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―Nimue's catchphrase

Nimue (or the Lady of the Lake) is a minor character of Wizards.

She is an ancient magical entity who crafted the legendary blessed sword, Excalibur.



Nimue is an ancient goddess who's most likely existed for probably longer than the primordial demigods of the Arcane Order.

When King Arthur was young and under the guidance of Merlin, the wizard takes his ward to Nimue's Lake and, from her mystic waters, she created Excalibur, which helped Arthur unite the kingdoms and fulfill his duties. However, after she gives Arthur the blade, Merlin proceeded to imprison Nimue in her own lake for unknown reasons (presumably either because she would be somewhere he would know to look when he needed her and/or because he saw her as a potential threat to mankind).


Years later, Merlin and his ragtag crew, his apprentice, Douxie, shadow magic user, Claire, and knight squire, Steve, journeyed to Nimue's Lake to meet with the goddess and convince her to repair Excalibur.

After reaching, Merlin went into her cave alone to meet her, leaving Douxie and the others behind. They grow restless when Merlin doesn't return. Luckily, Claire creates a shadow portal (through Douxie's teachings) to teleport them inside.

In Nimue's Lake, they meet the goddess herself, who asks them what their greatest desires are. Douxie says that they just want her to repair Excalibur. However, Nimue determines their deepest wishes and grows furious when she learns that they did not speak the truth. Her true forms then emerges from the lake and devours Steve, trapping him in her gullet, along with Merlin. As Archie propelled their vessel back towards the cave shore, Nimue grabs a stalactite and throws it as the party only for Douxie to magically repel it back at her, causing the Lady of the Lake to regurgitate both Merlin and Steve, as well as costing her a tooth.

Nimue then revealed that Merlin imprisoned her after forging Excalibur and attempts to attack again. Douxie then uses his magic to destroy a part of the wall with Excalibur's shard and bids her to escape. Nimue is touched and willingly repairs the sword as a token of gratitude. She then glides out of the hole, into the daylight.

Nimue later came to Steve's aid during the Battle of Killahead Bridge as he faced Bular. Initially, the Gumm-Gumm briefly chuckled at the sight of her Lady form, only to be slapped a few times by her tentacles before being flung from the battlefield. She then gave Steve a gentle pat on the head.

When Douxie traps Bellroc and Skrael in a time loop, the first time period they are thrown into is Nimue's cave. Emerging from the waters, she declared the two wizards unworthy before throwing them into Gatto's Keep.

Physical Description[]

In her benevolent form, Nimue is a tall, wispy blue-colored outline of a female. She wears a wreath-like object on her head and her voice is soft and soothing.

In her malevolent form, she is a giant monster with several tentacles. She gains eyes of immense size with brown irises and yellow-green sclerae.


Nimue seemed like a peaceful and gentle Lady of the Lake when first encountering her, asking why Steve, Douxie, and Claire were in her "home". However, Nimue is actually a fearsome beast, attacking immediately after Douxie explained that they wanted her to repair Excalibur, angered because of the pain that the magical sword had caused her and being lied to about their inner most desires.

In the end, Nimue is very understanding and kind, repairing the sword for the Guardians of Arcadia after Douxie freed her from her prison (courtesy of Merlin).

Powers & Abilities[]


  • Magic: Nimue is an ancient and powerful goddess.
    • Soul Reading: She can peer into one's soul and determine their innermost desires.
    • Immortality: Nimue is described as a goddess, implying she's been around Earth even before Merlin.


  • Combatant: In her demonic form, Nimue's tentacles are very strong and one swipe contains enough force to destroy a ship. She can also imprison her victims inside her stomach for eternity, not even Merlin's magic is enough to penetrate her insides.
  • Craftsmanship: Nimue was the one who crafted Excalibur, a famed sword of great unlimited power, bearing testament to her impressive crafting abilities. She is also the only one who can reforge the blessed sword if it breaks.


  • Merlin's Magic: Nimue is unable to break free from Merlin's sealing spell as he trapped her in the lake for years ever since she helped him make Excalibur.



Merlin and Nimue have an extremely complicated relationship. Nimue once helped Merlin by crafting Excalibur for King Arthur, yet he had her imprisoned in a cave after she gave him Excalibur, presumably so that she would be somewhere he would know to look when he needed her and/or because he saw her as a potential threat to Camelot. 

As such, Nimue views Merlin in a very negative and bitter light, yet she spares his life after Douxie frees her from her imprisonment.

Douxie Casperan[]

Douxie sought Nimue to repair Excalibur and save history, but Nimue saw into his inner most desire as he wished to seek acceptance from a scorned mentor (Merlin) and proclaimed him unworthy.

However, after he learns that Merlin locked her in the lake, he creates a hole in the cave so she can be free as she doesn't deserve to remain trapped. Nimue takes note of this act of kindness and repairs the blessed sword as a repayment for the young wizard's good deed.

Steve Palchuk[]

When Nimue first encounters Steve, she saw into his soul and saw that he sought validation of knighthood, yet saw him unworthy.

However, after being freed from the lake by Douxie, Nimue shows up at the Battle of Killahead and saves Steve from Bular. After which, she gives him an affectionate pat on the head with one of her tentacles. They appear to be on friendly terms with each other.

Claire Nuñez[]

Nimue and Claire had a neutral relationship.


Nimue clearly sees Bular as an enemy and throw him away from Steve Palchuk. Of course, Nimue is the reason why Bular was able to avoid imprisonment in the Darklands and inadvertently left the prince so he could plot to rebuild Killahead in the future for Jim to deal with.


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Episode Appearances[]


"History in the Making"
"Witch Hunt"
"Lady of the Lake"
"Battle Royale"
"Killahead, Part One"
"Killahead, Part Two"
"Wizard Underground"
"Dragon's Den"
"Our Final Act"


  • Nimue is based on the enchantress of the same name from Arthurian legends.
    • In traditional legends, it is said that Nimue was Merlin's lover/wife who enchanted and killed the wizard. Here, it is clear that the two know each other, yet they have an extremely rough, complex, and negative light of each other.
  • According to Aaron Waltke on Discord, one idea for Wizards was that the heroes would visit the present to find the Wild Wood, only to find it changed into a parking lot. Nimue would've been devastated by how much humanity has driven magic underground ever since the Battle of Killahead. The idea was later scrapped, due to the length of the series.


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