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Mountain Trolls are a gigantic race of trolls which are so far the biggest known kind of troll.

Currently, the only known members to officially appear are Gatto, Craggen, Boulderjaw, Slopebrow and Icebeard.


Little is known about the Mountain Trolls' origin, especially during and after the Battle of Killahead Bridge. They reside in mountains such as volcanos and have been mentioned to have been in league with the Gumm-Gumms until they were banished to the Darklands. At least one of their kind was known to have become a Trollhunter by the name of Magmar the Molten.

In the 17th century, a group of four Mountain Trolls known to be brothers lived upon the Rocky Mountains in the United States. When Kanjigar the Courageous and the future residents of Heartstone Trollmarket journeyed across their territory, they were met by the four brothers who demanded that Kanjigar's people be enslaved under their rule. In the ensuing battle, three of the Mountain Trolls were slain by Kanjigar's forces, with only the leader Craggen left to accept surrender. The conflict would later come to be known as the Great Rocky Mountain Troll War or G.R.M.T. for short.

Physical Description[]

Mountain Trolls are described as enormous towering behemoths with volcanic rock for skin and are practically filled with molten lava.

Powers & Abilities[]

Mountain Trolls are able to produce lava from within their bodies. They can also project themselves by using floating rocks, probably due to their ginormous height so lack most movements.


As seen in "Roaming Fees May Apply", Mountain Trolls like Gatto have a bad reaction for tacos (especially burritos), which give them indigestion.

Known Mountain Trolls[]


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  • It is unknown as to whether Mountains Trolls are capable of walking outside their volcanic domains.