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Mudslinging is the fifteenth episode of Trollhunters.

Official Synopsis[]

Jim searches for a way to kill Gunmar so Claire can bring her brother back home. A power-hungry Strickler returns to Arcadia with Angor Rot.


Jim wanders through a field of rocks, hearing people talk about Gunmar. As Gunmar appears behind him, he wakes up and falls out of bed.

Coach Lawrence leads an assembly. The crowd is not very enthusiastic. As he continues, Jim talks to Toby about his dream. Toby is distracted wondering who's in the mascot costume, but knows that Jim is worried about facing Gunmar. Toby thinks it must be a girl in the costume. Lawrence gets irritated with the mascot and sends her to the bench while he continues announcements, including Spring Fling King and Queen nominees.

Mary thinks it'll be Claire because it's Claire every year. Claire doesn't care. Darci is the next nominee and she's surprised. The third nominee is Mary herself. Mary is excited while Claire is surprised. Steve is nominated for king, along with Eli Pepperjack and Jim. They must compete in a series of challenges to win the students' votes. Each nominee must suggest a theme for the dance. Lawrence ends the rally and sends them out. Toby's excited that Jim has been nominated.

Jim is back in the void, hearing the Master Trollhunters as he practices. He finally yields to them. They say he must be prepared to face Gunmar. Jim knows he's not strong enough, even with his friends. The sword that Jim has has gone against Gunmar many times, but has never defeated him. The sword was crafted to protect both their worlds. He shouldn't forsake that mission to save one human child and lose his life in the process. The Master Trollhunters fade away. Draal asks if Jim saw his father. Jim says he did. Draal asks if he asked about him. Jim lies and says he said he wishes the Soothscryer could let Draal in, but the rules are the rules. Draal knows he's lying. Jim admits that he said they can't kill Gunmar. Draal was looking forward to proving him wrong. So was Jim. AAARRRGGHH!!! comes to get Jim because something's happening with Blinky.

Blinky is consulting a book and pacing. He tells them of one scholar who discovered a method to wound Gunmar, but no one knows what it was. They have the last surviving copy of that guy's work. And Blinky's going to burn it. He lights a fire and burns the book, saying Bodus was being hunted and knew he had to keep it a secret. Claire takes a blanket and puts out the flames, but only a pile of ashes remains. Blinky says Bonus hid the secret inside the book and blows on the ashes, revealing a message. "In darkest tide, when Daylight darest wane, the Myrddin Wylt obscured a Shadow's bane. Three forces elemental thou must seek. In marshland, caverns deep, and mountain's peak. Where worth perish, ye will prevail in night and eclipse all who quarry with thy might." Jim is excited because it says they can win. Blinky thinks it refers to the Triumbric Stones. If they find them, they can defeat Gunmar. The stones have been hidden for centuries, but if Blinky can decipher the text, they can do it.

A goblin sits on the car hood as Stirkcler shows Angor Rot what the world has become. Angor Rot asks about Gunmar, but Strickler says Gunmar had his chance and now it's Strickler's turn. He tells Angor Rot about Jim and Claire and Enrique. He knows Jim won't stop at saving Enrique and it's Strickler's job not to let that happen. Angor Rot is shocked to learn a human is the Trollhunter. Strickler warns him not to underestimate Jim. Strickler says he could handle Jim himself, but a man of his stature in the community can't do that. Angor Rot knows Strickler is afraid, though Strickler denies it. Strickler shows him the ring and reminds him who is in charge. Once he gets Jim, he'll have his freedom. Angor Rot agrees to kill Jim, but on his own terms. Then he jumps down into the city.

Claire hears NotEnrique crying and then her mother asking her to change her brother. Claire says under her breath that he's not a baby and not her brother. Once Claire enters the room, NotEnrique changes into his troll form. He asks her to get him a cheeseburger and potatoes. She agrees when he cries. She pulls down a picture of Enrique and says it's not fraud that she has to pretend he's her brother. She starts crying, which makes him uncomfortable. NotEnrique says her brother is his familiar. They share a bond. He shows her Enrique sleeping. Claire promises him again to bring him home. Claire leaves to get the burger.

Strickler comes to Principal Levit's door with what looks like a crystal. He apologizes for being gone. Levit says he can't just disappear and expect his job back when he returns. Strickler corrects that it's not his job he wants. The crystal flashes light and Levit starts to scream.

Toby does a magic trick for AAARRRGGHH!!!, but it fails.

Outside, Angor Rot watches Jim return home on his Vespa. Barbara asks Jim where he's been and he says he's been with Claire and Toby at the library. She knows the library closed three hours ago and asks him again where he's been. They start arguing, then he goes upstairs and slams his door.

Toby admonishes Jim for not wearing a costume to sell his theme for the school dance. Jim says he'd love to be Spring King, but he's a little preoccupied not getting killed. Toby thinks this is their path to being cool. Jim agrees to make an effort for Toby.

Angor Rot walks onto the field and buries something.

Jim looks for a possible costume. Out the window, he sees Angor Rot as he disappears into the trees. Lawrence comes onto the intercom to announce that an assembly is starting in two minutes. Jim goes to where Angor Rot was, but then walks past it. Something grows quickly out of the ground from that spot.

Lawrence introduces Steve, who wants a Luau theme. Claire finds Toby and ask where Jim is. Toby says he's making a last-minute costume and theme. Claire says you can't win Spring Fling by throwing something together. She wonders why she cares so much. Toby says this kind of event could send them off to college as winners.

Jim faces down a giant golem. Jim asks it what it is, but he gets knocked to the ground.

Eli goes next. He does a hip hop dance and announces his theme would be the 1980s. Steve jeers at him.

Jim activates the amulet and attacks the golem. He ends up getting picked up and thrown.

Strickler sees what's happening and tells Angor Rot he resurrected him to kill Jim, not outsource the job. Angor Rot knows Jim is not to be trifled with. The hunt is a game and when Angor Rot is ready to strike, he will know.

Lawrence calls for Jim, but gets no answer, so he says he forfeits. Claire and Toby step up to the mic and tell them Jim will be there. They're his opening act. Toby says he can do magic.

Jim cuts off the golems limbs one by one and then slices his chest, but he repairs himself. Jim spots something inside the golem's chest. He throws his sword through he golem, removing the object Angor Rot had buried. He then breaks the object by crushing it. Angor Rot watches it and disappears. Jim hears Lawrence calling him and races to the assembly.

Claire starts to sing as Toby fails at doing magic. Just as Lawrence says Jim is disqualified, Jim comes in covered in mud. Toby says his them is Mole Mania. The mascot comes out and the crowd starts cheering. Claire declares Jim the winner. Mole Mania is the theme. Lawrence then announced that Principal Levit is taking an indefinite leave of absence. In his place, he recommended and interim replacement: Principal Strickler. Jim and Toby are surprised to see him. Strickler takes the mic and warns students that with him in charge, things are going to change.



  • Strickler returns to Arcadia and becomes the new principal of Arcadia Oaks High (after he used an Antramonstrum to "remove" Principal Levit from his position).
  • Title: The term "mudslinging" means to direct unjust insults and accusations with the intention of damaging the reputation of an opponent. Also, "mud" is derived to the mud golem Angor Rot plants to test Jim's mettle.
  • Continuity Error: When the assembly scene opens, Darci is sitting by Claire as the Mole Mascot is dancing behind Coach Lawrence. Then after the camera change she is no longer in the stands.
  • Toby and Jim nearly break the fourth wall when discussing that the latter wears the same outfit everyday.


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