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I was just a young changeling when I first heard it. Alone in your human world. But there, opening night- when the curtain rose, and the orchestra swelled... Peer Gynt is a little boy who stumbles into a mountain of trolls. He faces a troll king, who tells him, "To thy self be true, and who cares what the world thinks?" But it's just a play.
―Nomura to Jim[src]

Nomura (called by humans as Ms. Nomura) is a former antagonist of Trollhunters, serving as a minor antagonist in the first half of Part One, a neutral-turned-redeemed character in Part Two, and a major character in Part Three.

She is a former Changeling spy of Gunmar and Bular, an ally to Team Trollhunters, and briefly the co-mentor of Jim Lake Jr.

Official Biography[]

"Nomura is a Changeling spy who serves Gunmar. She takes the form of the director of the Museum of Arcadia. In true form, however, she appears as a tall, thin, and vicious troll. Her song is Peer Gynt's "In the Hall of Mountain King", which she often whistles to taunt her enemies."



Nomura was a young Changeling when she first went to a play, where she first heard the famous "In the Hall of the Mountain King." She was intrigued by the play and has whistled the tune on a daily basis.

At some point, she had some kind of romantic relationship with Draal, but they broke it off after Draal discovered that she was, in fact, working for the Janus Order.

Trollhunters (Part One)[]

Building the Killahead Bridge[]

Nomura's first official appearance was when she was sent by the Janus Order along other Changelings on a mission to reassemble the Killahead Bridge in order to free Gunmar from the Darklands. Nomura disguised herself as a museum curator to gather the pieces of the destroyed bridge, which were being shipped from overseas.

She is the first Changeling to be discovered, when Toby accidentally sees her transforming into the museum overnight while escaping from some Goblins. After discovering them, Nomura engages in a fight with Jim Lake that ends when he tricks her into crushing a Goblin, causing the other Goblins to unleash their fury against her. This leads Toby and Jim to also discover that the bridge was being rebuilt.

After relocating the bridge, Stricklander and Bular decide to eliminate her for having been exposed to the Trollhunter, however, Nomura manages to convince Bular not to kill her by showing him that she had obtained a Fetch, with which they could increase their Changelings legion.

In order to redeem her mistakes, Nomura goes to Jim's house to kill him. For this she introduces herself to her mother with the excuse of excusing Jim for the scandal of the museum, and then drugging her with her tea. After chasing Jim around his house without his being able to use his amulet, Nomura is finally confronted and expelled by Draal.

It's later mentioned that Nomura has warned Gladysgro about Jim and Toby.

The Battle for the Killahead Bridge[]

With the completion of the Killahead Bridge, Stricklander steals the Amulet of Daylight to free Gunmar. However, it is soon revealed that this can only be done by the hand of the Trollhunter. So, Bular orders Nomura to capture Jim and take him with them.

Nomura ambushes Jim and Claire in the forest after they were attacked by Goblins. After ordering Claire to flee, Jim engages in a fight with Nomura. In the end, Nomura knocks him out after revealing that she intends to take him to open the bridge. Fortunately, Jim gets saved, thanks to the arrival of Claire, her father, Toby, and AAARRRGGHH!!!, who drive away Nomura.

Jim is finally forced to open the bridge to save a hostage Blinky. However, the Trollhunter manages to uses Toby's Chubby Tracker so that Toby, Draal and AAARRRGGHH!!! could locate his whereabouts and go to his aid. When a battle breaks out, Nomura confronts AAARRRGGHH!!!, being able to pressure him for his abstinence from violence, until he cheats on her to kill one of the Goblins, causing them to attack her like the previous time.

Nomura then starts fighting with Draal. When Stricklander manages to force the opening of the Killahead Bridge, Draal jumps to remove the amulet. Nomura tries to stop him, but she ends up sucking herself through the bridge and ends up trapped in the Darklands.

Trollhunters (Part Two)[]

Prisoner in the Darklands[]

After being sucked by the bridge, Nomura is captured by the Gumm-Gumms and imprisoned as Gunmar decided to vent his fury on her for Bular's death.

One day, after being returned to her cell after a session in Gunmar's arena, Nomura meets Jim Lake who was a prisoner in the next cell. After explaining to him why she was taken prisoner, Nomura remarks that there is no way he can escape since even if he manages to free himself from the Gumm-Gumms, he cannot leave the Darklands with the Killahead Bridge destroyed. Jim says his friends will save him, but Nomura reminds him that only he can open the bridge and boasts his futile efforts and that she will see him die.

When Jim is about to be taken to the arena, Nomura gives him a Cimmerian fruit, stating that it will save his life. When Jim returns alive from his duel with the Nyarlagroth, he thanks Nomura for the fruit. When Jim discovers his friends' message, he tells Nomura that they are already coming for him. Nomura tells him it is good to have hope, even in the Darklands.


