The world isn't ours anymore. You have failed to destroy it, I have failed to save it... perhaps they can fare better. You are no longer worthy of wielding Excalibur!!!
―Morgana, redeeming herself[src]

Morgana le Fay was one of the main stars/primary antagonists in the Tales of Arcadia franchise, serving as the tetartagonist/secondary antagonist of Wizards, the hidden true main antagonist of Trollhunters, and a background (later posthumous) antagonist of 3Below

She was a witch who was once Merlin's apprentice before she betrayed him (driven to by the Arcane Order), the orchestrator of the infamous War for the Surface Lands, the true leader of the Gumm-Gumms, temporarily the possessor of Claire Nuñez, the former advisor of the Janus Order, the former patron of Angor Rot, and the sister of King Arthur


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Physical Description

With Morgana, because she is the ultimate villain, we needed a very strong design so we decided to give her a very specific color scheme for her magic—gold and yellow; mirroring the power of the sun.
―The Team at Headless Studio[src]

Morgana is a tall, slender, and ravishing young woman, even Toby remarks how beautiful she is. She has fair skin, emerald green eyes, and waist-length red hair tied in a low thin ponytail. She has a green emerald prosthetic where her left hand should be, as it was cut off by Arthur with Excalibur as revealed in "Witch Hunt".

In her Camelot attire, ...

In her witch armor, she is completely clad in a golden suit of woman's armor, complete with a breastplate (the chest area), pauldrons (the shoulder areas), vambraces (the forearm areas), cuisses (the thigh areas), poleyns (the knee areas), greaves (the leg areas), and sabatons (the feet areas) with gold trimmings. It even has a green cape attached to the pauldrons. Underneath the armor, there is dark gold inner layer. Her armor also includes a large helmet that hides her hair and most of her face. Encrusted slightly above the forehead of her helmet is a green diamond. On her right hand are gold claw finger ring tips.

In her spirit form, she appears as a fiery gold humanoid being with glowing green eyes.

The color of Morgana's magic is golden yellow.


Morgana is an unusual case. The creative team behind the character—the writers, designers, and voice talent—were all women. Together, we gave life to not only the series' first female villain, but arguably the most ferocious and beautiful one yet.
AC Bradley, Staff Writer[src]

Ever since betraying Merlin and falling under the influence of dark magics, Morgana has become a being of pure evil and a true threat to humanity.

She is incredibly treacherous, scheming, self-serving, manipulative, abusive, and cruel, which was first shown in a flashback in the beginning of "It's About Time" when she made a bargain with Angor Rot. Ultimately, while she did give him what he wanted, she still tricked him into trading his own soul and turned it into the Inferna Copula, which she used to force him (against his own will) to kill Merlin's Trollhunters (and to some extent, Merlin himself). Her manipulativeness even extended to where she once took the form of Barbara Lake to persuade Strickler into trapping Jim and his friends in the Shadow Realm forever, by offering to give him the heart of another (though Strickler, in a desperate attempt to resist her temptation, claims that a stolen heart is never truly an act of true love, but rather an act of selfish desire).

Quite simply, Morgana is more than willing to use anybody and any dirty trick (dark magic included) to get what she wants, as she is megalomaniacal with an insatiable hunger for power. With almost any allegiances she makes she will easily break as she regards all of her allies as nothing more than "pawns", which she admits to Angor where Gunmar was concerned. And she even intended to dispose of him (even if Jim doesn't) once he completed his conquest for her. While she claims that she views Angor as her "champion" and will stand by her side once the world became hers, she still regarded him as one of her pawns.

