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And that is what I learned today. The power of not only human emotions, but the need for human connection. What a family is like and what it feels to be a part of one, and what it means to be... Mother.
―Mother, narrating the final lines of the episode

Mother's Day is the seventeenth episode of 3Below and the fourth episode of Part Two.

Official Synopsis[]

Mother, the AI controlling the royals' ship, reflects on keeping the peace between her quarreling family. Morando discovers a secret hidden on Earth.


Mother logs what's happening while the others sleep. She is trying to understand human emotions, but didn't understand the importance of human connection until today. She decides to start the story with last night, when trouble came to town.

Around town, the power goes out. A couple fights about bills. Strickler helps Barbara with the babies.

Toby's at the dentist and sees an attacker on the roof. The tools on the tray start shaking. Suddenly, the bounty hunter is in the room with them, but the dentist doesn't notice. The bounty hunter, Tronos Madu, sees that he's not one of the targets and leaves.

A soldier comes to Kubritz and tells her they found something significant. There's an anomaly nearby. She says they're going to pay Arcadia a visit.

Krel is surprised by Mother making an error, which she's never done before. She assures him she's just fine. She doesn't now if she'll be able to fly again. Zadra comes in and says Morando's repairs are well underway. Aja comes in. She's training with Varvatos. Toby calls, interrupting even more. Toby isn't making sense, so Krel hangs up. Krel needs space because he wants to fix the ship. Mother suggests working together, but Aja doesn't want to stop training. Zadra and Varvatos butt heads. Krel wants to divide and conquer instead.

Mother laments the family being torn apart despite her efforts to keep them together.

Loth Saborian tries to delay repairs. He gets a report on Earth and decides to keep it to himself.

Kubritz's team is at the dentist's office. They know the life form that appeared is not from Earth. Her soldier says everyone's pretending they didn't see anything and he went all over town. Kubritz says it's moving like it's looking for something.

Zadra's training Aja, who is impatient with her progress. Zadra sees what looks like an electro-thermal life-form traveling through the electricity lines. Aja goes to fight it over Zadra's objections that they should go home. Aja runs into Toby, who is also looking for the bounty hunter. Aja sees AAARRRGGHH!!! and tries to protect Toby until Toby introduces them. Tronos then appears to take Aja. AAARRRGGHH!!! steps in to defend her. They fight for a while and then Tronos disappears.

They return to the mother ship and ask Mother to identify the bounty hunter. She tells them it's Tronos Madu and explains where he's from. Krel remembers seeing him on the moon. Mother again suggests that they work together. There's friction between Zadra and Varvatos. Toby has the idea to capture him in the bottle they used to catch the lightning. They decide to divide and conquer again.

They plan to use the electricity to draw Tronos to them.

Zadra sees Tronos in the distance, getting closer.

Toby asks Krel to invent some things for him. Zadra comes in and warns them. Tronos comes in and Aja attacks him. She draws him into the jar as planned. However, he's able to burst out as a flash of electricity. They fight with him, but he grabs Aja and Krel and leaves with them.

Outside, Kubritz's team fires at Tronos, causing him to drop Aja and Krel. They surround him and fire repeatedly at him. While he's sedated and taken away, Aja and Krel escape. They turn to their human forms and thank Kubritz for saving them.

Morando learns that Loth Saborian has betrayed him. Loth Saborian sends intel with the Resistance as he is captured, but the Resistance fighter is captured and killed, and the intel retrieved. Morando looks at the intel, which says that Gaylen's core is on Earth and the legend is true. Morando orders Loth to be taken to the prison bay.

Tronos fights against his containment. Kubritz comes in and talks to him. She learns that they both see the same targets, Aja and Krel. She suggests that they might come to an agreement and opens his containment. He tells her he just wants their cores and she can keep their tech. She promises him his freedom in exchange for his help.

Varvatos comes home to find that everyone has been gathered for family dinner at Mother's request. Zadra apologizes to Varvatos for doubting him. They all make a toast. Mother is afraid her flying days are over, but they tell her they love her not because she can fly but because she's part of the family. Krel has a plan to walk home instead. He has an idea to connect them with home via wormhole. Aja says if anyone can do it, he can. They decide to work together. Mother says she's finally learned what human connection is



  • The Mothership is the narrator throughout the episode.
  • Colonel Kubritz learns that Aja and Krel are aliens in this episode.
    • She also strikes an alliance with alien bounty hunter, Tronos.
  • Krel comes up with an idea to connect Akiridion-5 and Earth with a wormhole generator thanks to Toby.
  • Zadra begins to forgive Vex in this episode.
  • It is discovered in this episode that Gaylen's Core is hidden on Earth.
    • Morando even theorizes that this is the true reason why the Mothership brought Aja and Krel to Earth.
  • The main events of this episode take place one week after the events of "Moonlight Run".
  • Toby refers to the time he, Jim, Claire, Aja, and Krel captured lightning in a bottle from the episode of the same name.
  • According to Mother (up to this episode), it's been 42 days (or delsons) since the events of "Terra Incognita Part One", which is when the trio first crash-landed in Arcadia.
  • This is the first (and only) episode in Part Two of 3Below where Eli Pepperjack is absent.
  • This is the last episode of 3Below where Steve Palchuk is absent.
  • Morando discovers that Loth Saborian has betrayed him by aiding the Resistance and the royals, and has him arrested.
  • AAARRRGGHH!!! meets Aja and Krel for the first time (outside of the episode "D'aja Vu").
  • The serene music played when Mothership is narrating at the beginning and end of the episode, as well as credits, is "For Absent Family" by Jeff Danna.
  • Stricklander and Barbara Lake make brief, non-speaking appearances in this episode. They are seen caring for the freed changeling familiar babies in Jim's old bedroom at the Lake House.
    • NotEnrique also makes a cameo in this episode. However, at the end of "The Eternal Knight: Part 2", he is seen leaving Arcadia with Claire, Jim, and the other trolls to New Jersey. It is possible he returned to help Strickler and Barbara to take care of the babies.
  • During the scene in the beginning where Mothership pulls out random family photos of Arcadia citizens, a photo of Enrique with his bear and another photo of Claire with Enrique can be spotted.


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