I feel so much pain. So many lives lost... This was not worth it.
―Nari to her siblings, seeing the error of her ways[src]

Nari is a major character of Wizards and the upcoming Trollhunters film, Rise of the Titans.

She is a former member of the Arcane Order and the sibling of Skrael and Bellroc.



Nari, along with her siblings, founded the Arcane Order to maintain the balance between mortal and the magical. Overtime however, Nari saw their actions as destructive and caused too much pain, for humans as well as magical creatures, and that her siblings were becoming depraved and zealous, much to Nari's horror and disgust.

Eventually, after realizing that her siblings cared nothing for magical beings as much as humanity, Nari renounced the Arcane Order and sought refuge with Merlin.


Nari is seen during the evacuation of floating Camelot. She was approached by Merlin who asked her to help power the Heart of Avalon to open a Time Rift as they were under attack by the Arcane Order, and so she proceeded to do so. Her magic helped power the Heart, and a Time Rift was eventually opened. The Time Rift closes early however since Bellroc, Skrael and the Green Knight combine their magic into one blast which hits the Heart of Avalon and causes Camelot to fall.

Nari is later shown in the past in the woods when Douxie shows Arthur and Morgana a memory from their childhood where Morgana and her friend (as well as Arthur’s love interest) Guinevere are playing in the woods and they eventually stumble across Nari, with Arthur than claiming that she is a beast and that she should stay away from Morgana and Gwen. She was then seen with her fellow Arcane Order members, helping to revive Morgana.

After Arthur's death during the First Battle of Killahead, Nari and her siblings resurrected him. She was then shown sadly looking at the carnage and wondering if they had done the right thing.

Back in the present, Nari helped Claire search for Jim's soul. However, she was unable to find it as it is trapped in another the dimension. During the invasion of Hex Tech, she and the rest of the Guardians (minus Krel) were taken captive by Skrael. After the Arcane Order's defeat, Douxie takes her to New York to protect her from the Order.

Rise of the Titans


Physical Description

Nari resembles a mythical being of nature. She is below average in height, has pointy ears, her skin is green, with noticeable "veins" resembling ivy vines around her neck, except for her face which is pale/cream, she has amber eyes with dark green sclerae, green hair with pink blossoms in it worn in an elaborate medieval style and a braid that reaches the small of her back, and antler/horns that resemble tree branches, and on her body she wears green and gold leaf-like pieces that appear similar to armor, covering her chest, shoulders, and forming an apron around her waist, and she walks barefoot.

The colour of Nari's magic is light forest green with pink petals. 


Nari was originally part of the Arcane Order and sought to protect the balance of mortal and magical.

However, due to her empathic nature, she experienced the aftermath of the Killahead battle and felt nothing but the pain, suffering, and destruction her overzealous siblings were inflicting upon Camelot, as well as the magical beings by extension. Thus, Nari renounced her loyalty to the Arcane Order and fled to Merlin for his protection.

She is sweet, but also a little anxious and meek. She is shown to have a curious and innocent side, which is shown when she found wonder in Toby's 'godly powers'.

Powers & Abilities


  • Magic: Being a sort of demigod like her siblings, Nari is one of the most powerful beings in the universe, possessing great magic connected to life itself.
    • Ecomancy: Nari is capable of performing magic through the physical forces of the natural world, even life itself.
      • Animancy: Nari has great control and connection over all life in the world, magical and mortal alike.
        • Soul Reading: Nari is able to connect to the roots of nature that spread throughout the world and use them to sense the location of a certain being's soul. If she cannot, it means the said being she is seeking is no longer of this Earth, meaning they are either dead or their soul is trapped in another dimension (like the Shadow Realm).
        • Empathy: Nari is able to sense one's emotions and pain, like she did when she sensed Jim's injury worsening every second in "Wizard Underground". In the aftermath of "Killahead, Part Two", she sensed the pain and strife of the humans and magical creatures who have lost their lives and were left gravely injured.
        • Resurrection: Nari has the power to bring the dead back to life, as she revived Morgana to be the Arcane Order's "champion" for the magical.
      • Cholormancy: Naturally, Nari is able to perform plant-based magic.
      • Conjuration: Nari is able to conjure green bugs of her own creation, and even flowers out of nothing. She was even the one who created Morgana's signature prothetic left hand after she revived the witch.
    • Levitation: Like her siblings, Nari is able to float off the ground.
    • Channeling: Nari can channel her magic to provide a boost of energy, as she did to the Heart of Avalon.
    • Immortality: As a sort of demigod, Nari has existed on Earth since the beginning of time.


  • Combatant: During the Battle of Killahead, she was seen easily knocking out warriors twice her size.


  • TBA


  • Staff: Nari used to carry around a staff, like Skrael and Bellroc, yet ever since defecting the Arcane Order, her staff is never seen again.


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Episode Appearances


"History in the Making"
"Witch Hunt"
"Lady of the Lake"
"Battle Royale"
"Killahead, Part One"
"Killahead, Part Two"
"Wizard Underground"
"Dragon's Den"
"Our Final Act"


  • In Korean, "Nari" means "lily".
  • Unlike her siblings, who were using magic against Camelot‘s forces in the Battle of Killahead Bridge, Nari was defeating her enemies with physical combat.
  • Nari's powers are very similar to the Marvel superhero Mantis.
  • It is possible Nari is necessary for the Arcane Order to truly resurrect the dead, as Nari helped revive Morgana whereas Bellroc and Skrael raised Arthur without Nari's magic, yet Arthur was revived looking undead.
  • Sometimes, Nari moves on all fours like an animal before walking upright like a person. 


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