Along with her cruelty, Morgana is extremely sadistic, ruthless, sociopathic, bloodthirsty, vindictive, and full of spite, as she often finds the worst ways when dealing with an opponent. She holds an intense, long-term grudge against Merlin and everything associated with him, like his Trollhunters ever since he took her left hand to create his champions' Amulet of Daylight (though it can be argued that he mostly did it because of her betrayal, which would also make this excuse extremely petty compared to her past horrendous actions). She enjoyed every bit of brutalizing and mocking Merlin during their battle in Trollmarket, as there were so many ways to kill him, she decided to use them all. She clearly became furious when the souls of past Trollhunters possessed many of her Gumm-Gumms and came to fight her to protect Merlin. While she restrained Jim's friends and ensnared him, she claims that she only spared their lives just so they could watch her kill him before she would finish them all. Morgana is also not above harming, torturing, or even killing children to get what she wants, or just to entertain herself. She tortured with Claire's mind while she possessed her and trapped her spirit in the Shadow Realm, messed around with Toby unprovoked, and tried to give Jim a slow, painful death just because he's Merlin's Trollhunter, regardless that he didn't do anything personal to her.

What makes her even more despicable are her destructive and genocidal tendencies. As said by Merlin, Morgana craves chaos, which was the very reason why she sowed the seeds of strife and conflict between mankind and trollkind (the human-troll war which led to Gunmar's birth in the first place). While she first appeared to have some sort of affinity for trolls, as she sought to bring the Eternal Night to relieve them of their petrifying weakness to the sun, but she does not actually care for them, shown when she had no such qualms destroying several Gumm-Gumms to use their dust in order to begin this fiendish ritual. In reality, she wanted to rule the entire world with her widespread of chaos and malice, using the Gumm-Gumms to do so, starting by releasing the Eternal Night upon the surface lands to keep the sun from shining on the Earth permanently. This makes Morgana an even worse threat to humanity than Gunmar (who is somewhat amoral) and clearly possesses no such honorable traits: holding no sense of morality, reason, and lack any respect for rules of engagement nor innocent lives whatsoever. Thus, she is to be taken very seriously if anyone ever confronts her.

She did, however, show an ounce of emotion, like when Angor betrays her at the last minute. In spite of that, Morgana initially saw him as a failure as she exclaimed that he was supposed to fight for her, showing that she despises redeeming qualities. She can also be legitimately gloating and arrogant in herself and the power she possesses. She often compares herself to a god, showing moments of narcissism as a means of intimidating the heroes. Morgana is also capable of showing mild annoyance, like when she tried to introduce herself to Jim to strike fear into him, only to realize that he's never heard of her before.

However, it is discovered that Morgana wasn't always a monster; she was once a peaceful, well-meaning, and understanding sorceress. She genuinely did have an affinity for all magical creatures, due to all of the pain and torture King Arthur put them all through. Next to that, she helped Claire escort an injured troll (Jim) out of Camelot so that he and the rest of his brethren could finally be freed from Arthur's captivity. It is revealed that the reason for her fall into evil was that she believed her old master, Merlin, and other people of Camelot turned on her when she reveals just how much she despised how they treated everything involving magic, including the creatures and spell casters. Thus, this supposed act of betrayal and the Arcane Order led her down a dark path to take over Camelot herself and become one of the most feared witches in history, doing everything in her power (dark magic included) to make sure she and other magical creatures can have true freedom from prejudice (although she becomes the very person she despised, much like Arthur).

The present Morgana seemingly found solace, clarity, and remorse during her imprisonment in the Shadow Realm, as she was upset to have been released from it and despaired at having to become involved in more violence and chaos at the behest of the Arcane Order and, to her horror, her resurrected brother, Arthur. She initially cooperated and then later tried to see if she could sway her brother to be the good man he once was, only to find he was beyond all hope of redeeming, to her bitter dismay. Morgana was the only one to truly feel sorry for her undead brother and what he's become, as she remembered he tried to make amends with her before his death at the hands of Bellroc (yet this also makes her realize that the Order care naught for the balance of magical and mortal; only to destroy everything).

In the battles that followed, Morgana expressed remorse and wisdom that had come from self-reflection and understanding that her mistakes and sufferings and the consequences that resulted of them were her own doing, and so sought to redeem herself and entrust the future to a new generation of protectors. She made the ultimate sacrifice and found redemption, mending the bond she once shared with her master and fellow apprentice and departed with the former into the afterlife in peace.

