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Nari's Staff is a magical staff wielded by Nari of the Eternal Forest.


The staff was created by someone unknown, presumably Nari herself, as a show of her mastery over magic.

Nari's staff was only seen once after the first Battle of Killahead Bridge ended. Nari is holding it as she comes to realize how harmful the Arcane Order's way of bringing balance is to living beings. Her staff is never seen again after her defection from the Order.


It is a long staff with a brilliant green gem at the top. The gem exudes a soft green glow and is surrounded by two tendril-like structures originating from the shaft of the staff. The shaft is bent and crooked and seems to be a dark brown in color.


The staff's exact abilities are unknown because Nari has never been shown using it, though it likely served as a container for Nari's life-based magic. If the abilities of Bellroc and Skrael's staffs are any indication, Nari's staff was also capable of releasing powerful spells.


Appearances in the Trilogy


Limited Series[]


  • Ever since her defection, Nari is never seen wielding her staff.
  • According to Aaron Waltke on a Discord, She could still summon it, but prefers not to because it impedes her ability to walk on all fours.