Mother's log: It's been forty-three delsons since we crashed on Earth. I am still — as the humans say — grounded. As in "incapable of flight." Since our arrival, I have scoured my databases for information to better understand "human emotions." From love to anger, from hurt to hope. But I did not understand the importance of human connection... until today. With trouble can come heightened emotions, such as frustration and fear. These "feelings" can tear a family apart... or it could bring a family together, through love and cooperation.

The Mothership was a major character of 3Below.

She was a space-travel ship where Aja, Krel, and Varvatos lived in as their home after they crash-land on Earth.



At some point in the past, the royals ordered General Morando to construct/upgrade a ship, which would eventually become the Mothership.

3Below (Part One)

When General Morando did his Coup'de at against the Akiridion royal family, the Royals use Mother to transport them somewhere in the universe where General Morando can't find them.

After arriving on Earth, Mother activate her camouflage mode to conceal herself as a 1950s house and disguises Aja as a girl, Krel as a Latino, and Varvatos as a senior.

3Below (Part Two)

Physical Description

Being a spaceship, the mothership doesn't have a true physical body apart from the ship but inside that she can manifest herself as a blue inverted teardrop-shaped hologram. In Luug's Day Out, it is demostrated that when Mother gets angry, the teardrop-shaped hologram starts to spin, and the blue colour turns red.

After General Morando attempted to eliminate her, she was able to hack into one of Morando's Omens in the last minute. This gave her an Omen as a physical body with defensive weapons for her to use to defend the royal family from Morando's forces.


As an A.I., the Mothership is servile, but direct. She has also shown to have a sassy side when talking to her royals and their visitors. She also has deep respect for her royals and will do anything to help them with their troubles. For example, when Aja has trouble falling asleep due to her nightmares of Morando, Mother helps her relax through the use of lullabies as she defines it as a "earthling remedy".

Since her arrival on Earth, Mother has developed a deep interest in understanding human emotions, connections, and culture. Ever since rebooting after being reprogrammed by an Omen, Mother sounds more alive and fun, although she gains a habit of roasting her charges. Her more human side comes more into light when Morando ambushes her in "The Fall of House Tarron".

Until "The Big Sleep", she was willing to sacrifice herself to save Aja and Krel's parents after Morando destroyed her stasis chambers. She shows more of her motherly side and she comforts her "children" goodbye and asks them to remember her by telling stories to their future generations about all of the adventures they had together.

Powers & Abilities


  • Camouflage: Mother has a special system that can camouflage her entire interior and exterior into a normal house that is not only limited to the appearance but as a true deformation of the spaceship to make a nearly perfect replica. She can create objects that can replicate Earth objects like a T.V., a vinyl player, and many others.
  • Transduction Effect: She can also disguise Akiridions in human bodies with the transduction chambers, but the effect only lasts for 12 horvaths (hours) before the Akiridion changes back to his/her true form.
  • Data Research: Mother can recompile information from the Earth extremely quickly but needs time to comprehend and fully understand that data. She made some mistakes in the first episode but then seemed to have gained a better conception of the Earth than her passengers.


  • Formidable Combatant: After she uploaded herself into an Omen Blank, she was able to easily overpower one of Morando's Omen's with little effort.


  • Program Vulnerabilities: Mother can be hacked/reprogrammed to do undesirable things, such as betraying House Tarron and bring the royal life cores to Morando.


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Episode Appearances


3Below Part 1
"Terra Incognita Part One"
"Terra Incognita Part Two"
"Mind Over Matter"
"Beetle Mania"
"Collision Course"
"D'aja Vu"
"Flying the Coop"
"Party Crashers"
"Lightning in a Bottle"
"The Arcadian Job"
"Truth Be Told"
"Last Night on Earth"
"Bad Omen"
3Below Part 2
"Moving Day"
"Moonlight Run"
"Dogfight Days of Summer"
"Mother's Day"
"Ill Gotten Gains"
"There's Something About Gwen (of Gorbon)"
"Asteroid Rage"
"Luug's Day Out"
"The Fall of House Tarron"
"The Big Sleep"
"Race to Trollmarket"
"A Glorious End, Part One"
"A Glorious End, Part Two"


  • The Mothership almost looks like a teardrop.
  • Throughout the beginning of Part One of 3Below, she seems to switch back and forth between monotone voice and regular human-like voice; then to monotone voice in the rest of Part One until Krel fixed her in "Moving Day".


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