Powers & Abilities


  • Magically Enhanced Physiology: As an ancient sorceress, Morgana's magic enhances her physiology beyond that of a normal human.
    • Enhanced Strength: Morgana is clearly stronger than a normal human. While possessing Claire, she was able to easily overpower Jim, though it could mostly be because of her magic.
    • Supernatural Endurance: Morgana is clearly able to endure almost anything, more so than a human and a troll. While confronting Team Trollhunters, she showed no signs of slowing down from each of their attacks.
      • Invulnerability: Morgana has shown high invulnerability, even more so than Merlin. She has withstood multiple strong blows from AAARRRGGHH!!! with no signs of injury (but briefly fatigued), took in many direct hits from Blinky's Dwärkstones, and didn't even incinerate when she was thrown into the Eternal Night funnel. It's unknown if it's because of her magic or her armor protecting her, but most likely both.
      • Supernatural Stamina: Morgana is able to exert herself for long periods of time without tiring herself. Although there were a few instances where she almost tired herself when in battle, like when she blasted a massive beam of magic at Jim and his friends, she appeared to be physically worn out (though she instantly recovered regardless).
    • Enhanced Reflexes: Morgana is able to react faster than a normal human.
  • Magic: As an ancient witch, Morgana is considered to be one of the most powerful beings in existence, rivaled only by her old master, Merlin (only if he's in full-power). She is considered to be Merlin's finest student after receiving many of his teachings, until she fell into dark magic and turned herself into a black magic wielder linked to the Shadow Realm. Her powers where further enhanced by the Arcane Order after her resurrection. She is initially posed as a huge threat to almost everyone, even Gunmar feared her (and he's feared by most trolls). During the Eternal Night War, she effortlessly outclassed everyone in Team Trollhunters and would have easily succeeded in killing them all, if not for Angor's timely intervention. However, after being resurrected by the Arcane Order, Morgana's magic has grown weaker, probably due to losing Merlin's magic following her last defeat.
    • Spell Casting: As a witch, Morgana is able to cast thousands of magic spells, due to years of studying the ancient art, as well as spells involving dark magic. It was even implied that she created/invented a few spells of her own.
      • Eternal Night Inducement Spell: With the Staff of Avalon, the dust of the Gumm-Gumms, and the power of a Heartstone, Morgana is capable of manifesting the Eternal Night, which creates an eclipse that completely blocks out the sun and protects the trolls from natural sunlight.
        • Incantation: Dwo Krost dan otzulak aka emp el-kloka emp bruzi
      • Shadow Realm Portal Spell: With the Shadow Staff, Morgana is able to conjure a portal capable of sucking anything into the Shadow Realm.
        • Incantation: Drooma katorth-a myntarth-a klar
      • Shadow Staff Controlling Spell (formerly): Morgana was able to control her Skathe-Hrün with her thoughts, and she could apparently feel if it ever gets touched. However, she loses her control over the staff after Claire severs her connection with it.
        • Incantation: Azazazuth-Kinekh-Thoon
      • Darkness Covering Spell: Morgana once used this spell to cover her portrait of herself with Arthur, but the effects appear temporary.
        • Incantation: Aurai capernus umbra
      • Shadow Rising Spell: After turning against Arthur and the heroes in "Witch Hunt", Morgana casted this spell to bring shadow beings shaped as herself to life and attack them simultaneously.
        • Incantation: Ortum obumbratio
      • Weapon Releasing Spell: Realizing that Arthur is beyond saving, Morgana casts this spell to release Excalibur from his possession, deeming him no longer worthy of wielding it.
        • Incantation: Magda mani achtenebris kraga doom
    • Magic Attacks: As a highly experienced witch, Morgana is able to use her magic for various offensive attacks.
      • Magic Blasts: Morgana can fire continuous blasts of yellow magic blasts, capable of great damage and can severely injure another. She can even fire multiple blasts from just one hand, like she did to the Gumm-Gumms. After she briefly took Merlin's magic, her blasts were powerful enough to take out a bridge while she restrained most of the Trollhunters, and she even severely wounded Jim (who was a half-troll at the time).
      • Magic Waves: Morgana is able to send out waves of magic which repels her foes. She once used this to wave aside Toby, Claire, Blinky, and AAARRRGGHH!!! right before she ensured Jim.
        • Incantation: Elemen-zath
      • Magic Bursts: Morgana can also create magical bursts of concussive (often lethal) magic when she is surrounded. She used this against the possessed Gumm-Gumms when they begin grabbing and attacking her. She even killed Angor Rot while he was holding onto her (all while he was dying from Jim's impale).
