"I have many names."
"You fool, your flesh is worth NOTHING."
"I gave you what you wanted... now your soul is MINE!"
"You will seek Merlin's champions, and bring DEATH TO HIS TROLLHUNTERS!!!"
"My champion! Again, you shall rise and set me FREE!"
"I will return. I will return... I will return."
"Call to me... and the key to Eternal Night... it is yours."
"Sorry, dear. Did I scare you?"
"You think I'm just a reflection you can run away from? I'm under your skin."
"You can call me... MORGANA."
"What a brave little mongrel. How sweet and STUPID."
"Oops. Butterfingers."
"Are you coming, Little Lamb?"
"Did you just hit me with a pillow?"
"You think I'm powerful now? Just wait until the Eternal Night frees me from my PRISON!"
"Release these shackles, or I'll wear your spine as my crown, peasants!"
"After I feast on your souls, agony will rule for a thousand millennia!"
"I spit on his name as I spit on his grave!"
"He thinks he can be rid of me? The fool! I will erase his name and all of his creations!"
"I am your DOOM!"
"Get out of my head, child!"
"You dare wield a weapon of my power?! My Skathe-Hrün will be your end!"
"The Eternal Night is here!"
"All those centuries you locked me away, what did you think I was doing? Let me show you how strong I am now."
"Goodbye, old friend..."
"While you slept for centuries, I've had your Trollhunters killed one-by-one! Now your cause dies with them!"
"There are so many ways to kill you mind if I try them all?"
"Don't despair, weak ones, your lives will soon be over."
"Good evening and... good night."
"Behold, Trollhunter, the beauty of the Night Eternal!"
"Merlin never told you what he used to craft your amulet, DID HE?! HE TOOK MY LEFT HAND!!!"
"I showed your friends mercy, Trollhunter, so they could watch you DIE!"
"You! What did you tell him?!"
"You fight for ME!"
"Death is all there is for you!"
"You think that toy can kill me? I am no troll. I CAN'T BE KILLED!"
"Die Trollhunters!"

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