique insisted they could turn his exposure to their advantage, as Jim and his friends frequently require his aid. He further mentioned that Blinky had developed a fatherly relationship with Jim and that he had been to Trollmarket. An intrigued Strickler told NotEnrique that he'll report only to him. The little Changeling was then forced to resume his human form when his mother returned to his side.

Later, NotEnrique told Jim (who was under the influence of a Grit-Shaka) where to find Bular in the sewers. He subsequently provided the same information to Toby in exchange for a sock.

NotEnrique later takes a job helping Toby out of a school locker, though he demanded his socks first; Toby gave him only one, promising the other when the job is done. When told that they need him to find a fellow Changeling's secrets in Strickler's office while he's at Jim's house, NotEnrique tried to decline. However, Toby threatens to feed him to Bular, forcing his compliance. He subsequently let Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! into the school.

When the trio finds a secret key hidden in Strickler's pen and a keyhole in his bookcase, NotEnrique was forced to turn the key to circumvent the lock's Changeling-specific safeguard, revealing Strickler's secret room. Toby soon took note of the Book of Ga-Huel and spotted an illustration that resembled AAARRRGGHH!!!, to which NotEnrique insisted was him.

As Toby soon finds the Fetch, NotEnrique tried to pass it off as decorative art only for Blinky to identify the object. As Toby began experimenting with the Fetch, NotEnrique noticed an Antamonstrum stirring from the other side of the room and suggested Toby take a peek on the other side of the Fetch if he hoped to see Enrique. As his blackmailers were preoccupied, NotEnrique took his opportunity to slip out, thinking they would be swiftly killed. But the Antamonstrum chased after Toby, who caught up to NotEnrique, forcing both of them to take cover in the gym. Toby expressed anger at his double-cross to which NotEnrique refuted that he blindly trusted a Changeling. NotEnrique then tried to give Toby the slip again, as he climbed the gym rope into the vents, in which Toby followed. Soon, once they tumbled out of the ducts, with the Antamonstrum on their tail, Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! show up and banish the creature to the Darklands using the Fetch. Toby then kicked NotEnrique for mispronouncing his name, forcing him to flee.

NotEnrique later met with Strickler in his office, where he informed his superior of the loss of the Fetch. Strickler insisted that not everything can go according to the plan before revealing that he had successfully swapped Jim's amulet for a fake.

A Change of Heart[]

After the completion of Killahead Bridge, NotEnrique ends up liking his new life, rejecting his loyalty to Bular. After refusing to return to the Darklands and find Enrique, he kills a Goblin causing them to go after Claire. After revealing everything to Jim and his friends, Blinky forces him to take him to the bridge, which ends with his capture. During the battle between the Trollhunters and Bular's men, NotEnrique decides to help them discreetly, almost being sucked into the Darklands while trying to remove the Amulet from the bridge.

After Claire discovers the truth about the Trolls, she also discovers that NotEnrique impersonates her brother, being forced to take care of him. Despite the innumerable problems that NotEnrique brings, the two end up becoming friends, especially after NotEnrique shows her the real Enrique safe and sound in the Darklands.

Human Blinky[]

NotEnrique visits Jim's house after hearing about Blinky's humanization, and began teasing Blinky (who asked Jim or Draal who invited the annoying changeling). NotEnrique explained that he was bored sitting in his crib all day and and continued to insult him that his human form is ugly.

Blinky's stomach starts to gurgle. NotEnrique explained to Blinky that his stomach was about to spring a leak and an uncomfortable Blinky races to the bathroom. Barbara pulls up outside and Jim tells his troll friends to hide. NotEnrique starts panicking about where to hide, until Jim picks him up and tries to put him in the fridge. NotEnrique refuses to go in with the leftovers, but Jim just shoves him in.

As soon as Claire arrives at the house with Toby, she finds a freezing NotEnrique tumbling out. She quickly picks him up and he transforms into his human baby form. Once outside, Claire throws her fake baby brother into the grass like a sack of potatoes and demands him to return home before her parents notice he's gone.

A Selfie With Toby[]

After Toby opens the curse box, he spots Claire's house and tries to swim through the air to get to it. He calls out to NotEnrique for help, who finds it funny and instead of helping - takes a selfie with Toby floating in the background.