    • Magic Absorption: Morgana was able to absorb all of Merlin's magic from his staff, enough to render it useless and make herself stronger than him. Even when Merlin briefly absorbed a little of his magic and blast it back at her, she merely reabsorbed it while being thrown back just a few feet.
    • Shadowmancy: Morgana is known as the Mistress of Shadows, due to her great control over the shadows and darkness and has no fear of their influences. She shares this magic with Claire ever since she unintentionally gave her some of her abilities while possessing her.
      • Shadow Portals: Morgana can create portals to the Shadow Realm with her staff and teleport anywhere.
      • Umbrakinesis: Morgana can manipulate the shadows around her to do her every whim.
      • Dimensional Travel: Shown in "Battle Royale", she teleported directly to the Shadow Realm when she felt Claire's presence in the shadows.
    • Flight: Morgana is able to levitate and fly at great speeds.
    • Telekinesis: Morgana can move and hurtle objects and people with her thoughts, usually by just waving her hands and moving her head. Her telekinesis often takes the appearance of yellow whips.
      • Binding: She is able to bind and restrain almost all of her opponents at once. The strength of her whips were shown capable of thrusting AAARRRGGHH!!! several feet away, as well as snagging and hurtling Jim straight across town with a mere flick of her hand. She can also cause agony on her victims by clenching her hand into a fist, like she did with Jim.
    • Telepathy: Morgana can send her thoughts to others, like she did with Gunmar in "Arcadia's Most Wanted", Claire in "Bad Coffee", and Angor Rot in "For the Glory of Merlin".
    • Pyrokinesis: Morgana is able to control fire at her will, using a fiery twister to create the Eternal Night, and even appearing as a fiery humanoid in her spirit form. She used this to create a fake dragon fire breath to fool Galahad and allow Claire to help an injured Jim escape Camelot with the rest of the trolls.
    • Corruption Inducement: Morgana is able to influence, corrupt, and twist the mind and morality of others, like she did with Angor Rot, Claire, and briefly Strickler (at least until Blinky intervened).
    • Chlorokinesis: Morgana shows some control over plants when she confronts Merlin, Douxie, and Archie in the Wild Wood, even stabbing Merlin with a thorn enough to severely injure him.
    • Shapeshifting: Morgana is able to change her form into anyone she wants. Even while she was possessing Claire, she was able to take on the appearance and voice of Barbara Lake to persuade Strickler easier.
    • Weaponry Conjuring: Though she mostly prefers to use her magic, Morgana can create weapons of her own with her magic for close combat, and she's more than capable of using them in direct combat.
      • Knife Conjuring: She can conjure knives for combat.
      • Whip Conjuring: She can make yellow whips out of nothing.
    • Power Bestowal: As an ancient and powerful witch, Morgana can bestow some of her magical powers to another, like she did with Angor Rot during their trade. It is also a possibility that she can (intentionally or unintentionally) share some of her immortality with another, as she most likely did with Claire.
    • Necromancy: As the Mistress of Shadows, Morgana has the power to magically control the dead (even death itself).
      • Psychíkinesis: With her dark magic, Morgana can control the souls of others who trade her something in return for her magic.
        • Soul Removal/Trapping: During her bargain with Angor Rot, she cursed his soul and trapped in inside the Inferna Copula.
        • Soul Restoration: Despite Angor's soul's previous destruction, Morgana gave him back his soul while reviving him.
        • Soul Sharing: While she bestowed Angor his soul back, she also gave him a tad of her own, which was likely meant to help him heal physically and mentally.
      • Resurrection: Morgana can resurrect beings (human and/or troll) back from the dead, like how she revived Angor Rot.
    • Magic Detection: Morgana was able to sense Claire's presence in the Shadow Realm.
    • Astral Projection: Despite her body's imprisonment, Morgana's spirit can appear in many locations dedicated to herself (like her cave and Aysa-Thoon) as a yellow flaming-like spirit form of herself. She even appeared before Claire while she took control of her body.
      • Possession: After Claire created a massive portal with the Shadow Staff, Morgana's spirit gained ultimate access of possessing Claire, using her as her own personal puppet. She could even use limited – yet still considerably strong – amounts of her magic through Claire's body.
    • Immortality: Morgana is an ancient immortal witch, as she lived for thousands of years long before the creation of mankind. She is unable to be killed by any mortal weapons, especially a few magically-crafted ones like the Eclipse Blade. The only known weapon capable of killing her is Excalibur and its Onyx Shards.
      • Regeneration: When Jim impaled Morgana with his sword, she healed her wound almost instantly.