Nomura is impressed when Jim manages to survive the following days. Jim says they should wait for their friends to rescue them and then they can both run away, surprising Nomura as he intends to take her with him as thanks for saving his life. Nomura insists that there is no way to escape from the Darklands, but Jim remains positive. Hearing him whistle the Peer Gynt, Nomura tells him how that opera helped her weigh when she was young and alone in the human world. The two keep talking, Jim tells her about his fight with Strickler what amuses Nomura.

In the end, Gunmar set Jim and Nomura to fight each other. Jim tries to convince her that they don't have to fight and that they will be able to return home with the help of his friends, but Nomura insists on fighting seeing it as the only way to save her life. Jim refuses to hurt her and keeps trying to convince her, but Nomura doesn't think they will be rescued. When Jim loses his will to use the Eclipse Blade, Gunmar decides to forgive Nomura and kill Jim, but Toby and Claire arrive in time for Nomura to see the truth in Jim's words and decide to run away with them. After making a Stalkling distract the Gumm-Gumms, Nomura guides them through the tunnels and gives them a means to cross the chasm, but end persecuted by a horde of Goblins that led them to Gunmar.

Nomura decides to fight Gunmar to give the kids the chance to scape, but this one trap her below a rock with a broken leg. After being helped by Toby and Claire, Nomura flees along them when AAARRRGGHH!!! and Blinky arrive to help. Becoming a burden, Nomura tells Jim to leave her and escape while she restrains the Gumm-Gumms. Even so, Jim returns to save her when Draal arrives with the Gyre and everyone manage to leave through the bridge at the last minute.

Still reluctant, Nomura admits that Jim was right about friends and hope. She even makes amends with Draal. However, she skipped town soon after escaping the Darklands.

After Gunmar takes Trollmarket, Nomura, along with Strickler, return to help Jim in his battle against Gunmar.

Trollhunters (Part Three)[]

Training Jim[]

Nomura attends to the practice sessions in which Strickler trains Jim to fight Gunmar in the Changelings' way. She intends to make Jim use his darkness to fight, but seeing him unable to do it, Nomura admits that his humanity will get him killed.

During other training, Nomura gives Jim a can of Gravesand to surface his ferocity. However, Blinky discovers them and helps Jim keep his humanity.

Ambushed in the Museum[]

Just as Nomura returns to her job as a museum curator, she receives an unwelcome visit from Usurna, who plans to take her alive and force her to activate the Staff of Avalon in order to free Morgana and unleash the Eternal Night. Just when she is restrained, she quickly takes one of Usurna's Creeper Sun knives and threatens to kill herself. Knowing she wouldn't do such a thing, she instead uses the knife to cut her ropes and turn one of the Kruberas to stone. She manages to escape the museum, leaving Usurna distraught.

While Jim and his friends discuss the whereabouts of Barbara, Nomura suddenly barges in, severely injured, with a dislocated shoulder. She explains that Usurna tried to capture her and the Gunmar is looking for a changeling to activate the staff. Knowing that there's no stopping Gunmar now, she decides to take the fight to him.

The Eternal Night War[]

Nomura returns to be the curator of the Arcadia museum. However, on her first day back, Usurna surprises her alone in the museum and reveals that Gunmar needs human hands to activate the Staff of Avalon and unleash the Eternal Night, so he has decided to use her for that purpose. When Nomura refuses, Usurna orders the Gumm-Gumms to capture her alive. After taking Usurna hostage, Nomura manages to evade the soldiers and flee.

Nomura suddenly barges into Jim's house, battered and with a dislocated shoulder. She informs the Trollhunters that Gunmar is searching for changelings to activate the Staff of Avalon.

When Morgana begins the Eternal Night, Nomura joins Strickler, Toby and Claire in the battle against the Gumm-Gumm Army. During the battle, Nomura saves Eli and Steve from a Gumm-Gumm (who both were amazed by her beauty).

After the war ends, Nomura joins the trolls on their quest to find a new Heartstone in New Jersey.

3Below (Part One)[]

Nomura makes a brief, non-speaking appearance when she accompanies Strickler and Toby at the Battle of the Bands.

Rise of the Titans[]

Nomura is seen with the Guardians of Arcadia as the figure out a plan to stop the Arcane Order. She is later seen getting ready for the mission. She joins Douxie and AAARRRGGHH!!! to battle Nari and her Earth Titan, and successfully manages to scale the Titan. She then sneaks up on Nari and attempts to break the spell holding her captive. But Nari sensed her movement and imprisoned her in some vines. She then slowly petrified Nomura and then shattered her into pieces of stone.

Physical Description[]

In her human form, Nomura is tall with shoulder-length black hair and appears to be of Japanese descent. She wears a purple jacket and ankle-length skirt, as well as black high-heel boots.

In her troll form, she is a slender troll with purplish-fuchsia skin and cat-like green eyes. She walks on stifle-jointed legs and wields a pair of twin khopeshes. She has long black hair that reaches down to her legs and an extremely pointed chin.


