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Already fierce in hand-to-hand combat, Nomura and her scythe swords are a deadly combination. Designed to mirror Nomura's fury, these swords ignite, burning red during battle.
The Art of Trollhunters

The Scimitars (or Scythe Swords) are deadly weapons used by Nomura.



Its history is unknown, but it was presumably created by Nomura after she became a part of the Janus Order.

Trollhunters Part One[]

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The scimitars are curved sickle-like blades which are steel grey in color when not in use. When in use, however, they glow a brilliant orange-yellow to portray Nomura's wrath. They curve outwards a little at the top. The hilts are made of a heavily burnished metal, most probably having some carvings on them. The pommel has a slight projection at the end and the blade also has a little bit of metal running along its lower end.


They are excellent for slashing and chopping and when wielded with speed, like Nomura does, they are formidable weapons. They are also shown to be very strong in construction, like when Nomura drove them into the floor while being ambushed by the Gumm-Gumms and Kruberas in the episode "In Good Hands". They seemed to have sustained no damage whatsoever when seen again in "The Eternal Knight: Part 1".

Also, they are mostly immune to the powers of the Sword of Daylight and the Sword of Eclipse, as they seemed unaffected when Nomura smashed them onto Jim's swords a number of times. They can inflict severe damage if they connect strongly.


They can easily be lost or taken from the owner, unlike the Swords of Daylight and Eclipse, which magically return to the owner. They can also be destroyed easily.


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  • The scimitars are a cross between the Egyptian khopesh sickle-swords and curved swords like the kilij and talwar.