  • Staffsmanship: Morgana is shown to be a skilled staffswoman while she wielded the Shadow Staff and the Staff of Avalon, rivaling Merlin's swordsmanship.
  • Knifemanship: She has also been seen wielding her knives against Angor Rot during their brief fight.
  • Combatant: Although she mostly prefers to use her magic when facing battle, Morgana is more than capable of engaging in close combat. Her fighting skills rival that of Merlin and Arthur (even as the Green Knight, despite his immunity to her magics).
  • Skillful Orator: Much like Merlin, Morgana is a skilled speaker and advisor (for those who follow a dark path to just get what she wants in more ways than one).
    • Manipulation: Morgana is able to use her lies and magic to persuade most people, even her allies, into joining her cause by promising a reward for their works.
  • Tactician: Morgana is a cunning and ruthless witch. After Merlin imprisoned her, she spent the next hundreds of years plotting her revenge and bring forth the Eternal Night through the use of the Gumm-Gumms and the Janus Order.
  • Craftsmanship: Apparently, like Merlin, Morgana is also skilled at crafting ancient artifacts. Using her link to the Shadow Realm, she created a powerful relic capable of communicating with that realm: the Skathe-Hrün. She also created the Inferna Copula which held Angor’s soul and allowed her to control him.


  • Magic Depletion: Like other wizards, despite her nearly-unlimited power, Morgana could deplete most of her magic if she expends almost all of her power at once until she regains full strength. When she absorbed Merlin's magic from his staff, she was likely able to sustain her magic without fear of her power depleting (until her ultimate defeat at the hands of the Trollhunters).
  • Amber: While imprisoned deep within the Heartstone, Morgana was unable to use her magic to break free from her own amber prison. Therefore, she required someone outside of her prison to use the Staff of Avalon and create a crack in the amber enough to free herself.
  • Shadow Staff: Although not exactly a weakness, the destruction of the Shadow Staff (which is of her own creation) led to her ultimate downfall while she was still inside the Shadow Realm.
  • Onyx Shards: Morgana's magic could not completely protect her from the Onyx Shards wielded by her fallen brother, Arthur, as one broke through her defenses and dealt her a deadly wound to her left abdomen. As confirmed by Aaron Waltke, Morgana was slowly dying after being hit by an Onyx Shard and using up her magics to strip Arthur of his right to wield Excalibur, similar to what Merlin did after being punctured by the Excalibur, before the falling piece of land finished her off sooner, transferring her soul into the Light Realm.
  • Hubris: Despite her more-or-less good intentions, Morgana's greatest flaw had been, in fact, her pride, viewing beings of magic (herself included) to be greater and more than the magic-fearing masses, especially her brother and to some extent, Merlin. In Morgana's eyes, others feared the potential of the magical and would quash it whereas she did not fear magic in any shape or form, for from her point of view, magic was true strength. However, her pride grew to where she turned on her own allies, believing them all to be "traitors" when they tried to help her reconcile with her paranoid brother. After being gifted the title as the "Eldritch Queen" by the Arcane Order, Morgana allowed her own pride and hypocrisy to turn her into the very thing she claimed to despise: a tyrant (yet she saw the error of her ways when brought back from the Shadow Realm).


