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Morgana's Cave was one of the primary homes of Morgana.



This cave was the home to the dark witch, Morgan le Fay.

Around 1297 AD, Angor Rot went to Morgana's Cave in hopes of gaining magical powers so he could protect his people. Instead, he was cruelly tricked by Morgana into becoming her slave.

Trollhunters (Part Three)[]

Later on, Gunmar traveled to the Black Sea to seek how to bring forth the Eternal Night. Morgana's spirit (along with a corrupted Claire) presents the Gumm-Gumm warlord the means by which he can accomplish his goal: with the petrified head of Angor Rot, who will rise again and guide him to Merlin's Tomb to acquire the Staff of Avalon, and use it to free Morgana's body from her prison.



Morgana's Cave is a large cavern on a small island in the middle of the Black Sea in Bulgaria. Whenever Morgana presents herself to her "guests" (whether physically and/or in spirit form), the waters surrounding the cave glows an eerie neon purple.

Inside her cavern, there are blue markings/symbols engraved on the stone walls. There is also a large horned skull of an unknown creature covered with vines, which is where her spirit appears on top of.


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