As Toby floats further away, NotEnrique tells him that he'll send him a copy of the photo (although his phone was destroyed).

All Monster Dance Party[]

One night, NotEnrique throws a wild party in the Nuñez house and invites all of his monster friends, on the same night that Mary and Darci are supposed to hang out with Claire.

When the two arrive at the house, Claire tries to cover up the party, only to make them more curious. Claire then confronted NotEnrique, warning that if Mary were to get a snapshot of all the trolls and posts it on social media, they'd then be surrounded by news vans, black helicopters, and the little Changeling on a dissection table. With no other way to get them out, NotEnrique decides to impersonate the police and scare the troll guests into leaving the house, which succeeds. As soon as Mary, Darci, and the trolls leave, Claire and NotEnrique reconcile. However, NotEnrique tries leaving Claire to clean up, only to be grabbed by the scruff, forcing him to pick up after himself. As he got started, NotEnrique remarked that real siblings fight all the time and suggested that this pretty much makes them family.

Angor Rot's Attack[]

While Trollmarket prepares for Angor Rot's attack on Trollmarket, NotEnrique is brought to Gnome Chompsky to translate Gunmar's message to Jim, that he knows Jim killed Bular and shall "make an ocean of blood from his loved ones and a throne with their bones'.

When Angor arrives, Jim brings AAARRRGGHH!!! and NotEnrique to the main entrance, but it was only a golem. They realize that the soulless assassin was using the other entrance: the gyre station.

While attacking the golems, NotEnrique finds Claire caught in one of its grips and he saves her. Just as Angor Rot was killed, NotEnrique is seen trying to save Chompsky from one of the golem's fists, but in the nick of time, it collapses following Angor's demise, much to the changeling's relief.

Trollhunters (Part Two)[]

Losing His Human Form[]

When the real Enrique comes back from the Darklands, NotEnrique starts to feel unneeded (due to losing his human form, now that Enrique is freed from the Darklands) and decides to find a new life to lead. Before he leaves, Claire kindly gives him her stuffed bunny as a keepsake. However, Claire gives NotEnrique one more adventure before he takes off.

That night, the two go to the shipping docks, where the pieces of the bridge are going to be thrown into the bottom of the ocean. NotEnrique manages to save both himself, Claire, and the pieces using Claire’s Shadow Staff.

The Janus Order[]

NotEnrique later accompanies Claire, Toby, and Blinky during one of their stakeouts in locating Otto Scaarbach. However, they lose track of him and the whereabouts of the Janus Order.

Luckily, after Toby's new headgear picks up transmissions from one of their bases, they infiltrate Omni-Reach Travels on Delancy. Once they sneak into the base, the team splits up while NotEnrique goes with Blinky. However, the two are discovered and are captured. Otto uses NotEnrique's form to trick Claire and Toby into the room to interrogate the team. NotEnrique tries to talk his way out, but was not able to convince Otto as he never expected much from him.

However, Otto proposes a trade: he wishes Vendel's Heartstone Staff and in return, he shall give them the antidote for Creeper's Sun to revive AAARRRGGHH!!!.

Barbecue Chaos[]

During a cookout for Ophelia's campaign, NotEnrique appears to see Jim and Claire dealing with multi-colored clones of Jim, but he decides to sit this one out.


After learning that Usurna knows about Draal leaving his post and the recent Blood Goblins and Gruesome activities in Arcadia, Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! confront NotEnrique and accuse him of backstabbing them. However, the former changeling denies this accusation. When Usurna herself appears before the trolls and demands the Trollhunter by sundown or else she'll send out a warrant for his arrest.

During Jim's trial against the Tribunal, Toby brings in NotEnrique as a witness. While NotEnrique admires Jim's heroism, he does not help the Trollhunters' case when he admits that Jim shouldn't have gone into the Darklands in the first place. All the while, Usurna continuously calls the changeling an "it", to his disgust.