Originally conceived as a tough adversary for Jim and Toby to take down in the fifth episode of the series, Nomura's evolving character stole our hearts (by ripping them out of our chests) with her amazing design, attitude, and her ability to wield two totally sick glowing scythes. She was too much fun to play with, so she eventually found her way into the Darklands with Jim to become an unlikely ally. And can you blame us? Even Draal loved her. And he hates everyone.
Chad Quandt & Aaron Waltke, Staff Writers[src]

At first, Nomura was a ruthless, sarcastic, and sadistic changeling like most of her brethren. She was loyal to Gunmar, wished to bring him into the human world to cause chaos, and would hurt anyone who tries to get in her way. She was arrogant and walked with a swagger. She constantly taunted Jim and Draal during their meetings before she was sucked into the Darklands.

However, after Gunmar tortures her in the Darklands for "entertainment", she begins to see the error of her ways, especially after she forms a friendship with Jim during their time together in the dungeon. She officially turns to the good side after Jim helps her escape the Darklands. This newfound sense of hope and friendship changes Nomura into a loyal and valuable ally to Team Trollhunters, though she still retains her sarcastic and ruthless attitude.

Powers & Abilities[]


  • Changeling Physiology: Nomura possesses more abilities than any human or troll.
    • Shapeshifting (formerly): As a changeling, Nomura is capable of transforming between her human and troll forms by connecting with her Familiar, allowing her to pass as an ordinary museum curator. However, due to her familiar being saved from the Darklands, she can no longer maintain her human appearance.
    • Enhanced Strength: Nomura is noticeably stronger than an average human, although she's more into her speed than strength. Even in her human form, she was strong enough to throw and pierce a sword through a wall with one swing, as shown in "In Good Hands", and throw Jim several feet away with one hand in "Win Lose or Draal".
    • Superhuman Endurance: Nomura can endure more than an average human.
      • Superhuman Durability: Thanks to her stone skin, Nomura can withstand strong blows. She can clearly withstand the effects of the Sword of Daylight, more so than Strickler, and many blows from Draal in "Win Lose or Draal". In "Homecoming", she survived being crushed by a giant boulder, managing a broken leg. She has even withstood many of Gunmar's and his army's beatings during her time in the Darklands before Jim came.
      • Superhuman Stamina: Nomura can physical exert herself for long periods of time without tiring herself.
    • Superhuman Speed: Nomura is faster than a human, troll, or even her own brethren.
      • Superhuman Reflexes: In either form, Nomura reacts faster than any other changeling.
    • Superhuman Agility: Nomura is much more agile than an average human.
      • Superhuman Leaping: With her stifle-jointed legs, Nomura can leap at great heights.
    • Superhuman Senses: As a changeling troll, Nomura's senses are much more acute than a human's. She was able to pick up the scent of Jim and Toby when they infiltrated her museum in "Waka Chaka!".
    • Sunlight Immunity: As a changeling, Nomura is unaffected by sunlight, even in her troll form.
    • Self-Regeneration (apparently): Unlike her brethren, Nomura seems to possess a unique ability to heal herself, even fixing her dislocated bones, as shown in "Grand Theft Otto" and "A House Divided".
    • Longevity: Like a troll, Nomura can live for hundreds of years, though she's still capable of being killed and can fall in battle.


  • Combatant: Nomura is a skilled and lethal assassin. She is far more agile than other Changelings, routinely using acrobatic attacks against her enemies, allowing her to fight opponents much larger and more powerful than she is. She has demonstrated an expertise in both unarmed hand-to-hand combat and dual wielding her twin scimitars. She fought blade-to-blade against Gunmar and even with Jim while overpowering him (mostly because he was somewhat holding back on his part). She also simultaneously defeated and evaded several Gumm-Gumms and Kruberas nearly effortlessly, all while escaping their ambush with a dislocated shoulder.


  • Gaggletacks: Like all changelings, Nomura can be forced to reveal her true form when in physical contact with a Gaggletack, although she's never been seen affected by one.
  • Familiar Bond: In order for a changeling to maintain a human appearance in the human world, no harm must come to their familiar in their world (the Darklands). Due to Nomura's familiar being saved from the Darklands, she has most likely been trapped in her troll form forever, like the other changelings.
  • Magic: Nomura is susceptible to powerful forms of magic, like that of the Arcane Order's. She was ultimately killed by Nari's strong magic.


  • Dual-Scimitars: Nomura's scimitars are curved blades with sharpened outer edges used in combat to attack and defend herself against her opponents. While they are balanced to be dual wielded, they can also be thrown with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Cimmerian Fruits: During her time in the Darklands, Nomura supplied herself with Cimmerian fruit to keep herself nourished. However, she also uses them to hide her tracks from the Nyarlagroths. In "Grand Theft Otto", she hands Jim a fruit to aid him in his battle with Gunmar's Nyarlagroth.


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  • Nomura is the second antagonist to reform, following Strickler.
  • In Japanese, Nomura means 'field village' or 'wilderness village'.
  • Nomura enjoys whistling Peer Gynt as it was her favorite opera play as a youngling. This means she was a "child" around the year 1876 back when the aria was first written.
  • When Jim reset time to the very beginning of Trollhunters, to save the friends they lost in the battle with the Titans, there is a chance that Nomura is one of the fallen few who remains alive in the new timeline.
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