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Moving Day is the fourteenth episode of 3Below and the first episode of Part Two.

Official Synopsis[]

Left vulnerable after Omen's attack, the royal heirs look to conceal their damaged ship but are soon confronted by the bounty hunter Magmatron.


Magmatron looks at pictures of Krel, Aja, and Varvatos and says he'll crush House Tarron.

Arcadia is being repaired two weeks after the Eternal Night battle.

Eli goes to his window and finds Toby. Eli says he had to tell someone. He shows Toby his board, which includes aliens. Toby's not certain that Aja and Krel are aliens like Eli has said. He wants to set traps all around Arcadia to trap them.

Aja and Krel are working on moving the ship so Krel can fix it and they can go home. They use the taco truck to pull it, but the back bumper breaks off.

Zadra tries to contact Izita, but can't get through because the system is still malfunctioning. Krel tries to fix it and learns that Aja has still been looking at Varvatos' logs. She reminds them that he saved their lives, but Krel and Zadra never want to see him again. Zadra orders them to stay on the ship, even though they want to see their friends.

Zadra watches from the roof. When she hears something, she checks it out. While she's distracted, Aja sneaks out to meet Steve. She tells him they're going to find an old friend. They go to where Varvatos crashed, but she doesn't detect any cores. She promises to find him.

Eli and Toby see Steve and Aja go past and think Aja has kidnapped him. Eli says they have to save Steve.

Aja directs Steve to the core she's detecting. They turn around and run into Krel, who is riding Aja's hover board. Krel knows what she's doing and thinks they need to focus on contacting the Resistance and getting home. Aja wants to find Varvatos instead. They're starting to turn back into their true forms, so they know they need to get back home.

Toby and Eli fight over what to do next as Magmatron watches them. They run out and "rescue" Steve. Eli stands up to Krel and Aja, who turn completely into their true forms and have to admit to being aliens. Steve stops Eli from attacking them as Toby faints. Eli's upset that Steve didn't tell him. Just then, Magmatron attacks, ordering them to turn over the cores. They fight briefly before the kids run and hide, leaving Magmatron confused.

Toby is in awe to see Krel and Aja's house. They hope Mother will know how to stop that bounty hunter. They enter the house, which impresses Toby. Eli's still upset that Steve never told him. Toby accidentally turns on a self-destruct sequence, but Krel quickly cancels it. Krel checks Mother's database and is upset to be faced with Varvatos' logs. Mother then identifies Magmatron. She reboots as she tries to tell them their only weakness. Eli gets notified that one of his traps caught something in the sewers.

Eli leads them to his trap. They find that it has trapped Zadra in a net. Zadra is upset that the kids left when she told them not to. Just then, Magmatron appears again and starts attacking them. Zadra thinks of a plan and tells Eli to reset the trap after she's freed. Aja tries to get Magmatron to tell them where Varvatos is, but he won't and their serrators have no effect on him. Zadra lures him away and he falls into the trap. Aja asks again and Magmatron tells her that Varvatos is on Earth's moon in a prison cell. He didn't leave them. He was taken by Alpha. He's being taken home to be executed. Magmatron breaks out of the trap and the fight continues. They try to keep him from getting his weapons back. Toby then realizes the only weakness he has is water. He breaks a pipe, flooding Magmatron with water. He dissolves into a pile of magma. Aja and Krel apologize for leaving the ship, but Zadra knows she might have been killed if they hadn't. She now realizes the humans can be their allies. They take Magmatron's hammers to use for themselves.

With help from the hammers, Toby, Steve, Eli & Stuart,their ship gets moved back to its original place.

The package arrives with the red boots Krel accidentally ordered. Zadra says she'll keep them.

Krel is tired of the glitches and works to fix the ship. He reboots her system and then asks to see Varvatos' logs after all. He watches them with a smile and buries his face into his arms and legs with regret. Aja joins him and offers comfort. Krel says he wants to hate Varvatos, but realizes Varvatos really loved them. Krel pledges that they'll get him back. They need to go to the moon for a rescue mission.



  • This episode takes place two weeks after "The Eternal Knight: Part 1/Part 2" (and by extension, "Last Night on Earth" and "Bad Omen").
    • It is implied at the beginning of the episode that while Arcadia is now completely aware of its supernatural activities, the residents have all agreed to keep their town's secret a secret from the rest of the world. 
    • However, although the residents know about the troll world, they are still oblivious to the alien activities happening in their town. 
  • Cole Sand's aging is once again lampshaded by Eli and Toby at the beginning of the episode.
  • Eli shows Toby his paranormal activity board, just as he did with Steve in "Creepslayerz".
    • This scene is also the Tales of Arcadia teaser trailer, but with several alterations. 
  • When Eli shouts "Stay away from our friend you darn, dirty aliens!" to Aja and Krel, this is a reference to the famed line "Get your stinkin' paws off me, you damned, dirty ape!" from the 1968 film Planet of the Apes.
  • Continuity: Toby once again voices his displeasure at squeezing through the shortcut by Stuart Electronics as he did in "Becoming: Part 2".
  • Toby finds out Aja and Krel are aliens, and Eli finds out that Steve knew about the Tarrons' secret.
    • Toby also finds out from Varvatos's video logs that he has feelings for his nana, Nancy, much to his shock and disgust.
  • By the end of this episode, after Krel's fixes to Mother, Mother starts to speak with proper human expression, as well as developing a personality of roasting the Royals whenever they fail something. In fact, one can notice that the change of tones of Mother occurs exactly when she said security protocols disabled, where she said "security protocols" in the monotone robotic tone, while she said the word "disabled" in a completely different tone.


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