  • Staff of Avalon (briefly): Morgana used Merlin's staff to begin the Eternal Night. She even managed to absorb all of its magic to render it useless when Merlin infiltrated Trollmarket.
  • Shadow Staff (formerly): The Shadow Staff is a relic of Morgana, who is its original creator. When she possesses Claire, she attempted to use it to trap Jim in the Shadow Realm, but failed. She was also able to use a spell to control the staff, until Claire manages to completely sever her connection with it.
  • Inferna Copula (formerly): After Angor Rot traded Morgana a stone carved from his body for magic, she creates the Inferna Copula to steal his soul and uses it to control and force him to kill Merlin's Trollhunters. It's currently unknown how she lost the ring.
  • Armor: Morgana is always seen wearing her own armor which hides her face and protects her from lethal damage.
  • Knives: Morgana can conjure dual knives with her magic.
  • Prosthetic Hand (formerly): After losing her left hand to her brother, Arthur, it was replaced with one seemingly made of gem by the Arcane Order after they resurrected Morgana. She was able to channel her magic through it, and it vanished as she died after vanquishing her fallen brother.


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  • She is based on Morgan Le Fay from the Arthurian mythology.
    • Additionally, this version of Morgana is also Baba Yaga from Russian folklore, only instead of being a creepy old hag, she's a ravishing young woman.
  • Morgana's voice actress, Lena Headey, had briefly played the role of Queen Guinevere for the 1998 TV miniseries, Merlin.
  • Morgana bares a striking resemblance to Hela from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, both in appearance and personality.
  • Morgana losing her left hand to Merlin might be a reference to the generic term the Left-Hand Path, which often refers to those who practice the dark arts: someone who focuses more on individual strength and sorcery rather than miracles — with many of the sects involved believing that true power comes from within, at worst this can manifest as extreme selfish supremacy or anarchy, but can also simply be a desire or a belief that an individual should take command of their own destiny.
  • According to Aaron Waltke, Morgana was likely born in Spring, which he calls "the season of wildness and change".[1]
  • Although Morgana looks remarkably human, Merlin once implied that she's probably something else (regardless if she even was human to begin with).[2]
    • Given that one of her names is "Eldritch Queen", she's likely a humanoid-type of eldritch abomination.
    • Also lampshaded in the novel The Felled, Spar the Spiteful mentioned Morgana while humans were actually primitive cave people. This means that she (along with Merlin) have existed long before mankind was created.
    • According to Strickler, due to her link to the Shadow Realm, Morgana casts no shadow because she is a shadow herself.[3]
    • In a Wizards episode "History in the Making", Morgana implied herself to be non-human by telling Claire "you stood against my brother to save a Troll, a magical creature like myself, like us."
  • She is the fourth female major antagonist to appear in the series, along with Nomura (who reformed), Gladys, and Queen Usurna.
  • Although Gunmar has been promoted and mentioned most often, Morgana is actually the ultimate true villain of the Trollhunters installment as she is the final antagonist to be defeated. 
  • Before the release of Wizards, Morgana was, at first, one of the first villains in the Tales of Arcadia trilogy to be considered Pure Evil, followed by Queen Usurna (a supporting antagonist of Trollhunters) and General Morando (the main antagonist of 3Below). However, as revealed in Wizards, Morgana was having a good mind of protecting all trolls from being killed by her brother, making her disqualified as being Pure Evil, though this does not mean her intentions were completely perfect.
    • Moreover, in the alternative reality in the episode of "Witch Hunt", Morgana was regrettably killed by her brother King Arthur and then resurrected by the Arcane Order. Since this resembles closely to what happened before the events of Trollhunters, she is technically unwillingly changed to being evil in Trollhunters.
    • Morgana was also considered one of the ten most evil DreamWorks Animation villains, along with Queen Usurna, General Morando, Grimmel the Grisly (How to Train Your Dragon 3), Drago Bludvist (How to Train Your Dragon 2), Commander Sendak (Voltron: Legendary Defender), D-Stroy (Dinotrux: Supercharged), Ke-Pa (Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness), General Mandible (Antz), and Horde Prime (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power).


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