Evacuating Trollmarket[]

After Usurna reveals her true loyalties to Gunmar and leaves Trollmarket at his mercy, Jim saves NotEnrique and other trolls and escorts them to the gyre station. However, Usurna learns of the Trollhunter's return and corner them in the station. As Claire uses her Shadow Staff's full power, NotEnrique was among one of her friends to help ease the strain and is surprised when the giant portal emerges.

Trollhunters (Part Three)[]

Troll rallying[]

After evacuating Trollmarket, NotEnrique joins the trolls in their warehouse, but misses hanging out in the old Trollmarket. Later, a brainwashed Draal and several Gumm-Gumms invaded the hideout, forcing the trolls to hide in the shadows of Arcadia.

After getting word of Glug's absence and supposed burglaries around town, NotEnrique finds her gathering ingredients for her glug tub. He realizes that she's not the culprit behind the recent crimes and thought about warning the others, until he gets distracted for a nice batch of glug.

Claire's Corruption[]

When Claire (who feels better from her days of a bad cold) gets ready for school, NotEnrique confronts her about her nightly "weirdness" and becomes increasingly worried for her when she goes "joyriding" with her Shadow Staff. He even shows her video footage of herself with glowing eyes and using the Shadow Staff to go somewhere, acting mindless. Claire, however, stubbornly says that she's feeling fine and that the weirdness was just sleepwalking, but NotEnrique was still not convinced.

Claire becomes annoyed when he starts popping out of nowhere, despite his concerns. He believes that a double date doesn't sound like a good idea, due to Claire's abnormal behavior, but Claire continues to stubbornly insist that she's fine before shrugging his suspicions away. NotEnrique later spies on Claire, Jim, Toby, and Darci on the double date, until Claire goes to the bathroom. When Claire finally becomes possessed by Morgana, NotEnrique appears in the bathroom and notices something was definitely wrong, until Morgana roughly grabs him by his scruff. She then knocks him out cold to prevent him from warning Jim about Claire's possession.

Later on, when Morgana almost succeeds in sucking Jim into the Shadow Realm forever, NotEnrique appears at the last minute and knocks her out cold with a frying pan, saving Jim's life. Jim later asks NotEnrique who Morgana was, to which he uneasily replies, "Not someone [Jim] wants to date."

Hanging out with the Parents[]

While Jim and his friends journey to Merlin's tomb, NotEnrique accompanies the adults while Strickler tells them the story of the time when he had dinner with Barbara and Jim (all with he and Jim fighting behind Barbara's back).

Saving the Familiars[]

Before the Eternal Night begins, Jim tasks NotEnrique and Gnome Chompsky to venture back into the Darklands and save the changeling familiars before the entire dark realm crumbles to bits, using a special Cradlestone created by Merlin. They are successful and they return to Arcadia together with a Cradlestone filled with the last of the changeling familiars (trapping the other changelings in their troll forms as well).

In the end, NotEnrique hands the Cradlestone to Stricklander and Barbara so they could care for the babies.

3Below (Part One)[]

NotEnrique was mentioned once by Claire (through her thoughts) in "Mind Over Matter", as she thinks in exasperation that he used her own account to order more socks again.

He briefly appears in the episode "Lightning in a Bottle", as he was in the fridge going through some food and snaps at the siblings to close the door, which they merely shrug. Later on, Aja and Krel stare at him confused while he walks away, telling them he was done with the fridge.

3Below (Part Two)[]

NotEnrique is later seen in Jim's room, helping Barbara and Strickler raise the Changeling Familiars. He was seen drinking a baby's bottle.

Physical Description[]

In his troll form, NotEnrique is a small green troll, with yellow eyes and red irises. He often walks on all fours and wears a diaper. He also has brown hair (which he calls his "scruff") on his back and head and pointy ears.

In his human form, he is exactly identical to Enrique Nuñez. However, he later loses this form after the real Enrique was rescued from the Darklands.


Nicknamed by Toby, NotEnrique is a selfish, foul-mouthed Changeling who takes the place of Claire's baby brother, Enrique. Initially recruited as a spy by Strickler, NotEnrique is discovered by Jim and is forced to help him and the Trollhunters. But once Strickler finds out about his double-duty, NotEnrique ditches Strickler and joins Jim and his team for good.
The Art of Trollhunters

NotEnrique is a demanding Changeling who usually only cares about himself and gives orders to Claire. After his exposure, he tends to help the Trollhunters although usually only if he gets something in return. His allegiance to Gunmar is much less than that of the other Changelings, though he does not have the courage to challenge his men directly. He also has his kind side, feeling compassion for Claire's pain for losing her brother and becomes very concerned after Claire becomes possessed.

