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Night Patroll is the fortieth episode of Trollhunters and the first episode of Part Three.

Official Synopsis[]

With the trolls hiding out in Arcadia, AAARRRGGHH!!! goes undercover to see what Gunmar is up to. A potential rival brings out Jim's jealous side.


Jim and Claire run after one of Gunmar's soldiers. One of Claire's mom's campaign signs stops him for a moment, as a glowing symbol appears on it. Claire makes a portal to help catch him, but is too weak to make a second one to complete the job. The chase continues until he's trapped. He rears up to attack Blinky, but Jim gets him from behind just in time. The house's resident comes out and is surprised to find a pile of rocks in his yard as the others have fled just in time.

Jim comments on the campaign keeping Arcadia safe. Her signs are a Gumm-Gumm deterrent. They don't know how much longer they can keep Arcadia safe. Gunmar is even stronger now with the Heartstone, but has yet to come up himself. They don't know what he's plotting next. Claire coughs and says she's not sure how much more she can handle. AAARRRGGHH!!! puts the helmet on his head and Toby comments that he looks just like a Gumm-Gumm. Jim thinks it's too risky to send him to spy on Gunmar, since they already lost him once. He says it's his choice. A bell rings in the distance, forcing the two trolls to seek refuge before the sun comes up.

Jim goes home and follows a sound to his basement. He finds his mother painting down there. He looks at her painting and is surprised to see it's of Blinky. She says she had a vivid dream and woke up with the urge to express herself.

Jim tells Claire that his mom's memory is coming back as they place more of her mother's campaign signs around town. Claire coughs again and Jim reminds her that he told her not to use her Shadow Staff. She's had a cold since opening the giant portal. Claire says it's just a cold, but agrees to take a little break. A neighbor comes out and insists that Claire remove the sign from his yard. He reveals that he's Mr. Hammes, her opponent.

Fighting continues in Trollmarket. Gunmar is angry to learn that the scouts she sent out never returned. He kills one of his shoulders in anger. Usurna wants them to storm the surface and steal the humans' weapons. Gunmar says humans have the advantage because Trolls are only strong at night. But that'll change when they bring forth the Eternal Night. Dictatious says last night, the Pale Lady gave him a vision of the human trollhunter dead at Gunmar's feet, and of the trollhunter's allies eaten. Gunmar is angry because the vision tells him nothing. The Eldritch Queen swore he'd usher in the Eternal Night, but never told him how. Usurna suggests that perhaps she'll tell him when the time is right. He starts to strangle Dictatious, but then stops and tells him to leave. AAARRRGGHH!!! is hiding among the other soldiers and Draal notices.

Dictatious thanks Usurna for her help but Usurna knows his visions are a farce. She helped him because she doesn't want Gunmar to keep waiting for a superstition when he should be listening to them. They need to work together.

Claire is still coughing at school. Jim tells her to take the night off, but she refuses. Outside, Toby and Darci awkwardly interact as Mary drags Claire away to see a hot guy. Claire steps forward and sees Douxie, whom she finds cute. He tells Claire and Jim about the Battle of the Bands. His band is going to win. She remembers him opening at a Papa Skull concert she attended. She, Mary, and Darci want to start a band and enter. Jim is jealous and tries to talk her out of it.

Strickler calls out to Jim as part of his training from where Jim can't see him. He attacks quickly. Blinky doesn't know about their lessons because he wouldn't approve of his methods. Jim fights until he's got Strickler on the ground moaning. He goes to check on him only to be blind-sighted by him attacking again. Strickler tells him to embrace the rage and let it fill him. His humanity is his weakness. Jim starts to do that, but then backs out and quickly leaves. Nomura says Jim's not ready. His humanity will get him killed.

Blinky brings the trolls food and apologizes to Jim for not having time for their training. Jim says it can wait. NotEnrique is impatient waiting for Jim to take down Gunmar. AAARRRGGHH!!! then comes in and tells them about the Eternal Night. Blinky says it's just a myth, a rallying cry to unite trolls against humans. Gunmar doesn't know how to do it, but he is searching. Jim sends AAARRRGGHH!!! back in to keep spying.

Claire tells Jim's mother about her symptoms. Barbara says she's healthy according to the tests and she probably just has teenage-itis. Barbara then tries to talk to Claire about her and Jim. Claire says it's great. She tells Claire to get some rest.

Jim places more signs around town. Blinky brings him a cup of coffee, but Jim spits it out when he hears it was filtered through a gym sock. Jim wonders what will happen if he's not strong enough to stop Gunmar. Jim's trying his best, so Blinky would follow him to the ends of the Earth. He grows and learns from his mistakes, unlike Gunmar. Jim sees that the signs have disappeared. He investigates and sees several of Gunmar's soldiers.

Jim is thrown inside the trolls' safe haven and Blinky comes in to say they've been compromised and need to defend their ground. The soldiers breach and Jim fights them with AAARRRGGHH!!!'s help. The trolls evacuate down to the sewer. The fight continues and Draal appears, intending to kill Jim. Jim tries to talk sense into Draal as he refuses to fight.

Blinky refuses to evacuate, saying he must help Jim.

Draal warns Jim that the Eternal Night is coming. He says Jim's humanity will be his undoing and he should have killed Draal when he had the chance. They continue fighting and Jim gets Draal pinned. Gunmar as Draal tells Jim to kill him while Blinky tells him not to. Jim says he's the trollhunter and walks away. Gunmar tells Jim he can't escape and promises to find him again.

Dictatious is looking for something to help Gunmar, but not having luck. He comes to the phonograph and hears the Pale Lady say she will return. Her hand reaches out of the phonograph.



  • This episode marks the first appearance of Douxie, the main protagonist of Wizards
  • The events of this episode take place two weeks after the Part Two finale "In the Hall of the Gumm-Gumm King". 
  • Barbara starts to paint pictures trolls (her first painting being Blinky), hinting that her memory is returning. 
  • In the opening scene, we see a flash of light land in Arcadia. This is presumably the aliens Prince Krel and Princess Aja from 3Below landing in Arcadia for the first time.
    • Goof: The first episode of 3Below shows the ship crash-land in Arcadia at dawn, whereas in this episode, the ship is seen landing at night.
  • Goof: The Heartstone appears to be alive when Dictatious is with Usurna within it.
  • The character of Mr. Hammes, who is running against Ophelia Nuñez for city council is most likely named after his voice actor, Chad Hammes.


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