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Mother's log: It's been forty-three delsons since we crashed on Earth. I am still — as the humans say — grounded. As in "incapable of flight." Since our arrival, I have scoured my databases for information to better understand "human emotions." From love to anger, from hurt to hope. But I did not understand the importance of human connection... until today. Let me start the story from the beginning... when trouble came to town. With trouble can come heightened emotions, such as frustration and fear. These "feelings" can tear a family apart... or it could bring a family together, through love and cooperation. My royals were about to be tested yet again... by trouble.

The Mothership is a space-travel ship where Aja, Krel, and Varvatos live in as their home after they crash-land on Earth.



3Below (Part One)

3Below (Part Two)

Physical Appearance

Being a spaceship, the mothership doesn't have a true physical body apart from the ship but inside that manifest herself with a simple hologram.

After General Morando attempted to finally eliminated her she was able to hack into one of Morando's Omen's. This give her a Omen as a physical body with defensive weapons for her to use in defense of her Royal family from Morando's forces.


As an A.I., the Mothership is serval, but direct. She has also shown to have a sassy side when talking to her royals and their visitors. She also has deep respect and care for her royals and will do anything to help them with their troubles. For example, when Aja has trouble falling asleep due to her nightmares of Morando, Mother helps her relax through the use of lullabies as she defines it as a "earthling remedy".

Since her arrival on Earth, Mother has developed a deep interest in understanding human emotions, connections, and culture.

Powers & Abilities


  • Camouflage: She has a special system that can camouflage her entire interior and exterior into a normal house that is not only limited to the appearance but as a true deformation of the spaceship to make a nearly perfect replica. She can create objects that can replicate Earth objects like a T.V., a vinyl player, and many others.
  • Transduction Effect: She can also disguise Akiridions in human bodies with the transduction chambers, but the effect only lasts for 12 horvaths (hours) before the Akiridion changes back to his/her true form.
  • Data Research: Mother can recompile information from the Earth extremely fast but needs time to comprehend and take her research time to fully understand that data. She made some mistakes in the first episode but shortly seems to have a better conception of the Earth than her passengers.




House Tarron

Mother shared a deep connect with House Tarron and loved them deeply (especially the royal children).

Fialkov and Coranda- Mother had a professional relationship with both the king and queen of Akiridion-5. She transported both of them hundreds of years ago to Earth in order to hide Gaylen's core from the wrong hands.

Aja and Krel- At first, Mother provided for Aja and Krel advice and emotional support. As time when on, Mother came to deep care for the children to where she would do anything for then both. This was proven when Mother sacrificed herself to save their parents. Before she sacrificed herself, she asked them to remember her and her family stories to their own families in the future.

Varvatos Vex

Mother and Varvatos had a professional friendship. They both respect each other and Varvatos often goes to her for some love advice.

General Morando

Mother has developed an immense amount of hatred and distain for General Morando after he forced her to try and kill the royal children and their friends. This grew to the point where she would outright attack him.


Like with Varvatos, Mother had a professional friendship with Zadra. Mother wanted to help Zadra learn to forgive Vavatos's betrayal and become friends again, which she does in the end of "Mother's Day".


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Episode Appearances

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  • The mothership almost looks like a teardrop.


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