Powers & Abilities[]


  • Changeling Physiology: NotEnrique has more abilities than a human or troll. He is also small enough to go through a Fetch to enter the Darklands with ease.
    • Shapeshifting (formerly): As a changeling, NotEnrique had the ability to shift between his human and troll form at will by connecting with his Familiar, Enrique Nuñez. However, he loses this ability after Jim saves the real Enrique from the Darklands, permanently trapping him in his troll form.
    • Familiar Vision: Thanks to his bond with his Familiar, NotEnrique is able to create a vision of the real Enrique using his saliva and a reflective surface, like he showed Claire in "Mudslinging" (though it's for a "limited time only" as he admits).
    • Strength: NotEnrique lacks in certain strength level as his other changeling brethren, but was clearly strong enough to gallop around the house with Toby and a cooking pot on top of him, as shown in "Adventures in Trollsitting". He was also able to knock a possessed Claire out cold with only a frying pan.
    • Superhuman Endurance: NotEnrique can endure more than an average human.
      • Superhuman Durability: Thanks to his stone skin, NotEnrique is durable enough to withstand a strong blow from AAARRRGGHH!!!, albeit briefly knocked out and wheezed.
      • Superhuman Stamina: NotEnrique can physical exert himself for long periods of time without tiring himself.
    • Enhanced Speed: NotEnrique is fast enough to outrun Jim and Toby all over Claire's house without getting touched. He even avoided getting crushed by a collapsing scaffolding during the second Battle of Killahead Bridge.
    • Superhuman Agility: NotEnrique is more agile than most of his brethren.
    • Wall Crawling: NotEnrique is able to crawl up walls and ceilings with his claws.
    • Superhuman Senses: As a changeling troll, NotEnrique's senses are much more acute than an average human's.
    • Sunlight Immunity: As a changeling, NotEnrique is not bothered by sunlight at all, whether in troll or human form.
    • Longevity: Like a troll, NotEnrique can live for hundreds of years, but is capable of being killed.


  • Competent Tutor: Despite his self-serving attitude, NotEnrique is still a capable teacher as he tutored Claire in the Troll language, that she spoke it so perfectly it impressed Vendel, and was able to read the language to study the books about Trollhunters.
  • Party Host: As a dubbed "party monster", NotEnrique is excellent at throwing fun parties for trolls, even taking them place inside Claire's own house, despite the trolls' disdain for changelings.


  • Gaggletacks: Like all changelings, when in physical contact with a gaggletack, NotEnrique can be forced to reveal his true form.
  • Familiar Bond: In order for a changeling to maintain a human appearance in the human world, no harm must come to their familiar in their world (the Darklands). In this case, after Jim rescues Enrique, NotEnrique is unable to maintain a human appearance with his Familiar out of captivity in the Darklands, so is therefore trapped in his troll form forever.
  • Water: As revealed in "Skullcrusher", NotEnrique is afraid of water and can't swim.


  • Cradlestone (briefly): When Jim tasks NotEnrique (along with Chompsky) to venture back into the Darklands to save the changeling familiars, Merlin concocts a magical Cradlestone to help him safely transport the babies. NotEnrique also used it to squash a few goblins when they attack him. After storing all of the babies in the stone, he returns to the surface and hands the stone full of babies to the care of Barbara and Strickler.
  • Frying Pan: In "So I'm Dating a Sorceress", NotEnrique used a frying pan to knock a Morgana-possessed Claire out cold and save Jim before she could trap the Trollhunter in the Shadow Realm.


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  • It is currently unknown what NotEnrique's real name is.
    • According to Aaron Waltke on his Twitter page, NotEnrique's real name has about ten syllabus, but the characters prefer to call him "NotEnrique" due to this. Additionally, even he prefers to be called by his nickname.


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